Weekly Food Highlights

First up is this lovely vegetarian power bowl I put together one weeknight for dinner. It included organic canned black beans and steamed green beans seasoned with garlic herb seasoning and cumin. I simply split a 90-sec brown rice pouch from Aldi and topped our bowls with fresh radish, avocado, salsa, roasted rosemary garlic onions, and green siracha once we sat down to eat.


We enjoyed the remainder of our seasoned black beans and some of the baked onions with avocado, radish, 1/3 each of the 90-sec brown rice pouch, green siracha, and yellow pepper for dinner.


Another evening I quickly put together this meal after getting home from an evening spin class. I prepared this Modern Table Meals pesto pasta according to the directions and then added fresh spinach, warmed steamed green beans, and fresh parmesan.


As a belated RD Day and National Nutrition Month celebration, our awesome RD’s met at Scrambled Jake’s for brunch. I had seen one of my best friends post about them, so I suggested we dine there. I think everyone loved their food! We tried this incredible cinnamon roll and buttery flaky biscuits to start along with coffee.



I chose their roasted beet salad with fuji apples, feta, candied walnuts, eggs, and champagne vinaigrette.


This morning I enjoyed two Van’s GF Ancient Grains waffles toasted and served over a bed of wilted baby kale and spinach. I melted Havarti and added pine nut hummus on one for a savory twist while I layered thawed fruit, chia seeds, maple, and tahini on the other for a sweet creation.


We were really happy with how this turned out for a quick dinner! I cooked a box of Annie’s Homegrown GF mac ‘n cheese following the instructions for using Greek yogurt instead of milk. I then added one steam-in-a-bag of frozen carrots and peas plus part of a can of a wild caught salmon. It stretched out the servings and tasted awesome. A simple greens and avocado salad with Caesar on the side.


Tell me in the comments about any fun meals you’ve made or enjoyed recently!

8 thoughts on “Weekly Food Highlights

  1. Oh my GOSH that cinnamon roll- GIMMEEE! So good. Lately it’s been chaotic with meals! I recently ordered this veggie crepe that was great & we tried Freshly too which we were super impressed with.

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    1. I swear I about had to wipe the drool off of my mouth when they served the cinnamon roll & biscuits! I haven’t tried Freshly! I just glanced at their website, & while I love cooking (!), it seems refreshig to have a meal delivered that is already prepared. Maybe I can do a trial order. 😃

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      1. I bet!!!! And yess, ok the thing I love about Freshly is they are the perfect Lunch dishes! I don’t always have time to prep meals for the both of us for lunch ( I usually just do dinner), so this is perfect for DJ to grab and take with him for the day!! We are going to try and see if they save money, since usually deej just eats out for lunch right now!

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