The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go

We had such an awesome weekend! I’m going to backtrack to Thursday to share our attendance to the Judah and the Lion concert. It was epic!


I absolutely loved this oatmeal creation. I soaked a packet of Ancient Grains instant oats overnight with milk and water then heated them in the morning. I topped with warmed berry/cherry/pom blend, swirled in cream cheese, and finished with sunflower seeds and  vanilla sweet hummus.


That evening we met Drew and Kaci at the Food Truck Park for dinner before walking over to the concert venue. Drew ordered from the hibachi truck.


Kaci and I split a Mediterranean chicken wrap and chicken pita. The pita bread was so doughy. Yum!



Matt chose the loaded tater tots again but added pulled pork and beef brisket together.


Love my girl! We dressed twinkle-like.


Such a gorgeous couple!


I, of course, had the best date ever. ❤


Kase took a portrait of us. 😉


During the concert I snapped these two gems. Love being goofy!



I didn’t take any photos but did take a few videos. They ended with ‘Sweet Tennessee’ and Rocky Top. They hold a special place in my heart because we chose ‘Sweet Tennessee’ as our reception introduction song. It’s been our alarm song ever since!


I started Friday morning with my leftover biscuit from Scrambled Jakes warmed with melted cheddar and an over easy egg plus wilted greens, avocado, and everything bagel seasoning. I ate half the biscuit and all the toppings and was full, so I saved the other half to go with jam for a snack later in the morning.


I tried this Chobani flip cup for an afternoon snack and really enjoyed the flavor. Love me some pie pieces!


Dinner was leftover roast and then kitty snuggles followed.

Dessert was a carob cauliflower rice muffin in yogurt with pb and an apple.



I finally soaked oats and almond milk with ginger, cinnamon, and clove in our nearly empty local honey jar. I split it between us and heated it through.


Topped mine with berry mix and sweet hummus.


After getting ready, I had the last of our salmon pasta with the addition of roasted asparagus plus Havarti avocado toast.


I met Kaci and Drew at their place to join them for a hike. I had checked the mail before I left, and my Lyla Taylor Boutique earrings had arrived! Kath wrote about this boutique on a recent blog post.

Since they were still getting ready, I decided to go down to the Pearl on Union to get a treat. The owners of Old City Java and Wild Love Bake House just opened this cafe. It’s super bright and pretty!



I got an iced half caf latte that was so refreshing.



I flipped through this catalogue while I sipped on my Joe.


Then it was off to House Mountain! We hiked here in November, and it was so nice to be back.

I also got myself a salted chocolate sable from Pearl on Union that I ate before we started.



I decided to join them last minute, and Matt already had plans to clean out the garage and work a bit on his car. But next time we’ll all go!


Our brave guide pup!













Panoramic shot ❤


Once I was back home, I whipped up this dinner. Sautéed baby kale and spinach topped with organic tri-bean blend, broccoli slaw, ‘shrooms, artichoke hearts, mini pepper, Chick-fil-a sauce (obsessed), and Kaci was so sweet and gave me this local Tellico Grains pecan cranberry bread. I topped it with cream cheese and more pecans because it was National Pecan Day.


Dessert was yogurt, banana, and pb.



I had breakfast in two courses, starting with a sunny side up egg over mashed avocado with everything bagel seasoning and the last of the cran pecan bread.


Next “course” was yogurt, fruit, and pb. I didn’t quite finish the yogurt, so I saved it for later.


I participated in an Instagram contest and won a variety pack of RX Bars, and I was so excited to receive this message!


I sported my new earrings to meet Kaci and Drew for brunch!



The husband of one of Kaci’s fun friends is a chef that holds pop-up brunches at several cafes. He held brunch and a giveaway at Honeybee.

I enjoyed a half caf whole milk vanilla latte.


Kaci had a brown sugar iced latte. Love this letter-board!


Drew enjoyed a cold brew with the short ribs and grits.


I had the last smoke salmon tostada that was fabulous!


Kaci chose the sweet potato apple bacon hash topped with an over easy egg.


They were so sweet and gave Kaci a complimentary avocado toast with watermelon radish and bacon!


After grocery shopping, I enjoyed the rest of my yogurt with a new cereal I found. I’ll share it on my Friday Favs + Finds post!


We finished the roast with freshly roasted sweet potato and green beans.


Dessert was so good! Herbal tea with raw honey along with apple, last carob cauliflower muffin, and roasted nuts.


Today is gross and so cold, but maybe, just maybe, spring will be back for good! Make this week a great one!

8 thoughts on “The Mountains Are Calling and I Must Go

  1. Remember that time we went hiking and it was so hot we were literally dripping with sweat while wearing shorts and then it snowed? Yea…hahaha

    I LOVE that last pic of Axl! He’s such a ham.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That concert sounds incredible!!!

    That pitaaa!*** so many heart eyes****

    I’m telling you- if you ever are in cali, you would LOVE oren’s hummus shop. Best pita I’ve ever had!

    Haha, love seeing y’all having so much fun!


    Can I be sooo creepy?! You have some awesome veins, haha ….. every nurse’s dream. LOL.

    Those puppy pics need to be framed.

    You earrings are adorable! LOVE!

    And that avocado toast is so dang pretty!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Girl, you have brightened my day so much already!!!

      The concert was so incredible, and I had an absolute blast with my “squad”. 😉

      Omg I love love hummus and pita, so I would be in heaven there!

      Isn’t it the best?! I got one for each Matt and me in 2016 from Eat Healthy Designs. It’s run by an RD and her husband. They love cats, and her husband is into racing. How similar to Matt and me, huh?

      HAHAHAHAHAHA I LOVE that you say this! I was just at the doctor yesterday for my annual, and I said that most nurses comment on them. I used to be self-conscious, but even my personal trainer told me people want them. I told the RN that I may be dehydrated from only drinking half a glass of water, but she took one look and said, “uhh no, you aren’t dehydrated.” I get all nervous going to the doctor (cue eye roll), but at least I have great veins, and I don’t mind needles one bit. Hopefully I get good results back soon!

      I’ll tell Kaci! She loves the portrait phone setting and takes such awesome photos of Axl. He’s such an adorable, photogenic puppers!

      Thank you! I’m really into floral prints now.

      Right?! I would love that avocado toast on the regular!

      Liked by 1 person

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