Recent Eats

Hello beautiful people! I hope your Friday Eve is off to a wonderful start. Mine has included a delicious breakfast I’m sharing in this post, hot coffee, kitty snuggles, and a gorgeous sunrise.

First up is this amazing savory breakfast I made on Tuesday. Matt and I split our remaining carrots and onions that were made with the beef roast, and we heated them over spinach with cheddar. I topped mine with a sunny side up egg sprinkled with bagel seasoning.


On the side, I had this delicious cinnamon frosted wheat cereal I will share about in my post tomorrow.


Instead of having waffles on Wednesday, I had a sandwich filled with cheddar, wilted spinach, avocado, and an over easy egg plus half of a cara cara orange on the side.



This morning I had amazing overnight oats made with a packet of Nature’s Path GF instant oats soaked with ground flax, milk, and cottage cheese. I put it on top of mango with sweet hummus on top.


I made Erin’s applesauce muffins on Tuesday, and my gosh they are delicious! They’re the perfect staple muffin recipe that can be left as is or dressed up, such as adding cream cheese and chai sugar on top. They’ve been fabulous either way.


Mason wanted one! I gave him the first bite, don’t worry. 😉



For lunch one day, Matt and I enjoyed roasted garlic green beans, roasted sweet potato rounds, and a Hilary’s hemp and greens veggie burger. I was able to snag two boxes on sale plus with a coupon. Score! We love these.


Lastly, we had a lovely spaghetti dinner one evening. Instead of a green salad, I made a plate of roasted green beans, marinated artichoke hearts, radish, and pine nut hummus.


No matter how I prepare GF rice-based pasta, it becomes mush. Sigh. But the vodka pasta sauce simmered with mushrooms and topped with parmesan was tasty


I hope you all have an awesome day! I’m getting my hair cut later, and I’m really looking forward to it. I love having a fresh pixie. 🙂

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