Livin’ That Brunch Life, Lots o’ Chalk, & Earth Day Celebration

I hope everyone had an incredible weekend! Unfortunately, I discovered on Friday morning that my mentor from my current RD position passed away on Wednesday. He had battled cancer for many years, and sadly, his body had experienced enough. I’m thankful he’s at peace finally, but it’s strange that he’s gone. I will be attending his receiving of friends this evening. Please keep his family in your thoughts.


I enjoyed this bowl of thawed mango with ground ginger and turmeric, cottage cheese, banana pancake puffs, tahini, and maple for breakfast. It was so good!


For lunch, my dietetic intern and I dined at First Watch. I put together these sides: green salad with delish lemon dressing, cheesy Bob’s Red Mill grits, and two poached eggs plus their new coffee. I enjoyed it all!


For dinner, I put together quite an awesome salad topped with warmed baked bbq chicken and toast on the side.


Mason had a baby bite of avocado toast!

For dessert, I had the last waffle warmed and topped with pb and chocolate chips plus yogurt and a cara cara orange. Love this orange variety!


After sleeping in and feeling nicely rested, I again had mango and cottage cheese but this time topped with an applesauce muffin and tahini.


Matt snapped these of Rachel chillin’ on my lap, and her face kills me! Girlfriend needed some coffee.

Jax is so darn cute!

Remind me not to get gel polish again for a long time, k?


For lunch, I quickly heated this meal, and it hit the spot!

Once ready, I made my way downtown. I stopped at Old City Java to enjoy a tea and pastry. It had been way too long since I’d visited!

Earl Gray with lavender, one of my favs!


I enjoyed every morsel of this savory feta scone. I’ve really been in a savory kick!


Love their café vibe.


I went downtown to check out the Sidewalk Side Show, which included amazing chalk works of art, jugglers, bands, acrobats, etc.


Are these not amazing?





After enjoying my time there, I went by Kroger and Aldi before coming home and making dinner. A salad topped with a prepared chickepea/edamame/dried cranberry salad from Aldi, baked salmon seasoned with Old Bay, and blue corn chips. We loved the sweet and spicy flavor combinations.


Dessert was a small smoothie with cinnamon frosted wheat cereal and pb.


Don’t you just want to squeeze his sweet little face?

I saw a number of couples downtown, so here’s some winners from when I attended! Gah, I was so young!


I have to say this was quite epic and ’twas my idea. Wilted spinach heated with marinated artichoke hearts, GF spaghetti, tomato vodka sauce simmered with mushrooms, parm, an over easy egg, and toast with jam. Holy deliciousness!


I made Anne’s blueberry oat muffins later in the morning, and Matt and I each enjoyed one fresh out of the oven. Perfection! I subbed pb instead of almond butter and pecans instead of walnuts. Do yourself a favor and make these soon!


I did a quick Barre3 workout that was primarily stretching, showered, and I picked up Kaci to go down to the Knox Food Truck Park for a celebration of Earth Day. We went to The Hive where they had a photo booth set-up for free. Their space is unbelievably gorgeous!!






Twinklets! It took a number of tries to get this gem.



There had been a wedding the day before, and this confetti was the last remnants of it. Kaci and Drew had seen some of it from the food truck park that evening.


If I could keep plants alive, then I’d love to have this one day!


Is she not adorable!


I put together yet another salad for Matt and me to have for lunch.


Plus chocolate ice cream and sweet salty trail mix for good measure.


Kaci, Drew, Axl, and I went out to the lake house to check on it. Axl thoroughly enjoyed himself!

Here is our fun photo booth print from The Hive!


Kaci also surprised me with this sign! Food puns can’t be “beet”. 😉


Matt made us a killer dinner!! He used a recipe from Reynold’s that was included with our oven bags. Asian-style pork tenderloin with pb, raw honey, salsa, spices, soy sauce, and sesame oil. Topped with roasted chopped nuts and scallions. I cooked the last of our brown rice with the remainder of our organic beef bone broth in the morning and roasted green beans with Tandur bbq spice blend. I used too much, but otherwise, this meal was so epic.


Late dessert was, you guessed it, mango, yogurt, and cinnamon frosted wheat cereal. Mango and I are clearly having a moment.


I’ll leave you with this, ha!


Please keep your fingers crossed for Mason. He has his appointment today, and they want to run a full blood panel to confirm that hour new chemo regimen is working. Have a great week ahead!





8 thoughts on “Livin’ That Brunch Life, Lots o’ Chalk, & Earth Day Celebration

  1. Ok allllll the photos of the babies are precious!!!! I feel like the photo of cray could be made into a meme by continuing to zoom in until you are so close to her face. bahaha I love those photos of Jax in the tub too! He’s such a busy-body.

    You made some fun noms!

    My fav chalk art was the one of the side profile of the girl that is made to look like light is shining on her. It’s incredible someone is so talented as to make that out of chalk!

    Fingers crossed for our sweet mace!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So sorry to hear about your mentor. Sending prayers.
    All of your eats look delicious and I can’t believe there is a such thing as cinnamon frosted wheat cereal!! I wish they had that in the UK. I used to love frosted wheats as a kid and cinnamon with that sounds amazing. The Hive place you went to looks gorgeous too! And I hope Mason is ok!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! We & Mason appreciate that. My mentor was a wonderful man, & he definitely lived life to the fullest. The cereal is really good; I wish you had it too! My twin sister & I are going to hold our birthday celebration at The Hive in June, & we’re so excited!


  3. I’m so sorry about your mentor Definitely will pray for his family and friends during this time ❤

    I love First Watch.. I didn’t know they had cheesy grits though?! Next time I go I’m getting those!

    Wait- there is something I found at the store that takes off the powder polish easy!! I will have to go home and see if I can find it, but I’ll let you know. I’ve actually considered putting it in a Friday favorites because it worked so well!

    Those sidewalk pieces are incredible…. Sheesh! So talented.

    I adore those throwback pictures!!!! PRECIOUS.

    That “brinner” that you created looks like a winner! Oh my goodness, those flavors seem like they would go together sooo well.

    Yay, the twins are back in action!

    Need, need, neeeeed that romaine calm sign. Bahah, I love your pun in a pun, that is seriously next level!

    Praying all is going well with Mason! Keep us posted! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mackenzie. That means so much!

      First Watch and Maple Street Biscuit Co. are both my favs!

      I can’t wait for you to share what it is!! I’ll need to invest in it for future gel polish removal.

      So. Much. Talent! I can’t even draw well, let alone with chalk.

      Thank you!!! I love looking back on photos!

      Thank you! I love brinner!

      Twins back in action – love it!

      I ALWAYS think of you when I come up with puns!

      Thank you! Sweet Mason appurrciates it! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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