Friday Favs + Finds

Hello beautiful people! I have been in such good spirits this week and am hoping it continues. I think it’s a combination of our epic weekend getaway, overcoming some of my fears/anxiety and thus feeling more like myself, and this weather.

Haley Goodrich always shares such awesome posts, and this one resonated with me. It’s also gorgeous and would make a great phone wallpaper!


This message, complete with the reference to Alice in Wonderland, is so darn perfect! It served as a great reminder to me that we will all face hard times, but these often lead to better outcomes.


I thought this was really cute, and it gave me a smile. I sent it to Matt, and he got a kick out of it too!


Speaking of which…I bought this bag of coffee from First Watch, and we were both so pleased with the flavor!


I just found this on sale at Ingles and decided to give it a try. It was a bit too bitter prepared on the bold setting in my coffee maker, so I’m going to try cutting back on the grounds-to-water ratio. Otherwise, it was delicious.


I always love trying new yogurt brands and flavors. Chobani’s “hint of” line is fabulous. We tried the cherry and blueberry flavors, and both were just as they state: a nice taste but not overwhelming.


I *finally* got my hands on a Siggi’s Triple Cream yogurt! In lemon no less, which happens to be one of my fav flavors ever.


I don’t normally buy products with protein isolates added simply because I like to get my protein from real/natural sources. However, I love me some Kodiak Cakes, and these looked and sounded great. I had two toasted with cottage cheese, fruit, and maple (shown in my last blog post), and they are fab-u-lous! The vanilla flavor comes through so well.


On a whim, I decided to buy this cereal, on sale, and it was an awesome decision! I love shredded wheat plain or frosted, and the addition of cinnamon is lovely.


Matt first saw the advertisement for these Ore Ida Scramble Kits/Cups, and we both thought they sounded fun. This is the second flavor we’ve bought, and both were tasty. We enjoy adding toast, fruit, etc. on the side for more carbs so that it will keep us fuller longer.


While shopping at Ingles, I saw these frozen entrees. While I don’t agree with their “skinny” marketing, I wanted to try them. Being that Matt has Celiac, GF ravioli is hard to find for us.


Hummus on hummus on hummus! The Roots brand is actually made in Asheville, NC. I love their unique flavors! Aldi sold out of their dessert hummus so quickly, so we never got to enjoy the chocolate variety. I decided to get Boar’s Head to try.


I’m a sucker for Pixi tinted lip balm, and I decided to try this color, Scarlet Sorbet.


Here’s a poorly lit selfie to show how the color appears on my lips. Haha


Kylie shared on her blog about Culturelle, and I felt the evidence she presented was strong. I am always interested in improving my gut health, so I’m excited to try this supplement!


Wishing you all the best day and weekend ahead!

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