“Treat Yo’ Self”

I’m becoming more convinced that time is genuinely moving quicker as we get older. How is it Monday? At least I get to relive our weekend here! First up, Friday’s breakfast.


I soaked oats with milk, spices, and vanilla overnight then heated it in a bowl. Stirred in dark brown sugar and topped with peanut butter and chia jam.



I ran a few errands after work, then enjoyed this slice of hummus toast when I got home.


For dinner, I used this new barbeque sauce over baked chicken breasts.


It was so good! Tangy, sweet, and overall a nice flavor. I was really pleased with how juicy the chicken was, especially since they had been frozen. A simple salad to go along with it.


Dessert included Fage, thawed mango, ginger, and pistachios plus two banana pancake puff bites.




After getting a wonderful night’s sleep, I made this fabulous breakfast. One slice of avocado toast with bagel seasoning and Italian herb blend and a second slice with chia jam. I tried another Ore Ida scramble cups, and this was my favorite flavor! It had mozzarella, potatoes, turkey sausage, peppers, and onion.



Matt turned his cup into an omelet with his toppings on waffles plus powdered sugar on his chia jam. He said it tasted like a funnel cake, and I was jealous I didn’t think of doing the same. Lol


I took my first (free) class at OrangeTheory later that morning, but before I went inside, I had chocolate hummus and an apple.



It was a really good, challenging class! I’m signed up to attend with Kaci this coming Saturday. I treated myself to Zoe’s for lunch. I ordered a side of their new baked falafel along with a side Greek salad. Perfectly filling and enjoyable.


After running yet more errands, I came home and finally showered then ate cereal with frozen banana, peanut butter, and milk. I also made a small mug of coffee, and it was so delicious!


I tackled our closet, and I was able to completely reorganize Matt’s clothes as well as switch out mine for spring/summer. All in a matter of maybe two hours, which is a record!

As I walked in and out of our bedroom, I chose to stop and read our vows once more. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day and sometimes let little things bother you. But then reading our heatfelt words to each other serves as such a wonderful reminder of our love. I love having these on display! I was immediately taken back to our wedding day.


Dinner was wilted spinach, 90-second rice, Tandur bbq spiced baked salmon, and pepper plus carrots for crunch.


I enjoyed Fage with fruit, chopped roasted nuts, and cinnamon frosted wheat cereal.


Me too, Jackson.



I decided to try this organic sprouted bread from Aldi. All of their breads are so good!


I topped one slice with chocolate hummus and strawberries, and I toasted a slice of organic honey oat with spinach and cheddar before topping with an over easy egg. Clearly I was on a toast kick!


Sweet Ray catching some sunrays!


Matt and I picked up Kaci and all three of us checked out the Retropolitan Craft Fair together. Their slogan is, “treat yo’ self”. Hence my blog title. 😉


They had a lot of awesome vendors, including this booth with cute pillows!


We participated in the photo booth and are waiting for the professional photographer to email the photos. I love photo booths!


We finally decided on Cru Bistro for lunch. Kaci wasn’t hungry, but she was sweet and a trooper to hang out with us while we ate. Matt got The Tower: boiled shrimp, lump crab, pico de gallo, shredded romaine, honey chipotle vinaigrette, and per my suggestion, he substituted cucumber for the chips. The corn chips are fried in oil that is contaminated with gluten.


I chose their artichoke salad and chimichurri-marinated portabello mushroom caps stuffed with red pepper cilantro quinoa and sweet chili sauce.



After we got back to Kaci and Drew’s place, we went on a lovely walk with Axl. The weather was so perfect. A nice breeze kept it cool while the sun felt like just enough.

I was in the mood for more walking, so after Matt and I got home, I went on about a 30-minute one before vacuuming and cleaning up the house. I made our lunches for today and then munched on these edamame and lentil garlic hummus chips from Aldi with salsa.


Dinner was a simple salad (apparently these temperatures have me craving them) that included mixed greens, mini peppers, avocado, Aldi prepared black bean corn salad, and cottage cheese.


For an after dinner “mint” I had this Ghiradelli peppermint bark. My MIL gave us each a package in our Christmas stocking, and I forgot about them until now! So good.

I sipped on peach black tea with honey while I cooked our oats for breakfast this morning. Stove top > microwave, so I’m wanting to make an effort to either make them ahead of time or make time in the morning.

Dessert was a Gala apple, Multigrain Cheerios, cinnamon, and milk in a peanut butter jar. Mason and I love when we get to eat out of the jar!


Matt and I watched the first episode of Marcella. Kaci loves the show, and we definitely like our crime/mystery/thriller type shows! Has anyone seen it, and if so, what are your thoughts? I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

4 thoughts on ““Treat Yo’ Self”

  1. just a note to say I enjoy your blog so much. You always have great little food combos to give us ideas on what to eat, and sometimes you try new products that I’ve been waiting to hit the shelves in southern California. have a wonderful week.

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