Recent Eats

I’m back with another round of a few meals and snacks that I’ve really enjoyed over the past week or so!

First up is this bowl of savory oatmeal complete with smoked paprika, dried Italian herbs, everything bagel seasoning, salt and pepper, organic basil paste from Aldi, spinach, aged sharp white cheddar, and a soft cooked egg.


I came up with this waffle sandwich creation that I was really pleased with. Matt tried it too on his waffles and loved it! I toasted two Kodiak Cakes buttermilk vanilla protein waffles then spread Boar’s Head dark chocolate hummus on one and cream cheese on the other plus sliced strawberries.

Matt transferred the raw honey to a squeeze bottle, so I made overnight oats in the jar. I included Fage Greek yogurt, milk, cinnamon, cardamom, strawberries and then topped it all with peanut butter in the morning.

We had a lunch and learn at work, and the sweet representative catered Panera Bread for us. They were out of their large salad containers, so this Green Goddess Club was portioned into two containers. I ate one on Tuesday with the baguette and saved the other for Wednesday. It worked out perfectly and was so tasty!


One evening I made us a “power bowl” with white Jasmine rice (we’ve both been craving it!), roasted rosemary onions, roasted radish/parsnip/carrots/greens beans, Roots lima bean hummus, Aldi organic basil paste, and roasted sunflower seeds. We both loved all of the flavors and textures.


I served us the same rice and vegetables with Aldi adobo frozen shrimp. They were so spicy but very good. We were just surprised by how much heat they had. Allthewater, ha!


Matt and I split a Thai Nourish bowl and added the last of our adobo shrimp. I gave gim the last of our prepared Jasmine rice while I had my last slice of organic honey oat bread. A lot of “lasts” here, ha!


Another bowl that included brown rice, roasted cabbage, steamed vegetable medley, cumin, garlic, salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes, turmeric, avocado, blue corn chips, salsa, and tahini drizzle. I *love* tahini!


I’ve been craving hemp hearts like crazy but couldn’t bite the bullet to buy them because they’re so expensive, and we have a lot of nuts and seeds already. However, I found a bag of Bob’s Red Mill at Big Lots: score! I added them to a bowl of Fage Greek with fresh date for a morning snack. So satisfying!


Our awesome social worker at one of my clinics surprised us all with local donuts in celebration of Nurse’s Week. I enjoyed part of the lemon-filled with powdered sugar, and it was tasty. I love all things lemon!


Have the very best Friyay Eve!

4 thoughts on “Recent Eats

  1. I’ve never thought about taking a savory turn on oatmeal, but this looks and sounds soooo gooood.

    Wait, dark chocolate hummus?! I need to find this.

    Sigh, I miss aldi. Always the best products there! Thank goodness we at least have a TJs.

    I actually don’t think I’ve had hemp hearts… what do they taste like?!

    I’m with you- ALL THINGS LEMON.

    You seriously have the BEST eats. So glad you share! How is that cookbook coming along ? 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I seriously crave savory oatmeal as much as I do sweet oatmeal creations now! It’s amazing!

      Aldi had their vanilla & chocolate dessert hummus varieties, but I only got to try their vanilla. They sold out in days! Boar’s Head is delicious, but I liked Aldi’s better. 🤫

      Hemp hearts are nutty, earthy, & unique. I don’t know that they taste like any other seed. I lovvee their texture.


      You are incredibly sweet, love! I really appreciate that! One of my best friends, who majored in photography, was serious about writing a cookbook together. But then life happened, & we never got it underway. 😕 Maybe one day, though!


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