Mother’s Day Weekend

I certainly hope everyone enjoyed this past weekend to the fullest! My heart felt very full, and I am grateful for it.

I’m backing up to Thursday when I went on a long walk after work. I took this photo, and it made me think of Mackenzie. She’s the flower queen!


Cheerios is so incredibly generous and sent us two boxes of their peach flavor, complete with this adorable shopping tote, after I messaged them to say I couldn’t find them in our area. We are a Cheerios loving family!


So of course I had them on Friday morning for breakfast. I added strawberries, roasted pistachios, hemp hearts, and milk.


The manager at one of my two clinics was SO sweet and catered Brown Bag for Nurse’s Week, and she always includes myself, our awesome Patient Care Techs, and the social worker. I ordered the salmon burger, spinach salad, and jalapeño corn pudding. It was all amazing!


She also got us a Magpies red velvet cake. Magpies is a local bakery that produces incredible cakes, and this one definitely did not disappoint. Lastly, she gave us a gift card for a manicure. I appreciated it very much!


I was so thankful to get to take a free community Barre3 class after work. I didn’t sleep enough/well Thursday night, but I was craving this movement. It was an amazing flow.


Then we got to go up on the rooftop! I had never been up there, and the set-up and view were so pretty.



I saw their new sign on the way home: “Be the person your pet thinks you are”. Hahahaha


I ate my salad that I had taken for lunch, which included organic spring greens, roasted carrots/parsnip/radishes, avocado, mini peppers, cuke, and green goddess dressing.


Matt made a KILLER whole baked chicken for us!! He seasoned the outside with our Aldi organic basil paste, salt, pepper, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, rosemary, and lemon extract inside the cavity. He tossed flour in the Reynold’s oven bag and then added the chicken with all those flavors. He coated russet potatoes with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and baked them along the side in foil. It was so juicy, flavorful, and the lemon came through beautifully. We enjoyed some of our roasted eggplant tossed in basil paste + extra virgin olive oil on the side. We added mashed roasted garlic to our potatoes and a dollop of Fage.



His. Plus he went back for more chicken. 😉


I had a few bites of dried banana after my shower and called it a night.


For breakfast, I enjoyed a bowl of thawed fruit, cottage cheese, roasted nuts and sunflower seeds, and Peach Cheerios.


Later in the morning before I left the house, I had a date with cinnamon and tahini.


Then I met Kaci at OrangeTheory for a fabulous workout! I loved this sweet shoutout.


After making a Target run (and saving over $20 in coupons), I came home and had an avocado and smoked trout sandwich with carrots and peppers.


My other manager gave us a tumbler with candy for Nurse’s Week, so I enjoyed some M&M’s for dessert.

Later on after showering and doing some cleaning around the house, I had a baby mug of peanut butter granola and a small mug of coffee. That would turn out to be a bad idea, because I was a bit wired at bed. Whoopsies!


For dinner, I made my sister-in-law’s One Pot Creamy Garlic Pasta. Stop everything you are doing, make a grocery list, and put this dish on your meal plan. It is phenomenal!! I first sautéed our Aldi spinach feta chicken sausages and then added roasted garlic, rosemary onion, and Aldi Winking Owl pinot grigio white wine. Once reduced by half, I added the vegetable broth, unsweetened almond milk, and Italian seasoning and brought to a boil. I cooked one 8-oz. box of Banza shells, and I loved the shape for this dish! I used freshly grated parmesan instead of nutritional yeast, but both would be tasty. We enjoyed it with a salad and the sausage. I had half while Matt had a whole link.


Our tastebuds and stomachs were beyond happy. Sara continues to produces recipes that are unique, amazing, and easy!

For dessert, I kept it simple to an apple with peanut butter.


Sunday // Mother’s Day

Matt and I slept in until almost 8:00, but he had to get up early to feed our sweeties. I’m so grateful for a husband with such a huge heart and love for our babies!

We each made a bowl of Bakery’s on Main’s strawberry shortcake instant oatmeal and topped them with strawberries from his dad’s small garden and Bob’s Red Mill’s hemp hearts.


Although my sweet, beautiful, heart-of-gold mom passed away 12 years ago next month, I have been blessed with a number of mothers in my life. Karin, my step-mom, has so many similarities to me and “gets me” because of it! She has known me for over half of my life, and she has been such a wonderful mom. Fellow cat mama too!


Our god mom, Pat has been there for us ever since our early years in high school. After our mom unexpectedly drowned as a result of her illness and battle with alcoholism, Pat was our rock. She gave us advice, listened to us, and she helped us to process our loss. We have shared countless laughs, and her laugh is so infectious.


Was Karin not gorgeous at both my wedding and Kaci’s? She makes it look effortless too.


My mother-in-law has been a mom to me for nearly 13 years since I met Matt! Early on in his and my relationship, she shared with me that I was like the daughter she never had, which really touched me.


My selfless, vibrant, and fun mom. As I’ve gotten older, so many people tell me I look like her, which is *the*  best compliment.


We decided to change things up and meet for brunch this year to celebrate! Unfortunately, First Watch was s-l-a-m-m-e-d. We had such a long wait, but the food was worth it, and I loved having that extra time to spend with family!

Matt with his mom.


Diane and her husband, Tim.


We sandwiched her!


My heart.


I enjoyed their BLT benedict, and I would’ve licked the plate if others wouldn’t have judge me. Ha!


Matt ordered their chimichurri seasonal special along with Udi bread and a side of bacon.


Diane ordered one of their hash creations.


I didn’t photograph it, but Tim ordered ‘The Works’ omelet with a side of millionaire’s bacon.

When we got home, I did some meal prep by steaming a bag of fresh broccoli/ cauliflower/carrots, roasted mushrooms and cubed spaghetti squash seasoned with garlic herb blend, and cooked a large pot of Jasmine rice with vegetable broth.

I’m so grateful for these babies who make me a mom!




I got changed and went right back across town where we had been for brunch to take another free community Barre3 class. Despite being a little sore from my two prior workouts, I was able to really give it my all, and man oh man did it feel good!

Once home, I enjoyed some roasted nuts with lentil edamame chips then went back for more nuts and blue corn tortilla chips.

For dinner I made us vegetarian bowls complete with Jasmine rice, steamed vegetables, roasted vegetables, organic canned chickpeas, and chips + Caesar dressing for Matt and the last of the green goddess dressing for me.


Matt’s unique bond with each baby warms my heart. He has been helping Jax get his magnet (there’s one on the fridge that’s bright and gets his attention!), and then he just sat all squished on his shoulder. Precious!


For dessert, I had a smoothie made with frozen banana and fruit salad mix, Fage Greek yogurt, milk, and then I topped it with peanut butter, peanut butter granola, and M&M’s.


Here’s to a successful and productive week for us all!


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Weekend

  1. Awww, Flower queen?! I do not deserve such a grand title, but thank youuu!!! Those flowers you captured sure are gorgeous! Oooo those peach cheerios sound soo yummy! That jalapeno pudding sounded so good. That manager went above and beyond!!!

    That sign is gold!!!

    Those meals y’all whipped up are making my mouth water more than is probably attractive. Pass then napkin. Haha.

    This was such a special tribute to the moms in your life ❤ ❤

    You really know how to make each day so special and I admire that tons about you!!! xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really appreciate your sweet words, girl!! I miss my mom and grandmother pretty terribly. I wish they were here to give me advice & comfort, but I’m grateful for the time we had together.

      My manager is very kind, & I very much appreciate her!

      I was really happy to snag a lot of sale produce at Target! Made for easy meal prep. 🙂

      Hope you have a wonderful week, doll. XO

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I bet, but I can tell you they would be SO proud of the woman you are!! I know holidays are hard, and I wish I could have given ya a big hug on the day of. I admire you for taking the time of reflecting and facing the holiday head on… on Father’s Day I usually sort of ignore it because it’s painful to think about, but seeing how special this post is makes me want to acknowledge the day more. Thank you for the awesome, real chats always, and continuing to be such a role model for me ❤ ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Your words truly bring me a lot of comfort. I appreciate you so much, and I am very grateful you took the time to share this! I would’ve loved a hug, and I will absolutely be thinking of you on Father’s Day. ❤ Sending you love and strength. XOXO

          Liked by 1 person

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