Love, Loss, & Life Lessons

Somehow it’s already Monday again. These weekends just go by faster and faster it seems. I sure hope everyone had a restful weekend! A random tidbit, but I wanted to share this compliment our lead Registered Dietitian gave to me on Thursday following one of our monthly clinic quality meetings. She told me that she has enjoyed working with me and has noticed a huge growth in my work and professionalism over the past two years that we have worked together. She also thanked me for taking so many dietetic interns throughout my time as a Renal RD. It was so unexpected to hear this, and it really did give me a boost. It’s easy to go along and not recognize each other for the work we’re doing because said work is expected. But when you go above and beyond, it’s nice to be acknowledged.


For breakfast, I made fluffy cheddar cheesy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach with a Hilary’s vegetable sausage and green grapes.


It was National Donut Day, so I got a free powdered donut from Duck Donuts that I enjoyed mid-morning before seeing my patients.

Lunch was this vegan Luvo bowl that was very enjoyable.


I was able to take a free Community Barre3 class that was so very needed, and I greatly appreciated it. The instructor, Kelsey is a natural and did such a wonderful job leading us through the flow. I felt really good afterwards.

Once home, I made us salmon burgers with avocado, Red Hot Blues chips, green beans from frozen plus sautéed broccoli and cauliflower pearls drizzled with Chick-fil-a Polynesian sauce.


Matt and I went on a walk afterwards, and it was incredibly relaxing. We walked in a different neighborhood, which was nice for a change.

Dessert was thawed fruit in Greek yogurt with Love Grown Comet Crispies. Every time I eat from the tub, I think of sweet Mason. He always got to have the last lick.


We watched the newest Power Rangers movie finally. I was a Power Ranger fanatic as a kid! It was, as expected, corny, ha. I liked it alright, but it wasn’t nearly as good as the movies I watched when I was younger.


We slept in and enjoyed a slow morning, which included a packet of instant maple multigrain oatmeal mixed into cottage cheese and milk then topped with thawed fruit and tahini drizzle.



I ordered Kaci and I each a set of three shadow box/floating shelves from Amazon to display photos and memories of Mason. Jackson loves a good box and jumped right into it! Matt snapped this. So cute!


Once we were ready, we were off to enjoy our day together. First up, a selfie out front of our place, but this time, we faced the camera to our home. I love getting these. It’s like our thing in a way. 😉


When we attended the open house on Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend, we signed up to win a Chick-fil-a gift card and won it! So we treated ourselves to lunch. I got their cool chicken wrap with this amazing avocado lime ranch dressing. I wish I had had a way to save the rest.


Matt got to enjoy a grilled chicken deluxe on their gluten free bun plus fries! He hadn’t eaten at a Chick-fil-a in forever. We checked, and they cook their fries in canola oil separate from any breaded items, so they’re gluten free. Score! I love this shot. I think it looks like an ad. 🙂


I had some of their soft serve for dessert.


Sauce score!


We went to World Market to kill time and found some fun food products before we went to the movie theater to see Deadpool 2. Hi-larious!! We laughed really hard many times. Highly recommend it.

Afterwards, we went to Aldi and then Kroger together. I’ve said it before, but I love doing even the simple things together. Matt makes it so fun.

When we got home, we were surprised to see this gorgeous arrangement in honor of Mason sent to us by the Animal ER Hospital. The flower shop did an awful job on spelling, but the flowers were so very appreciated. I wrote to the flower shop to thank them but also advise they check better, and they immediately responded in agreement. I also wrote and thanked the people who helped give us one more beautiful year with our perfect baby boy.



We have it on display just outside of our bedroom.



We found this spread at World Market that I put to use in our dinner.


Sautéed mushrooms, last of the pearled vegetables, green beans, black beans, spread, 90-second vegetable rice packet, avocado, and roasted sunflower seeds. Matt added shredded smoked gouda to his, and we had some Red Hot Blues for crunch.



Matt knows how much I love to walk in the evenings, so he suggested it before I even had a chance to ask. It made me super happy. I’m not too difficult to please. 🙂

It got late, so we split a ripe banana with yogurt, peanut butter, cinnamon, and Peach Cheerios for Matt.



My last dietetic intern brought graham crackers a few times, which made me crave them. So I got a box and enjoyed some with peanut butter and apple with cinnamon for breakfast.


Cold brew with milk enjoyed in one of our Kitchables latte glasses. It makes it so cold and so delicious!

My second breakfast was toast with wilted spinach, shredded gouda, an over easy egg, and grapes.


Girlfriend was loving the sunshine!


I took a free Community Unity Yoga class (free was the name of the weekend, apparently), but I was the only one to attend. Odd, but I received one-on-one instruction. Loved it!

My late lunch was the last of our Banza pasta dish.


I splurged on this chocolate bar from World Market and had a few squares with roasted nuts. It’s so delicious and different. Love the packaging too!



Matt and I viewed two homes with two realtors. The second home had so so many awesome qualities, but the kitchen was tiny, it only had one bathroom, and Matt noticed that the water table was such that the backyard may flood. But it’s only been on the market for now five days, and there were people lined up after us to tour it. It’ll go fast. The realtor who we met at the open house and who sent us the Chick-fil-a gift card showed it to us. We decided to continue our conversation at an Applebee’s near by. I had a house salad, and we munched on their nachos appetizer.

Once home, I just made myself a fruit and yogurt bowl and had Celestial Seasonings lemon lavender tea with honey.


I realize a lot has already been said, but I wanted to mention this of Mason. Over this past year and really from the moment he came into our lives, I realized just how much of a fighter he was. Falling out from under a car could’ve seriously harmed or killed him, but he was just fine. Getting cancer could’ve been a death sentence, but he fought so hard for an entire year. An entire year of starting with a tube feed that was then dislodged when he sadly came out of remission, the start of a new chemo protocol, daily medications, monthly exam visits. It was intense, but every single bit of it and penny spent was beyond worth it. For several years, my anxiety, largely stemming from health worries, has worsened. Sadly, it has taken seeing my baby boy pass away to make me realize how little worrying ever changes anything. It does nothing for the outcome – it only ruins the present. While I’m human and will worry at times, anxiety will rear its head, I have resolved to overcome it and get back to living my life in the now rather than thinking of the “what if’s”. Mason didn’t think about how much time he had left. He just lived life to the absolute fullest! I’m trying hard to reflect on this, and while I would rather have learned this lesson in any other way besides this, I’m trying to see what Mason taught me. He was our baby for a reason. He gave us immense purpose, showed us unconditional love, and he enriched our lives far more than we could ever imagine. Thank you for following along on his journey and being supportive to us through this time.



4 thoughts on “Love, Loss, & Life Lessons

  1. That’s SO awesome about the lead RD giving you such a word of affirmation and encouragement. You earned it, girl! Isn’t it amazing how just a quick word of thanks can make all the difference? Ooo the duck donut is giving me definite donut cravings.

    OK – yet again, I would not think of combining cottage cheese and oatmeal but it sounds like it would work!!! Ahh, trying this asap.

    I love those selfies of you and Matt ❤ Always so cute!

    You are the QUEEN of winning things!!! How do you do this?! I need your secrets lol. How fun .

    And that shot TOTALLY looks like an ad. Send it in! Maybe they’ll at least send a giftcard or something hehe.

    I have heard such good things about Deadpool!! I need to watch the first still.

    Ok that gesture was so sweet from the Animal Hospital, but the spelling does give one a chuckle. 😉 Maybe they just were trying to give you a giggle!

    Love that chocolate bar packaging. YUMM.

    The way you reflected on Mason is so powerful. Wow, so true—worrying does not change anything. But why is this so hard for us to realize? Thanks for being so honest, and giving such a true reminder. This definitely gave me a lot to think about (I am a worrier too, girl!). Sending massive hugs and loved reading this post. XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is! Her words really gave me a feeling of gratification that my efforts have been noticed. I really appreciated them! The donut was quite enjoyable!

      I love the tangy, salty taste of cottage cheese with oats! It also adds a boost of protein too.

      Thank you so much! I have him take them because his are always better than mine. 😉

      I have no idea! Matt said he won, *but* I filled out each of our contact info. So ’twas a joint winning. =D I thought of sending the photo in the hopes for even a share. Is that bad? haha

      Deadpool is really raunchy and full of cursewords, but it’s hi-larious! Plus Ryan Reynolds is so good in both films.

      I did try to laugh off the misspellings! The flower arrangement itself was breathtaking to me.

      Right? I’m a sucker for cute food packaging! Marketing at its finest.

      I have NO idea! It’s like I’m wired in mah head to worry…and then worry about worrying and the effects. Lolz! I am thankful that my reflection could prove to be helpful for you too! Sweet Macey taught me a great deal prior to his illness but most especially while he fought hard. He was no quitter! Matt and I watch video clips, and his love of food, sweet mews, and kitten-squeaks well into his adult years give us so much joy. I appreciate your hugs greatly and give you a huge hug back! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OK confession—– I tried to try the cottage cheese and oats this AM, but I think my cottage cheese was bad. I was about to eat it, but It didn’t smell quite right- so I’ll have to go back to the store to give it another go soon!! Darnit. Hehe.

        And that’s so awesome you and Matt have the cutest pictures to keep and reflect on forever ❤ Seriously cutest kitten I've ever seen.

        Liked by 1 person

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