Snack Attack // Last Weekend of my 20’s!

Good Monday morning! Today starts Kaci and my 30th birthday week. Eeps! On the one hand, I have reservations about turning 30, and on the other hand, I’m honored to grow one year older. Not everyone gets to experience that as their lives are cut too short, including our sweet Mason. Do you ever struggle with getting older or most especially when you cross over into a new decade?


Alright, on to Friday’s breakfast! A representative came to speak at both of my clinics and catered Panera, so I grabbed a few of these bagette slices to enjoy for breakfast. I topped one with pb, one with jam, and left one plain to dip into my sunny side up egg over wilted spinach; cinnamon spiced apple to complete this meal.


❤ When I came upstairs after breakfast, Rachel was already snuggling with Matt, and I put Jackson down with him too. Jackson loves to cuddle with him!


I had Panera southwestern cilantro lime chicken salad that was catered the day before. It was really tasty! Just wish they would’ve left the tortilla strips on the side so that they would’ve still been crunchy, but it was tasty none the less.


For dessert, I had pretzels with M&M’s. I love sweet salty combos!


After I got home from work and fed Rachel and Jackson, I enjoyed some pb granola over the last of this tub of yogurt.


The vet, Dr. Allie, who guided Mason into peace sent this heartfelt card. It was so very appreciated. She has the kindest heart.

I put together a vegetable plate for us for dinner that included steamed vegetable medley, the last of our sauteed zucchini, canned mixed greens with tomato walnut tapenade, bread and butter pickles, and cheesey corn English muffin. Random but tasty!


Matt knows how much I love evening walks, and he’s been offering that we go on them together quite often. I’m so appreciative! I captured this as we were walking back home. Is it not stunning? We walked for 45 minutes, and it was just what I needed to unwind from the day.


Dessert include more yogurt, banana, tahini, hemp hearts, and Peach Cheerios. We watched the first episode of Marcella season two.



We both got up early (Matt couldn’t fall back asleep after feeing Ray and Jax at 5:30, and I was up by 6:30). I honestly loved it because it gives you more time to relax together before getting a move on for the day. Breakfast was also free from the catered Panera (scored big!), and it was their turkey sandwich. I sauteed the red onion that came on it plus added spinach, sharp cheddar, and shredded gouda. Steamed it in the pan then toasted each side. I enjoyed it with a cinnamon spiced apple (I’ve been craving this simple combo a lot lately!). This breakfast hit. the. spot.

I adhered Mason’ name plate to his urn, and his paw print mold is now dry. I found floating shadow boxes that we will be displaying when we move one day (hopefully in the next few months if the right house for us finally comes along).


The first of my multpile snacks included this new nut butter filled Clif bar. Pretty good! Although I think I would’ve rather had it without the chocolate so that the salty pb would’ve been prominent.


I love wearing a headband with my hair at this length. Makes me feel like I have a Lucy vibe. 🙂

I picked up Kaci and we headed over to Born This Way to each get our newest tattoo! Second snack while Kaci was finishing up: Glutino crackers with Graze black pepper spiced cashews and dried edamame and chickpeas.


I’m so in love with what Emily created for us! Kaci got an aspen leaf while I got oak in autumn colors with the coordinates to our lake house. It’s our favorite place on Earth, and it will always hold a special place in our hearts.


Post tattoo car selfie. :*


We made a Target run together and before leaving, I ate another snack: banana and Babybel. I also had a nostalgic blue raspberry sucker from Born This Way.


I dropped off Kaci and then made my way home. Fed our sweeties, put away my purchases, and then I had raw cauliflower with Ceasar. I was talking with a patient last week about cauliflower with Ranch, so it got me craving it.


For dinner we had sauteed zucchini with the tomato walnut tapenade, Jasmine rice, and the chicken that Matt had roasted a few days prior.


Dessert was thawed fruit medley, yogurt, flax, Peach Cheerios, and gin + tonic dark chocolate because apparently it was World Gin Day, so I had to help celebrate. We watched two episodes of Marcella then called it a night.



We did sleep in on Sunday until 8:00 for me and maybe 9:00 for Matt. Felt great! Toast with mashed avocado, tahini, and maple on one; cream cheese, jam, hemp hearts on the other.


After sipping coffee, I found all the motivation! I made us each pasta salads for several lunches this week and then whipped up these chocolate pb bites thanks to Erin’s latest recipe! I used a combination of dates, figs, and prunes then divided the recipe in half and left one without carob powder and added carob + coconut butter to the other half. They are both phenomenal. I had one of each with milk as a snack.



Kaci and I had planned to attend a free yoga class but decided to tackle her and Drew’s front garden beds. We pulled all of the weeds, and then I made a late lunch including spinach, mixed vegetables, over easy egg, Aldi GF veg empanadas.


Matt and I toured a cute home, but while it had awesome character and a lovely kitchen, it was too small and not quite what we need. We’re really hoping that a few good listings will be posted this week so we can tour several one evening.

I had found this product at Aldi a little while ago, and Matt and I finally bought a pork roast so that we could make it. I made it Saturday evening then let it thicken in the fridge. Unfortunately, we don’t have a Dutch oven, so I added one cup water instead of two into a glass baking dish and covered it with foil. I baked it at the 350 called for, but I probably should’ve gone lower and slower.


We added some barbeque sauce to it, but it was pretty tasty. Just not shredded and saucy like the photo. Lol. We split the last of the GF corn English muffin and had steamed green beans with the last of the tomato walnut tapenade and pickles.


After dinner shenanigans!


One of Matt’s friends was kind enough to bring us two dozen fresh farm eggs! We’re very well-stocked.

Dessert was yet another fruit and yogurt bowl with plum, berry, cherry, cacao nib blend, LOVE GROWN Comet Crispies, and chopped mixed nuts and pistachios. We watched Marcella then hit the hay.



I’m wearing one of my fav dresses to kick off my birthday week! It’s really strange that I’m almost 30, but age is but a number, right?



9 thoughts on “Snack Attack // Last Weekend of my 20’s!

  1. AH birthday week! Woohooo! I hear 30s are the best years of your life- so ENJOY! I’m excited for you I think I struggle with getting older in the way that it is such a barometer to remind me how quickly time goes- I feel like after college time just sped up like three fold. It’s crazy!

    Yes- ALL about the sweet and salty combos. Have I ever told you about my ice cream a day thing? I have an ice cream cone as my treat every evening and add salty cashews because I’m ALL about the sweet and salty combos too.

    That card is so so special ❤ It wasn’t just a normal well wish- it was sooo thoughtful and heartfelt. Best vet ever for the best cat ever ❤ That shadow box is so beautiful … what truly special momentos.

    Oh my goudness, I need that panini!!! Mmmm.

    YOUR TATTOOS! Oh my gosh, I looooooooveee. Those are so pretty & meaningful. Dang though- y’all have a high pain tolerance I would imagine!!

    You two are so gosh darn beautiful!

    Dat toast- have mercy, that looks soooo gooood.

    I seriously look forward to your eats every week because you are more creative than anyone I know and always inspire me to change things up. I get stuck in food ruts – making the same thing all the time so I looooove how you are always finding new combos!

    Love love love that dress. And girl, 30 is something to only celebrate- you will wear it SO well 😉 XOXOO Happy birthday ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Isn’t kor so creative?! Half the time I’m like “yea I have never even bought x ingredient” while she’s busy using it in like a thousand ways. ha

      We are SO thankful to have found such an incredible veterinary service as well as vet herself because the level of comfort they have provided to us and support not only on the day of Mason going to Heaven but continuing there after has been immensely helpful.

      Thank you!! The tattoo actually didn’t hurt all that much at all butttt the healing requires a lot of patience, which I’m lacking in. ha My shirt actually stuck to it the first night so that was a little terrifying and causing me to be that much more anxious for it to finish healing so I can make sure it didn’t effect it negatively. It was definitely fun to go get something so special together!

      Thanks for the birthday wishes! I think while it’s scary, it’s also exciting because we’re going into our 30s happy and healthy and we both were married beforehand so that feels like a success {lolz} (for me at least cause my hubs & I never dated in a way that hurried marriage but I always had it in the back of my head that I wanted to marry him so per usual with life, it all happened at the perfect time in the perfect way 🙂 ).

      Liked by 2 people

      1. She seriously is!! I have discovered so many awesome new combos through her!

        Those vets sounded like the best of ALL time. They sounded so genuinely invested and compassionate ❤ ❤

        Oh my goodness- I'd be anxious too if it started sticking! All is good now though, right?!

        And of course! I am SO excited to read the 30s recaps I saw were up! Eeeek! You two wear 30 beautifully and I cannot wait to see what they bring you 🙂 And HECK YES- you guys are both slayyyying in the life department 😉 See this is why you also need a blog because I wanna hear your backstory too! Hehe. Sounds like a beautiful story. My own little sister is trying to figure out when timing would be good to get engaged and married to her bf… and I keep telling her– it will happen perfectly at the perfect time just like you said! I will have to share this with her. Hope your Friyay has been wonderful, Kaci!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. You both are so sweet! Kase is full of a lot of wisdom & wit! Tell your sweet sis that life will unfold so beautifully as it is meant to, & her story will be unique & all its own. I’m so thankful Matt & I waited until we did to get married despite people nagging. It worked out as it should have!

          Liked by 1 person

            1. I hope she feels comforted by them! I’m no expert, but I do truly think that the less we try to control, the better the outcomes. This coming from one who craves control, so I’ve had to learn and grow a lot, and I have a ways to go!

              Liked by 1 person

  2. Girl, time absolutely starts to fly! I think it’s not getting older that bothers me but the fear of each year passing quicker than the last.

    That sounds like an amazing combo!

    The vet really has gone above & beyond, & we are so grateful to her! She genuinely cares about Mason & us.

    It was so amazing!

    They really don’t hurt too bad! There were a few places that it got a bit more painful, but it’s over before you know it. The healing is the worst because they get itchy. 😛 Thank you so much, doll!

    I think toast is one of my fav breakfast options!

    You seriously are the sweetest & the best!

    ❤ ❤ I appreciate that SO much!! I feel like every year gets better than the last, so I am excited for this next decade! XO


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