Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving


Well, y’all, it happened. Kaci and I officially crossed over and entered our third decade! It is admittedly hard to identify as a 30 year old simply because for ten years I’ve been, “in my 20’s.” So now when I have to acknowledge my age, I think it’ll hit me from time-to-time. With that said, I have not had a better birthday weekend ever! This was one for the books.

On Friday, I wore one of my fav vintage dresses and changed up my accessories. Funny thing is I realized I had worn this last year almost exactly to the day. Consistent!

Breakfast was Garden Lites blueberry zucchini muffin with a GF Ancient Grains waffle warmed over spinach and topped with mashed avocado + white beans and dried spices. Delicious!


After work, I went by Old Mill Bread Company to pick up my cherry pie for our birthday party on Saturday, and I grabbed one of their energy bars. I ate maybe a third and that calmed my hunger.


My awesome manager gave me a nail gift certificate, so I got a birthday mani/pedi. Love this salon!


Kaci also got her nails done, but I had to get started early. We hung out while my nails dried, and she surprised me with not one but two gifts when she said we weren’t exchanging gifts! So I’ll have to get her back when she least expects it [hey, Kase! 😉 ].


For the first time in a while, I knew exactly what color I wanted before I arrived, and I love how they turned out! The bracelet was one of Kaci’s gifts, and I adore it!

She also got me this purrfect hand towel!


Matt and I viewed a home with our realtor on Friday evening, and while it is an adorably farm house (!), the people who renovated it cut corners. It was not clean, and there were a number of things that would need to be addressed, especially the roof. I had new three-dimensional shingles, but the underneath side was concerning. Once those things are addressed, I’m sure it’ll be an awesome home, but it’s not quite right for us. The pergola below comes off from the master bedroom. Really nice!

It still has a barn on the property and an old well house. No joke, every house we’ve looked at has had some sort of Painting With a Twist style painting there. Lol! I also loved this neighbor’s truck.

For dinner, we had Italian chicken sausages and risotto heated and enjoyed with a salad.



For breakfast, I made Ancient Grains oatmeal with milk, spices, dried figs, brown sugar, pb, and sunflower seeds. I accidentally made it a tad thick, but it was satisfying.


Sweet Jax!


Snuggly Ray.


My dad surprised me with an ah-mazing Amazon gift card for my birthday, and I ordered a ton of awesome items, including this Modern Table Meals variety pack!


Jackson loved the box. Ha!


After getting ready for our par-tay, Matt and I had snack plates of sweet potato chips, carrots, hummus, and Babybel.


We swung by Kroger for a few things, and I grabbed this water. I had forgotten how much I love Hint flavored waters!


Kaci is a rock star and planned our 30th birthday gathering at The Hive, an incredible/adorable/precious event space. One of Kaci and Drew’s wedding photographers, Sara, even came and took so many photos for us!!! I’m beyond grateful. She took this of our “30” balloons, gold for Kaci and silver for me. I cannot wait to share some photos soon! Kendale Ball of Simpl Food Arts catered for us, and the food was phenomenal.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Even though we had asked for our friends and family’s presence over presents, they surprised us with the most thoughtful gifts!

Matt also surprised me with this gorgeous champagne gold photo album that will hold 600 4×6 photos!!


After getting freshened up, Matt and I went to Elkmont Exchange for dinner. Unfortunately, they’re in the middle of a menu transition they said, so they had few options. We made our way over to Balter Beerworks and dined on their patio.


Matt was a sweetie and got my sunscreen from the car. We latered it on to sit through dinner.


I ordered their grilled salmon salad with freshly baked fluffy pita. This hit the spot!



Matt ordered one of their burgers on a GF bun with coleslaw and broccoli salad. I got a bite, and holy moly it was tasty.



Looking back across the street as we walked to our car. Love the patio string lights!


The sunsphere against a pretty evening sky.


We met Kaci, Drew, and Axl at the food truck park where they ate dinner. After plenty of laughs and conversation, we decided to make our way home to shower and get to bed.


Matt and I were up and at ’em to enjoy my free birthday brunch at First Watch! We also had a $2 coupon off his entrée, score!

We both ordered The Traditional, mine with over easy eggs, their amazing toast, mixed greens, and chicken sausage while Matt got a half order of each bacon and pork sausage, Udi’s GF bread, and potatoes. I traded some greens for potatoes, and man oh man did this hit the spot!



Modeling my ‘June’ t-shirt! “June Born // I have a smart mouth but I’m faithful and honest. I am sarcastic but I’m loving and supportive. I’m stubborn as can be but I’m trustworthy. I’m a little bit of chaos and a whole lot of fun.” 😉


They gave out mini bags of ground coffee for Father’s Day, so Matt scored big. Hehe


We loved this! It was Paw-ther’s Day for Matt, and he’s the best cat dad!


We gathered up some food and our swimsuits and made our way to the lake house. We got to Facetime with my dad while on our way, and it was so fun! I love having this technology, so despite the miles between us, we got to see each other. It was *such* a gorgeous day! Kaci and Drew sanded and repainted this patio furniture, brought it back to life. I’m grateful!





Once Kaci, Drew, and Axl; Neal, Sara, and the kids; Drew’s parents, David and Susan; Neals’ parents., we broke out the snacks. Simple Mills tomato basil crackers with jalapeno pimiento cheese dip from our party and Sabra dip.


My sweet man who made my weekend such a blast!


I’m so glad I get to celebrate my birthdays with a badass, amazing twinklet! Rockin’ our Cupshe swimsuits, and I’m now obsessed with mine. My friend gave it to me, and she is just the sweetest!


Our signature pose. 😉


Drew was being goofy and snapped these hilarious “artistic” shots. We were hardcore cheesin’!

3 0


Matt snapped these of me on the deck. 🙂



Is she not gorgeous! Loved her suit and entire look from her topknot to her purple painted toes. 😉




Just bobbin’ along.


Kaci or “Quiche”  with Piper. That’s the kids’ name for her, and it’s adorable! She’s Aunt Quiche, and they love her so much.


Sara made the best strawberry mint lemonade! Summer staple from now on.


Our epic dinner! Baked beans, sauerkraut, corn cucumber salad that was so good, pasta salad with kalamata olives that Sara made (the best!), pickle spear, caprese and grilled vegetable skewers from our party, and cilantro lime cole slaw that I made.


Matt had a salmon burger and a grilled brat of some kind.


Drew’s dad made cobbler in the cast iron skillet on the grill. I’m going to let that sink in for a sec. It. Was. Killer. We had very melty vanilla bean ice cream over top, and it was heaven-in-a-bowl!


Group shot! ❤ Love my family!


Matt and I saw this sign and had to snap a photo. Of course we would always vote for Mason!



This morning I made us fluffy Ancient Grains oatmeal with fresh red pear, cardamom, ginger, cloves, vanilla, brown sugar, and then pistachios for me.


First Watch coffee in my new mug thanks to Rachele, one of the nicest girls and one I’m thankful to have as a friend!


When I got to work, one of my coworkers, Lindsey had surprised me with this! You’ll never meet another person with as kind of a soul and genuinely good to the core. Love her!


I feel so very loved, appreciated, and grateful. This weekend was epic in every way, and I’m thankful for all of the memories that were made!





19 thoughts on “Thirty, Flirty, and Thriving

  1. Ahhh I LOVE THIS POST! Where to begin?! The nail color you chose is perfection. I’ve been trying to figure out a good color to paint my nails for summer, since I actually can now (at least for another month hehe). I think I’ll follow your lead!

    That hand towel is too cute! And of course, so true! How exciting that your house shopping- woohooo! How is that going?! Have I ever mentioned I love how often I see raw mushrooms in your post- I LOVE raw mushrooms. I eat them alone or with hummus, like weirdly love them. Haha. That ancient grain oatmeal looks insanely satiating.

    I know I already commented on your post but Kaci did such an incredible job with the party. Down to the best photographer in the world.

    That Pita from Balter Beerworks looks SO fluffy & delicious. I’ve been craving a good salmon dish lately too, and seeing the salmon in this post and the last I read just sent that craving to new heights. I might need to find some tomorrow!

    First watch was my favorite breakfast place when I lived in Ohio. These pictures of their food is making my mouth water.

    THOSE SWIM SUITS. OK, I’m jumping on Cupshe right after this post. Those are too stinking cute!!!!

    PS. Your owl tattoo is amazing.

    Ahhh hope you are have a great week, chica. I just had such a blast catching up on these posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This was the first time in a while that I actually knew what color nail polish I wanted! I was so pleased with the quality. That was only one coat and lasted about a week with just regular polish! Enjoy rocking some pretty colors before your program starts!

      Kaci found the cutest hand towel! House hunting has been interesting. Some homes they really know how to photograph such that they look amazing until you see them in person. It’s crazy how different they can make a space appear, either by size or the quality of the work. We’ve toured just under 10 I believe. No surprise the kitchen is my biggest concern. I’ve liked a few homes we’ve seen, but while I can be impulsive, Matt’s very cautious. It can get frustrating to be honest, but I am grateful. Several times he’s noted important things I didn’t think to check: electrical box, roof, structure of the floor by going into the crawl space. I’m practicing patience that we will find the right house for us both; fingers crossed!

      Raw mushrooms are so so good! I love the texture. They’re like delicious sponges, ha.

      My gosh she did! Sara is such a joy to work with, and she has such talent.

      It was insanely fluffy! I’ve had salmon several times lately and just can’t get enough. It’s my favorite fish!

      I was so pleased with our service at First Watch! While Mother’s Day was incredibly busy and far too long of a wait, this was so perfect. The food was fantastic, as always.

      I had never ordered from Cupshe, but now it’s going to always be my go-to!

      Thank you!!! I was so thankful my tattoo artist understood my ramblings and knew what I wanted.

      I so appreciate all of your comments, and I hope you have the best week, doll! XOXO

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Holy smokes- 10 homes is a lot though! At least you will have a super clear idea of what you want! And I can understand about the photograph and everything just from staying in our fair share of subpar hotels (pictures are great and a far cry from reality!!).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yes, I sure hope seeing all of these will pay off in that we’ll narrow in on the right house for us! We have three to tour this Friday. So trying to stay positive and see this season as fun, but I can admittedly get caught up in the stress and frustration. Photos can be so darn deceiving!

          Liked by 1 person

              1. Oh I mistake the days all the time! A coworker actually said today felt like Friday. We coupd us the extra prayers, so getting a one day head start was perfect! 😉😘

                Liked by 1 person

          1. And it will be so worth it in the end- I have never bought a home but I can imagine it’s one of the most stressful things. Praying for peace and direction in your decision for the perfect home! ❤

            Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you so much!! I’m extremely happy with how the party turned out & very happy we decided to do it. Sometimes {read: all the time} I get so nervous planning: will people come, will my design come through, will people have a good time, will I look alright (I know so vain but ya know, being a girl ova here), BUT as always, everything worked out as it should (I try so hard to always keep this in mind). It truly is such a blessing to have a twinkie and to share a birthday cause it makes life and parties double the fun. 😉

      I LOVED my swimsuit! I will say, this new trend of less swimsuit more booty cheek is a tad annoying cause I have a larger lower half as compared to my upper half so one-pieces can get a little dicey…hahaha But I just went with it, and kor and I loved coordinating for our birthday.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Oh my goodness I have always been the SAME exact way. Planning a party can be really intimidating- especially being a people pleaser because all you want is for people to enjoy themselves!!! Totally normal. And you both nailed it!!

        AHHH that is my issue too!!! I am built the same way. Actually- with dresses for this wedding I have really been struggling because the top will fit but bottom will be too tight… so frustrating. Now I definitely need to shop there because that’s always the main reason I avoid one pieces.

        Liked by 1 person

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