Meal Inspiration

Good Thursday morning, lovelies! I have a post coming at you with hopefully plenty of meal inspiration. I did not organize these in any particular order, and truthfully, any of these could be a breakfast/lunch/dinner. It’s whatever your taste buds are craving!

I made a cheesy scramble egg and avocado sandwich that I then toasted in the pan after cooking my eggs. Holy deliciousness! This was simple but killer.


My clinic manager is *so* sweet and gave me a free breakfast for my birthday! I chose this beautiful salad from Maple Street Biscuit Company, and it included spinach, strawberries, pecans, goat cheese, balsamic vinaigrette, and a fluffy biscuit.


I decided to use my leftover chicken sausage from First Watch in oatmeal that I simply soaked with milk overnight, heated it in the morning, added the warmed sausage, and then I drizzle with maple syrup. It doesn’t look super pretty, but it was so good!


Matt seasoned and cooked the deconstructed natural whole chicken that we bought, he did the absolute best job! It was juicy, spicy, and full of flavor.


One evening we had simple greens and avocado salad with Caesar, Italian chicken sausage from Aldi, and Mediterranean risotto from World Market. I’ll be sharing this product in tomorrow’s Friday Favs post! The rice was the perfect texture and flavor combination.


I split the last of the leftover risotto and warmed it over spinach with shredded gouda, a small amount of seasoned pan-seared polenta, and two farm fresh eggs. I enjoyed a red pear after polishing off this awesome breakfast.


The polenta I mentioned above was leftover from this dinner. Pan-seared seasoned sliced polenta, seasoned pan-cooked Great Northern Beans from the can (no shame in taking some shortcuts!), and a salad of romaine, Dole cilantro lime slaw, mushroom, and avocado. We loved all of this together, and shout out to Kaci for giving me two of her set of four Pioneer Woman reversible placemats! The napkin, glass, and plate are all from the Pioneer Woman collection. I’m ob-sessed.


For my birthday, I received a free drink from Remedy Coffee House, and I chose a half caf lavender iced latte with oat milk. Then later in the week, I had a free drink from Honeybee, and I chose a classic half caf with light Cruze Farm milk. Both were awesome!

For the third year in a row, I attended The University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Dietetic Internship Luncheon as a preceptor. This is the same program that I graduated from as an intern myself five years ago. I enjoyed their blue cheese, pecan, spinach, and pickled onion salad, which was awesome.


For my entrée, I chose the salmon with rice and Brussels sprouts. I wanted to take home what I did not finish, but unfortunately, one of the catering assistants told me they are not allowed to provide boxes or bags. Hmph. I hate wasting food.


For dessert I had this vanilla custard layer cake. Holy yum! After several bites I was full, and I felt satisfied.


After viewing three homes, Matt and I came home one evening and knew pizza sounded quick and tasty. I completed that day’s 10-minute Barre3 workout as part of their summer program, and then we put dinner together in 15 minutes flat. I had some of Aldi’s Quattro pizza, but because I couldn’t decide which of the flavors I wanted to try, I just mixed them. Lol!


All swirled up nicely. Matt made us delish salads with romaine as the base then topped with warmed sautéed + seasoned cauliflower pearls and roasted + seasoned peppers/onion/mushrooms/garlic that I meal prepped the prior evening. Drizzled with Caesar completed it.


I had a few of my leftover slices of pizza for breakfast with wilted spinach, two farm fresh sunny side up eggs, and thawed mixed berries in a ramekin not photographed.


I already had our bowls made and ready to be heated when I got home from Barre3 one evening. In them was the sautéed seasoned cauliflower pearls, roasted seasoned peppers/onion/mushrooms/garlic, basil paste, thawed seasoned roasted chicken that I shared above, avocado, and sweet potato tortilla chips.


The interns gave the preceptors Dove chocolates and a notepad as a token of thanks. Love the sweet messages on the inside!

I hope everyone has a great day!

6 thoughts on “Meal Inspiration

  1. Per usual- always the greatest combos and I’m leaving thoroughly inspired to change things up! We have everything sitting around to make those egg sandwiches- so that is a good possibility! And NOTHING is better than pizza for breakfast. Goodness, I miss Aldi pizzas!!! Good to know someone is still enjoying them ❤ Hehe. Thank you for the awesome ideas- and how the heck do you guys get the chicken to look so good?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Although simple, that egg sandwich really tasted amazing! Egg sandwiches are nostalgic for me too. Mmm pizza at anytime is so good! Especially dipped in drippy yolk. Aldi knows pizza, that’s for sure! You’re welcome! Well, I can’t take any credit for the chicken; Matt did it all and really did an amazing job! He seasoned the heck out of it and roasted it on 325 I believe. A lower temp yielded a slower cook time and left it juicy and nicely browned.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m awful and don’t remember the exact time! Perhaps calculate around 20 minutes per pound but check the doneness by gently pressing against the meat. I try not to use a thermometer because then the juices will begin to spill, leaving it dry. I’ll ask Matt if he remembers how long we cooked it for!

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