Friday Favs + Finds

Happy Friday, and I’m wrapping up this first week of my 30’s with a little Favs + Finds post!

First up are these beautiful messages that serve as good reminders for me.



Note to self…


I’ve been drinking a mug of this Celestial Seasonings Lemon Lavender tea almost every night. I’m not huge on herbal teas, but this contains two of my absolute favorite flavors. With a swirl of honey, it’s so perfect!


When I’m not busy drinking herbal tea in the evening, I’m drinking allthecaffeine in the morning. I bought this with a coupon at Target, and it wasn’t until I looked at my receipt that I realized it’s made by Folger. Doh! It is already ground, but it tastes amazing on the bold setting of our coffee maker.


Matt and I found this quinoa meal cup at World Market, and it was really nice to build a lunch around one day! All you do is stir in the sauce and either eat it at room temp or warm it in the ole microwave. I warmed it, and it was very satisfying. Served with a sald of mixed greens, black beans, green pepper, avocado, Chick-fil-A cilantro lime sauce, and two clementine oranges.


We also found this Mediterranean risotto at World Market, and it was a breeze to make. I first cooked Aldi Italian chicken sausages and then added olive oil to the pan without wiping it out, toasted the rice, and then I added Winking Owl white wine and reduced it.  Slowly I added a small amount of warm water at a time and stirred until it was absorbed. Seasoned with salt and pepper, and it fluffed up perfectly with tons of flavor.


One of my clinic managers was so very sweet and surprised me with this gorgeous hanging plant plus breakfast for my birthday! They are so beautiful.


One of my friends gave me this succulent for my birthday, and I love it so much! I’m admittedly obsessed with them like so many others, but I can’t help it. They’re so pretty and unique. My aloe plant from my manager last year is thriving!



Another friend surprised me with this amazing owl artwork that I so love! “You are interesting and you are different. And I like that.”


My dad surprised me with such a generous Amazon gift card. I love gift cards because I’m able to get a number of things that I love, and it extends the celebration. 🙂 I got this skirt, and I’m obsessed. Are you team floral print?

I also chose this necklace and ring and the pair of earrings in the next photo.



Barre3 is doing an incredible summer program for free called Barre3 Anywhere, and they released the first 10-minute workout on Monday. Kaci came over, and we completed our first workout as 30 year olds. 😉 Then we went on a lovely walk. They’re doing a giveaway for those who share their Barre3 Anywhere photos, so here is my first submission. Photo skillz thanks to Kaci!



Snap Chat flower crown filters that I hope to never become too old to use. 😉


Attending the Dietetic Internship Luncheon has become a favorite of mine. On several occasions, I had spoken to the RD sitting beside me, as we’ve shared mutual patients with her working in long-term care, but we’d never met. Now we’ve put faces to names!


The interns gave us each a really pretty notepad and Dove chocolates as a token of their appreciation. I love a good notepad for lists!


I ordered this Pioneer Woman Dutch Oven from Amazon, and is it not gorgeous? I love alllll of her products, and I cannot wait to use this!


That’s a wrap, my friends! Tell me: what have you been loving lately?

7 thoughts on “Friday Favs + Finds

  1. LOVE those reminders- especially about overthinking. Needed that! OK lemon lavender sounds tremendous. I need to look into that. I’m currently on a turmeric tea kick in the evenings. Mmmm mm!

    That owl artwork is so cute & amazing!! I Loveee it. How thoughtful.

    Ahh, great choice on the skirt! Adorable!! Perfect for summer too.

    That’s so fun how you met in person the other RD. And what an awesome picture!

    Sooo confession- we received a Dutch oven for our wedding gift and I have never used it because I don’t know what to use it for. Any suggestions?! Your new one is super cute by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love taking screenshots for those times when I need to be reminded! I’ve made a golden milk latte several times and love it! the warm spices and honey are so soothing. The lemon lavender is bright and makes me think of spring/summer. 🙂

      Isn’t it? So cute!

      Thank you! I love all the thing floral and couldn’t resist.

      I love meeting new people or, as in this case, people who I have worked with but have yet to meet in person. Thank you!

      Hahaha I’ve never used one either! Recently I made pulled pork bbq that require a Dutch oven, so I know big cuts of meat benefit from the slow cooking method. I’ll gather vegetarian and pescatarian recipes to share!

      Liked by 1 person

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