Getting Out of My Comfort Zone // The Daniels Take on Columbus, OH!

This past weekend Matt and I had a mini getaway from Friday to Sunday. Even in that short of a time, we packed in a lot and really enjoyed our first trip together to Columbus, OH! As a kid, I was pretty shy, but I’m proud to say I really am quite social and open now. I had been saying how much I wanted to visit, finally meet Alexis of Hummusapien, and try Alchemy Juice Café, so I finally made that happen. I found a cute AirBnB for us, Matt’s first and our first together, and we went with a loose itinerary. No more overly planning for this chick!


First up is breakfast on Friday: the remainder of cottage cheese with a red pear, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, pepper, Chick-fil-a granola that comes with their Harvest Salad (I didn’t use it Thursday evening when I had it for dinner), and roasted sunflower seeds. This was delicious! Sweet, spicy, and tangy from the cottage cheese.


Sweet Jackson! Matt snapped these after he got out of bed.

After repainting my nails and completing a 10-minute Barre3 workout, we got ready, packed, ate lunch, and hit the road. My lunch consisted of the last of our roasted vegetables and sautéed cauliflower pearls with Caesar and avocado, pizza, and pb on graham cracker.

Love these two!

I snacked on this RX Bar later in the drive.


After going through a lot of rain storms, we found blue skies and an exit with several coffee options. We chose Panera Bread, and it had just opened. It was weird, though in that you could order from their kiosk. It’s like they’re doing away with human help. I’m not a fan.

Latte for me and coffee for Matt with big smiles thanks to said caffeine, ha!


I took these at the rest area we stopped at. Made me think of Mackenzie!

We finally arrived at our AirBnB for the weekend! It looked a little sketch when we pulled up and then when we walked up the stairs. But once you opened the door, you could see how much effort was put into the space. Really bright and cute.

The kitchen was really nice!

The cute bathroom; loved the polka dots.

After getting settled and freshened up, we headed downtown for dinner. Parking was…fun. Haha. They were holding Community Fest (abbreviated ComFest) all weekend, so there was people ev-er-y-where. We finally settled on a garage and made our way over to Brassica.

I chose their salad with mixed cooked and pickled vegetables, roasted pepper sauce, and baba spread plus their doughy, fluffy, deeeelicious pita. Matt got their salad with a combo of brisket and lamb bacon. Holy moly it was all amazing!




Afterward we went by Kroger for just a few things for breakfast and then got back. I got this t-shirt on Amazon in honor of Mason and his love of avocado! “Avogato” with a cat-avocado saying, “hola!” Matt was my official photographer for the weekend, and I loved it!


For breakfast, I simply spread a packet of Justin’s maple almond butter over my leftover warmed pita, added slices from half a banana, and sprinkled it with cinnamon. I also tried this whole milk pineapple coconut yogurt, which was really enjoyable.

After we figured out how to operate the Ninja coffee maker, I sipped my juice-from-the-gods then got changed to complete my 10-minute Barre3 workout. I’m participating in their free one-month summer program, and I love it! I don’t ever consider my movement as punishment nor do I think it must be done in order to eat certain foods. It just feels good in my body to move this way, and I urge you to find the same for yourself. It may be going on a walk, hiking, running, Barre3, HIIT, etc. Just get out there and try from a place of self-respect, not as a means to burn calories.


Once ready, we set out to finally visit Alchemy! Y’all, this space is so inviting, fresh, bright, and fun!


Love their artwork!


This table is gorgeous.



Matt got their orange carrot juice to try, and Alexis very kindly gave us a maple coconut bacon donut!


Pinkie out!

Matt came up with this, and it warms my heart. We talk about Mason all. the. time. We miss him so damn much! He did this at Matt’s chair back at the beginning of April as he begged for a taste from our dinner, which he got of course! I did my best Mason impression. He would’ve gobbled up this donut!

Matt chose their Power Bowl, which includes ancient grains, hemp pesto, kalebouli, hummus, tri kale potato hash, bulgarian feta, organic purple kraut, hazelnuts, micro greens. Holy smokes it was heavenly.


I went with their Beet Benny: organic eggs, beet hollandaise, smoked salmon, arugula, wasabi yogurt, pickled mustard seed, pumpernickel along with their majik mint latte. YUM!!!


Look at that swirly deliciousness. It’s made with hemp milk, blue majik powder, and peppermint oil. It tasted like a York Peppermint Patty. {heart eye emoji}


I had to model with it.


And again.


Action shot! Those eggs were the most perfectly poached eggs I’ve ever had.



When the bathroom wallpaper is this cute, you go basic and snap a selfie.


The super sweet and very talented Alexis! Her hospitality was so appreciated. We thoroughly enjoyed our first but not last visit!


I bought myself a tank top and was going to get their spicy strawberry coconut, and she kindly gave me the bag of coconut on the house. So so generous!

Matt and I went down to this mercantile store, and we played a game of guess-the-price-of-this-item. I was spot on for a few, and Matt guessed the exact price of the armoire pictured below! We loved the vases and China, and I couldn’t resist posing in this weird furniture piece.

We went to Two Dollar Radio Headquarters where Matt got a tea-vodka drink, and we relaxed for a bit.

As soon as I saw this mural, I had to have us snap a photo with it. Get on that unicorn level!

Thumbed through some books, sipped my fruit-infused water, then we navigated to the house where Matt’s oldest brother once lived with his ex-wife. Matt helped him move from it to CA back in 2007.

This whole neighborhood was so cute, and there a lot of really nice homes.


Not far at all from there was the Columbus Park of Roses.

Check out the size of this hydrangea! They’re my new favorite bloom. Matt got all “artsy” and had me place my hand on it. Lolz

There weren’t nearly as many blooms as Matt recalled, but I think the heat had a lot to do with it. They were still pretty!

My favorite colors.


The sun came out all of a sudden, so Matt popped his collar to protect his neck. Looked all preppy for a sec. 😉



I captured this cute bumblebee hard at work!

Funny story: I ordered a lemon-print dress from Amazon, but when it was delivered, it came with a black belt despite the photo showing a white. I didn’t think much of it, but unfortunately, the neck stuck out in the back. I ironed it hoping it would help, but nope. So I ironed a romper Kaci let me borrow. It didn’t quite fit right either. So I ironed yet another outfit. Ha! I am proud to say I did not get frustrated, though. I just rolled with it!

We settled on Hubbard Grille for dinner.

Love this!


Matt let me model with it too; my turn for pinkie out. It was a whiskey cocktail, and it was sooo good. If I drank, then whiskey would be choice. I always try his concoctions.


We started with their roasted lemon artichoke dip: roasted artichokes, arugula, lemon, parmesan, gruyere, cheddar, housemade seasoned tortilla chips.


I ordered their Lake Eerie walleye dish, which included pan-seared walleye, black risotto, shaved asparagus & tomato salad, saffron vinaigrette.


Matt opted for their pan-roasted pork chop: house cut & brined chop, butternut squash threads, sauteed asparagus, braised pear & mushroom pan jus. He gave me a bite, and it was fantastic.


After dinner, we walked around to explore and take in the area. Matt took the photo on the right. We loved the ivy-covered buildings!

Pretty murals along the Short North district.

We decided to take some photos in this pretty courtyard. It was very lush and green all over.


We then made our way over to Jeni’s thanks to my friend’s suggestion! She is from OH, and she said their Jeni’s is the best. I didn’t know that it originated there!

Matt sampled several and chose their lavender and Bangkok peanut.


I struggled with deciding and ended up going with their cream puff and milkiest chocolate.


They put a lot of effort into everything including their napkins.

We spotted “Mason” while walking back to our car.



I made a simple bowl of Ancient Grains oatmeal with cinnamon, banana, and maple almond butter for breakfast.


I completed my Barre3 10-minute movement, showered, and we sadly packed up and checked out.

We made our way to German Village, which was *such* a precious area!


Sharing #barre3anywhere photos on social media allows participants to be included in a weekly drawing, so these shots were my entries. This bike art was so fun.

One thing I knew for certain was that I had to visit Pistacia Vera! Alexis shared photos of their chocolate croissant that I knew I had to try.


Matt got an iced chai, and I got an iced half caf latte. We walked around and stumbled upon the neatest book store that Alexis told me about.


The entrance was like a fairytale.




I needed this back in my childhood, haha.



I found a Nancy Drew book! Despite having them all, I wanted this style of print. I also got Alice Through the Looking Glass written based on Tim Burton’s film, and I found this adorable 2019 calendar.

Mason was spotted again and so was Kaci and Drew’s last name, even spelled correctly.


The famous croissant.


I ate half and was so impressed by it!


Once home, we snuggled Rachel and Jackson hard! Kaci took care of them so well while we were gone.

Dinner was a salad with a veggie burger, sweet potato chips, and Chick-fil-a sauce as the dressing.



This morning I made two sunny side up eggs over wilted spinach with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and avocado. On the side I finished the croissant and enjoyed thawed mixed berries.


So this dress saga continues. When we arrived home, another one had been delivered! It was a slightly more casual fabric and with the white belt. They refunded me a percentage due to the poor fit, so two dresses for less than $20. Score!


Have a fabulous week ahead!



10 thoughts on “Getting Out of My Comfort Zone // The Daniels Take on Columbus, OH!

  1. I’ve been soooo excited to read this!!! What a fun trip- from going to meet Alexis (so cool, I will check out her blog now!), and the adorable air Bnb, and all the eats— could it have been a more perfect trip?!

    Okay- now I’m going back to the top hehe- I recently have become re-obsessed with graham crackers. I had them at a friend’s in OH and forgot how delicious of a snack they are.

    HATE RAIN STORMS. I had to drive through one this weekend and feel your pain.

    Woahhhhhhh that’s crazy with Panera!! What.

    Those flowers are stunning- I love the maroon and yellow together- such a unique combo, not sure I’ve seen any like that before.

    Those bowls you two had look incredible!!!! Gosh, now I’m craving Mediterranean!

    Question- as an RD what is your stance on pickled veggies? I LOVE the flavor of them and could eat pickled veggies all the time, but I’ve heard they aren’t good for you (like high risk to lead to certain cancers). Just totally curious on your thoughts!

    That shirt- YESSSS.
    Love what you said about movement. I sometimes do treat running a bit like a “need” more than a want. So thank you for that reminder ❤

    Your impression of mason is soooo dang cute.

    All. This. Food. Holy canoli.

    And that is the funnest (I know not a word, but I have to use it here) latte I have ever seen.

    Those blooms! Your pictures are stunning!

    Ok- I cannot deal with how good all this food looks. I am drooling.

    What an INSANELY fun trip.

    Love the lemon dress- it is perfect!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I loved getting away with Matt! Even if for just a weekend, it helps me to feel a little more calm.

      Graham crackers are so nostalgic, & I never can get sick of them!

      Those kind of rain storms where you can hardly see past the front of your car bother me! Not so much that I’ll mess up, but you never know what others will do. People become nuts when it rains. Like let’s see how fast I can drive. 😑

      I so want another one of those bowls!! It was epic & full of flavors. Such a fun place too!

      I’ve never heard of the cancer association with pickled veg, but considering some people even consider carcinogenic, I’m not suprised. I say eat them to your heart’s content! The jury is still out, so to speak, on the pre-/probiotic content of pickled vegetables, but some have written about the positive aspects in that regard. 🙂

      It’s one of my fav tees!

      It can be hard to get out of that mindset! If I feel my desire to move is coming from a place of need, I’ll try to ask myself why & if I have the energy to complete a Barre3 workout. Sometimes just a walk is what I’m craving.

      Haha thank you! It warms my heart when Matt talks about him & suggested I do this impression. He loved his baby boy. We talk about him daily.

      Alchemy has -in-credible food! All of the attention to detail & creativity is obvious for sure. I want another one of those lattes!

      Thank you! I thought of you no lie as we walked through the rose garden!

      I need to get a map like yours & start putting a pin where Matt & I have traveled!

      Thank you so much! It’s one of my top favorite dresses now. I love all things lemon & citrus.


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Now I’m craving graham crackers again! I just restocked … so that’ll be my snack tonight!

        That makes me feel better because I’ve been LOVING the pickled beets and dolmas from TJs but stopped because I read that somewhere. Gonna get some tomorrow now!

        Ohhh I hope you get a map soon! It’s so rewarding putting that little pin on!


        Liked by 1 person

        1. I should’ve brought some graham crackers to work with me today because I’m craving them too!

          Pickled veg lover always and forever!

          Yes! I’m going to look on Amazon and see what I can find. =D

          Liked by 1 person

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