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I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July! Matt and I chose to work to stay caught up on said work, but next year I’m definitely going to the lake house. I missed an amazing time with my sister and the family! As always, I really hope these meals spark ideas for you!


This creation was so very satisfying. I picked up a free loaf of Nature’s Own Perfectly Crafted Multigrain thick sliced bread thanks to Kroger’s Free Friday program. I topped one with avocado and two over easy eggs while I layered the other with fresh tomato and cottage cheese.


I snagged this new Love Grown granola on sale and with a coupon! It’s so delicious! It has big clusters and is not too dense – a nice, lighter texture.


One morning I had chopped old fashioned oats and thawed fruit mixed with Fage plain Greek yogurt and milk then topped my bowl with warmed chopped raw pecans, Alchemy spicy strawberry coconut, and Love Grown granola.


Another morning I made a breakfast bowl with thawed fruit, Fage plain Greek yogurt, Love Grown Comet Crispies, Peach Cheerios, roasted sunflower seeds, and spicy strawberry coconut.


This bowl of savory oatmeal was fantastic! I chopped old fashioned oats (that’s the key: the oats need to be finer) and cooked with them with milk, Tandur bbq spice blend, salt, and smoked paprika. I added wilted spinach, cottage cheese, and an over easy egg. If you haven’t given savory oats a try, then you really need to do so!


I apologize for the poor lighting, but the beautiful Pioneer Woman placemat and napkin makes up for it. 😉 For Waffle Wednesday, I enjoyed one waffle with avocado, tahini, and spicy strawberry coconut. I then had cottage cheese, frozen ripe banana, organic cinnamon, and three banana pancake puffs in one of my fav mugs.


Although simple, this was such a good meal! Two fried eggs with salt, pepper, and garlic over wilted organic kale medley, thick toast with Sargento tomato basil Jack, and thawed fruit.



I love buying bagged salad kits, and I found three on sale at Kroger! This one contained arugula, freeze-dried corn, pepitas, dried cranberries, and a buttermilk dressing. I added baked seasoned chicken breast and pita croutons from a different salad kit.


Thanks to our great friend, Cindy, Kaci and I were able to enjoy a lunch at Wild Love Bake House with a gift card!


Twin selfie


We spilt this phenomenal turkey and cheese panini with blue corn chips.


We also split this soft chocolate chip cookie. I sipped on a decaf iced Americano because I had already enjoyed a big mug of hot coffee with breakfast.



On Sunday, I did a good amount of meal prep by roasting a head of cauliflower with manchego spice blend, and on a separate pan, I roasted carrots, parsnips, onion, and garlic. I cooked a whole bag of brown rice with organic lower sodium chicken bone broth. I froze about half the batch, so now we have a quick starch option ready to go!


One evening I combined the above foods with chickpeas and after heating it, I added avocado and drizzled with a leftover salad vinaigrette. Easy and perfect.


On Sunday after Matt and I toured several homes (house hunting is exciting/stressful/frustrating/exhausting), our realtor suggested we try a Mexican restaurant that is actually tucked in the back of a Mexican corner market. *Side note: I had planned to make a bean power bowl (as pictured above) with the foods I had meal prepped. The “old” me would’ve freaked out that I hadn’t intended to eat Mexican. Because I had dinner planned, it would’ve thrown me for a loop, and I would’ve been against it. So much thanks to intuitive eating and letting go of rigid rules, I was able to enjoy this meal on a whim with my husband!*

We started with chips and really good spicy salsa.


Matt got their Barbacoa, which came with whole grilled onions and jalapenos, refried beans, rice, cheese, and corn tortillas. It was hella flavorful! He had his leftovers for lunch the next day.


I tried their shrimp salad with lime, onion, tomato, amazing cheese, and I think an entire avocado! This made the best lunch on Monday; I combined my leftovers with some of our kale blend. Perfection.


Another salad kit, which included kale, two types of cabbage, carrots, cheddar, dried corn, tortilla strips, and buttermilk ranch. I added chickpeas and jicama.



I realized I only took a photo of one snack. Whoops. This was on July fourth, and it was the only red, white, and blue creation I ate. Thawed fruit, Fage plain Greek yogurt, Love Grown granola (so good!), and roasted sunflower seeds.


Please tell me: what have you been enjoying lately?

5 thoughts on “Recent Eats

  1. Ok that toast is sooooo up my alley. One of my favorite summer snacks is tomatoes with cottage cheese and I used to do cottage cheese on toast all the time in collage. I need to try this!!! Gonna have to go to TJs to restock on the cc this week and I will! Ooo you killed that waffle Wednesday—- once again- I wouldn’t think to go savory on a waffle, but gosh that looks like it works sooo well!

    I love freezing foods- It always makes me feel like I’m ahead of the game when in need of those last minute frozen dinners!

    I lovee that you didn’t let your own plans dictate how you felt about those meals—tell those food rules gooodbyeeeee. I can totally relate. Intuitive eating is the BEST. And that cheese looks sooo gooood. I wonder what it is?!

    Thank you always for the awesome ideas and inspo. I am now heading to my kitchen to make dinner because these last few posts have really worked up quite an appetite! Haha. I am AUDIBLY listening to my stomach grumble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cottage cheese & tomato is an amazing combo! I made a salad prob 10 years ago that I found a recipe for, which contained tomato, orange, cottage cheese, greens, basil, & balsmic reduction. I need to create it again!

      Those rules can leave & never come back! They were so annoying for too long. Anytime I squash them, I picture myself giving them the middle finger. Bahahaha so silly, but it feels like a win. Idk, but I could eat that cheese for days! I’ll ty to find out for us!

      I hope you had a lovely meal, doll!

      Liked by 1 person

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