It Must Go Up From Here

Good Monday morning! I hope everyone is off to a lovely, fresh start this week and had an enjoyable weekend. Ours was amazing and refreshing. Matt and I have been house hunting, and it has been many things. Stressful mostly. But I’m trying to find joy in the process and not get so caught up in finding one asap. I think my strong desire to find “the one” is sort of clouding my judgement at times and making me feel resentful rather than thankful that we are able to look for our own home. It has tested us and our marriage, but after hitting a low point, we’re only stronger and happier. We have both talked about this and agreed sometimes you have to hit a so-called rock bottom for it to go up from there.

Alright, enough with that, onto our noms and fun!


I enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal made with milk, dried figs, cinnamon, cardamom, salt, and vanilla. I then topped it with roasted salted pistachios and honey. I’ve found that I enjoy smaller cut oats if I’m making them in the microwave, so I’ve been pulsing our old fashioned oats in the chopper lately. Makes it more of a porridge texture, which I love.


I love all of The Natual Life’s posts and can’t help but share several on my blog.


In learning to eat intutively, I’m also trying to incorporate intuition in my overall life. Constantly working on ditching perfection, and this includes something as silly as painting my own nails. Because I know I could get a better mani/pedi at the salon, I slowly stopped trying to do them myself. But now just giving myself a quick mani/pedi really helps. I love the pops of color and getting to change it out often.


Kaci and I were fortunate to get to attend a free Barre3 studio class that evening! It rained like cah-razy, so we couldn’t take it on the roof top. It was probably my second hardest class ever, and I loved it! We had to get our #barre3anywhere photos after class, and we tried setting up warrior three as a twin mirror image. These candids were pretty awesome, though!

Matt was in-credible and made our dinner! I so appreciated walking in the door and getting to sit down to a tasty meal. Modern Table Meals creamy garlic bean pasta kit with added smoked trout and steamed vegetables on the side. I also snacked on a Babybel cheese as an appetizer because I was quite hungry. Nothing like a good sweat session to increase one’s hunger.


After getting showered, I thawed some of my leftover birthday cherry pie and had Fage Greek yogurt with it since we didn’t have ice cream or whipped cream. I then slept like a baby if said baby wasn’t in a sleep regression. Lol. I always think it’s a funny analogy to make considering some babies don’t sleep all that well, ha!



I was in the mood for savory oatmeal, so I made it with our kale carrot blend, and I loved the shredded carrot addition! I also had sunflower seeds, Sargento tomato basil cheese, and an over easy egg to complete it.


Another day, another awesome screen shot.


This also spoke to me.


I was somewhat freaking out because *the* cofounder and CEO of Barre3 ‘liked’ my post! I know, big deal. But it felt awesome for her to recognize my participation and love of Barre3.


After relaxing and then hanging out with Matt when he got up, I enjoyed a slice of pb toast sprinkled with cinnamon and goji berries. Then I finally got showered for the day.


I made an Aldi sundried tomato chicken quinoa frozen entree to eat in the car while we headed to our first of six homes to tour that afternoon. I love this meal and never grow tired of it.


Unfortunately, none of the homes worked for us, so better luck next time! I snacked on a banana and mixed nuts at some point and then made us these snack plates plus tea when we got home.


Neither of us were craving anything specific, but I finally threw together this random mix that we both ended up really enjoying. The last of our steamed Brussels and roasted seasoned cauliflower, organic canned cannelini beans, and stuffed grape leaves.


Dessert included and apple berry smoothie with pb, Love Grown granola (obsessed), and Love Grown Comet Crispies with a side of Jackson photo bomb!



I have been sleeping so soundly lately *knock on wood*, but I wake up early in the six or seven o’clock hour due to my internal alarm clock. I allowed myself to lay still for a while and slowly got up. I’ve found this can help me to feel more calm some days. I had a bowl of Peach Cheerios with cottage cheese, thawed fruit, ground ginger, ground flax, hemp hearts, and warmed chopped pecans.


Sweet baby girl enjoyed the sunshine. ❤


We didn’t have enough coffee (the horror!), and we needed provisions. So while Matt caught some more shut eye (he generously has been getting up early to feed Rachel and Jackson!), I went to First Watch for a fabulous cuppa Joe and then Kroger across the street.


I knew I shouldn’t buy more stuff, so I snapped these photos and moved on, but they are cute!

Rachie just couldn’t even. 😉


Avocado, tahini, and spicy strawberry coconut toast.


Once ready, we gathered up our things, swung by Kaci and Drew’s, then we made our way to the lake house! Kaci found this sign at Fig & Company, and is it not absolutely adorable? Love it out there!


I wanted to try Epic’s egg white and date-based bar. While still obviously really sticky and chewy like an RX Bar, I *loved* the lemon flavor!


We tried getting into the water, and about that time the sun said, “see ya!” So we settled on taking some selfies instead. 😉



Our fav ❤


We enjoyed a snack plate then set off on a walk.


It’s so gorgeous along our road! I love the canopy and how the light dances through the trees.


We spotted this gorgeous butterfly, and thankfully it stayed in place and even spread its wings long enough for me to snap a photo. It made me think of Ree Drummond because of her love of butterflies.


Cool ‘shrooms along the side of the road.



Matt and I stumbled upon this neat “Little Library”! You are asked to add a book for one that you take. If you look close enough, then you can see our reflections.

Matt and I loved how the sunshine hit this spot and made it look so gorgeous.


I zoomed in and saw this spider just relaxing, waiting on its next meal.



We think there used to be a camper here and I assume a dock, but now it’s just a really pretty opening. Such a lovely view of the lake.


Matt is a sweetheart and always is happy to oblige when I ask for him to take photos. I wanted to submit some of my Barre3 Anywhere from our lake property. I don’t think there would be a better view for a Barre3 workout!



I’ve never considered myself athletic. We played softball with Girls’ Inc. for three summers as a kid, and I was active all throughout my childhood. But athletic, not so much. I’m grateful that Barre3 has boosted my confidence, capabilities, and even coordination. I know I talk about it a ton, but it makes me happy.


A juicy plum before getting back into the water. Our hour-long walk was just perfect, and it gave time for the sun to return!


Dinner was epic on epic. I roasted tandur bbq spiced butternut squash, garlic herb seasoned zucchini/yellow squash/peppers, and Matt simmered thick pork chops in a jarred Tika Masala Indian simmer sauce from Aldi. We enjoyed them over the brown rice I had made with chicken bone broth and then froze part of the batch.


We were both members of the ‘clean plate club’! I was thankful to have scored all of the vegetables on clearance at Kroger that morning too.


Once we sadly packed up and left (it’s the worst!), we unpacked, showered, then made tea and dessert. Matt made me my herbal blackberry cinnamon tea with honey perfectly and had it waiting on me when I got downstairs. ❤

Yogurt, banana, cinnamon, pb, and granola.


Kaci recommended we watch The Hunt on Netflix, narrated by David Attendborough. Rachel is seriously watching it with us! But girlfriend was too sleepy to sit up for it. Axl also watched with them and wouldn’t take his eyes off the screen!



I wasn’t craving anything in particular, so I had Honey Nut Cheerios, Love Grown Comet Crispies, ground flax, roasted sunflower seeds, and a plum this morning. Unfortunately, it was not very filling. Oh well!


Wishing everyone a lovely day! What did you get into this past weekend?

3 thoughts on “It Must Go Up From Here

  1. The B3 class was fun but my goshhhhhh so hard!!

    I love Natural Life insta posts & appreciate you highlighting them!

    So glad you got to enjoy time at the lake house and take some bomb B3 anywhere photos!!

    Crayyyyy. I love her just got hit by a truck pose. hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was the second hardest class eva for me, *but* we stuck with it and saw it to the end!

      I’m glad they resonate with you too.

      🙂 Thank you, Boo. I loved it out there – my safe haven.

      Hahaha that’s it to a T!


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