Learning To Focus on & Cherish the Good in Life

This past weekend was low-key for my family, but my work family has suffered immense loss. One of my coworkers received the devastating news that her twin babies, a son and a daughter, nearly two years old were involved in a tragic accident. They both gained their wings far too soon. Sadly, it is these instances that cause me to sit back and really evaluate all that I have to be grateful for. While I have become frustrated by and downright defeated during Matt and my home search, I realize we have each other, our babies, and a nice roof over our heads. Things can change in an instant, so I hope to push myself more to be patient and positive. Please keep my coworker, her partner, and their family in your thoughts.


I began Friday with scrambled eggs over wilted spinach, a warmed nectarine heavily sprinkled with cinnamon, and delicious fig pistachio crackers that I will be sharing in this week’s Friday Favs post.


Jax loves our PW quilted placemats, and he just zonked out while I was sipping my coffee! Draped over Matt’s keys and all.


After enjoying some of my leftover Cruze Farm pizza along with coleslaw, I sipped on Tazo’s green tea latte concentrate mixed with milk. It was a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.


Before meeting Kaci for a twin Target run (the best!), I stopped at Yassin’s Falafel House and ordered a side of falafel with tahini sauce. Sometimes snacks are yogurt and fruit, pb and crackers, a bar, etc. or sometimes they are a dish like this. Yep, I ate pizza and then fried falafel in the same day, but I felt content, blood sugar balanced, and I could comfortably shop and then cook dinner once I got home. I am not perfect, I still overly think some choices. But I appreciate my journey towards better honoring my hunger and cravings.


I have no shame in finding this display pleasing to the eye, ha!


Dinner was quick, simple, and enjoyable. I layered mushroom quinoa with leftover reheated roasted eggplant and onions, steam-in-a-bag fresh green beans, avocado, and an artichoke sauce I found at HomeGoods. I’ll be sharing it in my Friday Favs post too!


The thunderstorm was quite brutal and intense! Our power flickered several times and then went out completely. Matt was already prepared with a candle, but then soon after lighting it, the power returned.


I thought this was pretty with the candlelight glowing through my glass.


My evening snack included yogurt, thawed blueberries, and a sprinkle of granola.



Our kitchen overhead fluorescent light bulbs had burned out, so I had to take my photo in the dining room. Unfortunately, it is not lit well. I had Van’s GF blueberry waffles with frozen banana blending with Greek yogurt, milk, cinnamon, and cardamom enjoyed in a nearly empty pb jar. I added too much of the spices, but otherwise, it was a delicious meal.


I FINALLY got around to making Erin’s Raspberry Muffins! I had to buy xantham gum because I mistakenly bought Bob’s Red Mill’s GF all purpose flour instead of the one-to-one. The texture of them isn’t quite correct, but they are really enjoyable still. I love that they aren’t super sweet and can be enjoyed sprinkled with sugar, drizzled with nut butter, or broken up over Greek yogurt. Matt was sweet and suggested we take the photos outside in the sunshine, and he was a big help!



Trying to be artsy.


I did some stretches but didn’t feel like exercising. I enjoyed a muffin with maple caramel almond butter and a sprinkle of powdered sugar before showering.


I met Kaci at the Market Square Farmers Market, and we saw this sweet kitty just chilling on a leash! I wish we could’ve trained our babies so that they could calmly go places with us. 😉

Before entering the square, a homeless gentleman was handing out the free newspaper. I did not have any cash on me, so Kaci gave some change. I had brought two muffins to give to her and Drew, but I decided to give them to him. He was so thankful and immediately began eating them. While I know they were only going to do so much for him, it felt good to help someone in need.


I bought some nice produce from two stands and enjoyed the atmosphere.


We then went to Stanley’s Greenhouse for two hanging plants for Kaci and Drew’s front porch, and I bought another succulent. I’m determined to gain more patience and understanding in caring for plants.



Kaci was super sweet and offered for me to have lunch at their place! I made a simple green salad with some of the local tomatoes I had purchased and TJ’s guacamole. A slice of gouda, part of a large apple, and seasoned popcorn completed my late lunch.


I spotted this guy scaling one of their living room windows.


Their gorgeous new plants! Drew was awesome and hung them up for Kaci.



Axl is understandably proud of his ah-dorable home.


Kaci gave me the remainder of their bag of TJ’s GF granola, so I promptly ate this huge and delicious cluster plus a few more once I got back home.


I added my succulent to the bathtub planter, and I hope they both grow really well!


Look at the damage that Friday night’s storm did to our crepe myrtle. Management said they’re going to remove them soon, though. Sad as they just needed to be tended to more, Instead, they have allowed them to grow to large, and as such, they’ve become problematic.


Late afternoon cold brew with milk – so refreshing.


I bought a set of three floating shadow boxes for Mason’s memorial, but we chose not to hang them until we move. I decided he deserved to be celebrated at our home, his home. The roses were from the sweet arrangement that the Animal Hospital sent us, and while I’d give anything to have him back, this brings us joy and comfort.


Look at his adorable paw print and sweet, soft fur. I had to display his pb spoon too!


I vacuumed, did the dishes, and cleaned the kitchen. I need to get into the habit of dusting and vacuuming more often because a clean home feels more relaxing. 🙂

Dinner included mushroom quinoa, green beans, tuna, artichoke sauce, purple pepper from the farmers market, and corn chips.


Matt was so sweet and asked if I’d like to go on an evening walk, to which I enthusiastically answered, “yes”! Had to get our cliché selfie out front.




Once home and cleaned up, I had a small mug of Greek yogurt with thawed mango, roasted peanuts, and square of chili dark chocolate.



Since we have so much eggs, it made me realize I haven’t made French toast in forever. I used Kath’s recipe and drizzled my two slices with maple along with maple caramel almond butter; thawed blueberries on the side. It tasted very nostalgic!



My body was craving movement, so I completed a 30-minute Barre3 routine then showered. For lunch I had Sargento tomato basil cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, hummus, avocado, and fig pistachio crackers.


The same friend of Matt’s who gave us the egg gave us these Tate’s brand GF cookies. They’re a thinner, more crispy texture, and while I love a gooey cookie, this was really tasty.


I went by Kaci and Drew’s to drop off two muffins for them and hung out for a bit. I love hearing about all of their house projects and seeing their house come together more and more!

I grocery shopped at Kroger and then wiped down the inside and outside of my car. Just as I said before, I need to include this as part of my more frequent cleaning routine.

Dinner was simple and quick (it’s been our trend lately!). I bought a bag of Dole salad mix for only $1.99 that included toasted quinoa, shredded parmesan, and a creamy balsamic vinaigrette. I added thawed wild caught shrimp that I sautéed in garlic herb seasoning and smoked paprika sprinkled over the warm olive oil. I also bought a container of pre-cut jicama on sale, so this was an inexpensive but satisfying meal.


Later on, my snack included Greek yogurt, frozen banana, Love Grown granola and Comet Crispies, and tahini along with blackberry cinnamon herbal tea with honey.


I signed up for a free Hulu trial just so that we can watch The Golden Girls. I’ve never seen it, and I love it! Matt and I were laughing pretty hard, and even Rachel loves it!



This morning I made a packet of original GF oatmeal with goji berries, a date, and milk then topped with spicy strawberry coconut and maple caramel almond butter.


I hope you all will find the happiness and positivity in today and through the rest of your week!


11 thoughts on “Learning To Focus on & Cherish the Good in Life

  1. I love all of the bittle booty cameos! hahahaha

    Ray loves the Golden Girls cause she’s a {young} golden girl herself!

    So enjoyed spending so much time together this past weekend!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh that is so terrible about your co-workers’ twins. Will keep them in my thoughts. ♡♡♡

    Jax zonked out in the table is the funniest thing ever hahah so cute! Those muffins look amazing! My boyfriend is always trying to help me with my blog photos too, so sweet our men are. 😉

    When I first got my boy kitties, I tried the whole leash thing but they kept escaping so I got sick of chasing them around outside LOL. I wish they would have liked it more. That was so nice of you to give the newspaper man the muffins, too. ♡

    Oh my, how adorable is that bathtub planter?! Best of luck on keeping your plant baby alive!

    The memorial for Mason is beautiful. ♡♡♡ Love the paw print & the PB spoon. Aww.

    Love the selfies of you & Matt. How romantic that you go on walks together!!!

    You made that French Toast?! It looks phenomenal! Wow! It looks diner-worthy!!!

    I love Hulu! After I did the trial, I couldn’t give it up! I used to watch Golden Girls all the time with my mom when I was a kiddo, too! Love it!

    Sorry for my uber long comment!!! Have a nice week! ♡♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We’re all so stunned. Thank you for keeping them in your thoughts. ❤

      Jax is zonked out on me right now! When food hits his belly, he’s done. Haha Thank you! Although I like to cook more than bake, I really enjoy it. Aww that’s awesome! They are!

      That would be our luck too! Our babies can be quite tricky. I’m so glad I had food on me to give to him!

      I love this little bathtub planter! It’s quite unique. Thank you! Trying to “cure” my black thumb!

      Thank you! Mason truly was our pride & joy & completed our trio. ❤

      Evening walks are one of my favorite aspects of the warmer months! We have some of our best talks & laughs while walking.

      Aww thank you, dear! I was so happy with how it turned out because I haven’t made it in quite a while!

      I *may* keep my membership because Hulu has things Netflix doesn’t, so having both would be nice. I love that you watched Golden Girls with your mom!

      No need to apologize! I appreciate you stopping by, & I hope you have the best week!

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  3. i will keep your coworker’s family in my thoughts. A year ago we lost my older brother in the blink of an eye. Enjoy each day to the fullest and most of all don’t rush or worry about finding your house, it’s a big decision and when you find the right one you’ll know. Someone else may get it before you but keep looking and it will happen. Good luck to you both. Don’t get stressed with each other!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I appreciate your kindess for my coworker, & I’m so very sorry for your loss. You are right that we must truly enjoy the present! No worrying about the past or future. You really don’t know how helpful your words of encouragement are! I am so sad to admit we’ve had some of our worst arguments out of our 13 years together over a pesky house. But this helps me to put it into perspective, & we will be parient! Once again, I am so sorry for your loss, & I hope you can find comfort in the sweet memories you have of your brother. ❤


  4. Definitely will be keeping your coworker and her family in our prayers. That is truly devastating. I cannot even imagine …

    The right home will present at the right time, and it will be awesome!

    Falafel is the bestttt. I have been craving it lately! We had some in a soup last week and it was delicious.

    Ok I sort of miss those storms!! It’s great there is no long term damage- but sometimes those times when power would go out were exhilarating!

    Oooo those raspberry muffins look yummy! And the pictures are so pretty too.

    Aw, that tribute to Mason is beautiful. I just love how you have his little paw print too.

    Aaaaand now I’m craving oatmeal too! Loved this update! xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s so hard to believe it’s been two weeks today since that tragic accident. She & the family have been very strong through it. I cannot even imagine their pain.

      Thank you for this assurance, doll!

      Falafel is so darn amazing! I also love anything tahini, so the sauce was the icing, err, sauce on top. 😉

      I really love summer storms! While they made me nervous as a kid, I secretly also loved them when we were at the lake house. I’d watch the trees sway & the waves beat up against the point. They fascinated me.

      Thank you! I love having a baked good of some kind on hand to enjoy.

      Thank you. That’s going to be the very hardest & worst thing about moving. We moved in here with our three healthy babies, & while he’s in our hearts forever, he won’t get to explore our home. We won’t get to take photos & build memories. Moving day will be such a mix of emotions.

      Oatmeal is my favorite breakfast! You can go sweet &/or savory with it, & it’s so pleasantly filling. I’m appeeciative of your reading & commenting! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So much love to that family ❤ I cannot even imagine…

        And tahini truly IS icing though. Its a magical sauce.

        I totally get what you mean- we actually had to put my cat down because of the move- there was no way she was going to survive making it all the way down to Texas when my mom and stepdad moved there (her health was failing)
        … so it was like a loss of my home & our kitty in the same fell swoop. But also the start to a new chapter too.. I empathize entirely ❤

        After reading your blog post I had to have oatmeal this morning! I put peanut butter and fage in it…. next I'll need to try the egg too (we have no fresh ones right now though!).

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Matt isn’t a huge fan of tahini like me, but I can eat it straight from the jar. It IS icing!

          I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, but I truly appreciate your understanding! It really is such a blow, but yes, it would also be a new chapter *with* sweet Mason still in our hearts. He’ll go with us, just in spirit.

          Oh I’m so glad my oatmeal posts inspired you! That sounds so amazing! Yes, next up try the egg savory version, & please let me know what you think! XO

          Liked by 1 person

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