Friday Favs + Finds

If you’ve never shopped at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods for fun food finds, then you’re in for a treat. When I briefly worked at HomeGoods before sitting for the RD exam, I always used some of my breaks to browse the section!

I had not tried illy coffee before, but it always seemed like a quality brand. Funny story: it comes as a pop-top and plainly states on the lid to open slowly so as to release the trapped gas from the grounds. Yours truly did not and only read that after some exploded out as I removed the lid. Lol!


I love Tazo’s tea concentrates, and this one is really refreshing! It has flavors of melon in it, and while sweet, it isn’t overwhelming.


The maple-caramel flavor is prominent while still allowing the delicious flavor of almonds to come through. It’s amazing! I love the crunchy texture too.


I’m always on the hunt for different sauces, and both of these sounded fabulous. The artichoke sauce has peanuts in it, and it has been perfect over vegetables, savory oatmeal, meat, and fish!


I love that these are pre-portioned so that we can just grab them and head out the door or leave them in our cars as an emergency snack. They’re so soft and flavorful!


I love these crisps style crackers, and the rosemary pistachio combination is perfect with either sweet or savory foods. I’ve had them at breakfast, lunch, and snacks.


I chose one of each flavor for Matt and I to try, and we each had ours with leftover cooked shrimp for lunch one day. They are so convenient and delicious! I’m hoping to pick up a few more soon.


I first discovered Pereg products at HomeGoods, and they are always a winner. This cooked up effortlessly, and I love having it cooked on hand for a quick meal.


We’re pho-lovers, so I, of course, had to buy this for us to try!


GF pasta is so tricky, so I’m always happy to try different types. The brown rice angel hair did start to clump quickly after straining, but it has held its texture better than others!


While not a find, my favorite Barre3 classes have been those offered for free at fun places around town. Last night they held a tough but rewarding class at Post Modern Spirits. All of the teal and turquoise was so pretty and perfectly my colors! I love these experiences



Please share in the comments any of your favorite products or new finds!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favs + Finds

  1. My new favorite afternoon pick me up is Bigelow’s Green Chai! It’s just a touch of caffeine so it doesn’t keep me up at night, and it’s so exotic and comforting to sip and smell! I usually have a piece of fruit with it…today it’s Rainer and Bing Cherries! #comeonafternoon

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    1. Oh that sounds so delicious!! Because I’ve wanted to be more mindful of my evening caffeine intake, I have been enjoying Bigelow’s Blackberry Cinnamon herbal tea with honey. I also love Celestial Seasonings Lemon Lavender with honey – so delicious! Thank you for sharing, Crystal!


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