Thursday Eats + Treats

Happy Friday Eve to all you of you amazing people! I have some recent meals that I hope spark some inspiration in you to get creative with some foods you have on hand!


I was in the mood for eggs, so I cooked two farm fresh eggs sunny side up and enjoyed them on lightly wilted spinach with freshly shredded sharp white cheddar, everything bagel seasoning, and freshly ground pepper. I had avocado and a warmed raspberry muffin with blackberry jam on the side.


Clearly I was on an egg kick, and this savory oatmeal was in-credible. Although I did an awful job cooking my egg, yet it still turned out well! I prepared one packet of instant oatmeal with milk and everything bagel seasoning before wilting in spinach. I topped with a sadly cooked egg that stuck to the pan, freshly grated sharp white cheddar, artichoke sauce, and local grape tomatoes.


I love breaking up a muffin and enjoying it over yogurt! This was another raspberry muffin with both peanut butter and maple caramel almond butter and half a banana.


This breakfast sandwich was so egg-ceptional! Sorry, but I had to go there. I’ll tell ya what ya gotta do (a Lucy reference for any ‘I Love Lucy’ fans out there!): warm two thick slices of bread with spinach and aged sharp white cheddar, mash avocado on one side, cook an over easy egg, and then devour! I had farmer market grape tomatoes halved and sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning.


We are out of waffles (the horror!), so I had a fruit and yogurt bowl instead. I added a handful of each Love Grown Comet Crispies and Nature’s Path Sunrise Crunchy Vanilla Cereal and then a good sized spoonful of maple caramel almond butter.



I only have two lunches to share. This was a Luvo cauliflower macaroni and cheese entrée. Usually, a frozen meal doesn’t fill me up, and I need something else with it. But I felt full after this, and it was satisfying.


While it may not look very appetizing to some, this was a tasty meal. It was also quick and simple, and it’s a nice reminder that not all meals need to be a gourmet experience. I cooked the last of our mushroom quinoa with low sodium chicken stock. I topped our bowls with canned no salt added green beans, organic canned cannelini beans, and artichoke sauce. I added shredded aged sharp white cheddar to our bowls for today’s lunch.



Matt was so awesome, and he cooked our meat spaghetti sauce the night before we planned to enjoy it so that the flavors would develop. He always makes the best sauce! This was browned lean ground organic beef that we had bought on sale, and he always adds Worcestershire sauce. He then used the jar of arrabiata sauce I had bought plus added some brown sugar and a can of mushroom stems and pieces. We enjoyed it over a combo of brown rice angel hair GF pasta and frozen carrot sprials.


I made this meal for us one evening, and I really enjoyed the prep. Sometimes it feels like a good way to unwind! Baked lemon and Italian herb chicken thighs, roasted sweet potato wedges with ketchup, and roasted seasoned local eggplant and zucchini plus peppers and onion.


I picked up a package of each Italian chicken sausages and apple chicken sausages from Aldi one day after work.


We enjoyed the Italian flavor with roasted cauliflower and mushrooms, cucumber and avocado, slaw made with raspberry acai dressing from a salad kit plus Greek yogurt and extra virgin olive oil. I had enjoyed a slice of Aldi’s organic seedsd bread with artichoke sauce before making this meal.



I was so grateful to win these in a giveaway by Rachael! They are really refreshing, and I love the different flavors.


I picked up several plums from Kroger, and all of them were absolutely perfect. Tart but sweet, juicy but still a good bite through the skin. I need to get more!


One of my coworkers and friends was kind enough to give me this Clif bar. I loved the banana flavor in it!


I sipped on some of the pear reishi juice and noshed on aged sharp white cheddar and seeded crackers.


What have you really enjoyed lately?

6 thoughts on “Thursday Eats + Treats

    1. Yes, of course you can! =D I really think I love savory oats more than sweet versions now! You can have savory and still include fruit or something sweet on the side – the best of both worlds!


  1. You ALWAYS spark inspiration!!! That muffin with jam sounds sooo good right now. An egg in the oatmeal sounds awesome too- definitely will be trying that!

    Yum— that Luvo cauliflower mac and cheese looks sooo yummy! I always stay away from frozen meals because they don’t fill me up either and are usually expensive- but I’d definitely try this!!

    That’s sooo awesome you run that giveaway!!! Dang, you have great luck with those! Teach me your wayyyyys!

    Love love love these posts!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m thankful that I can provide inspiration to you! The muffin with jam was so good. Sweet but not overly so with a little tartness from the raspberries. Savory oatmeal is the best!

      I only buy frozen entrées when they’re on sale! And then we have to pack some sides & snacks to go with them.

      I don’t know my own ways! Hahahahaha! I just enter & enter & hope one sticks. 😆

      And I so love your comments!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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