Brunch is a Way of Life

Good morning! I hope this day finds you all doing very well.


On Thursday, I attempted to make date pecan butter, and while it is more of a paste (similar texture to a Larabar), it’s very tasty. For Friday’s breakfast, I made spiced oatmeal and topped it with banana and spoonful of the butter.


I will continue to share so many screenshots from Natural Life because they are always so on target and uplifting!


Do yourself a favor and buy a box of Neapolitan Joe Joe’s from Trader Joes! They’re delicious. One side is a vanilla wafer, the other side is a chocolate wafer, and they are sandwiched together with a strawberry cream filling. Yum!


I made a salad with artichoke hearts and Italian chicken sausage for lunch, but I conveniently forgot a fork. So I ate it with a spoon. When push comes to shove. Lolz.


I was so happy to get out on an afternoon walk! It had rained just a little bit prior, and then the skies opened up to sunshine. The clouds were a mixture, though, and I loved it.


Jax demanded snuggles, so I had to hold him like this. Squish!


Dinner was so good! I sautéed fresh greens beans with TJ’s frozen seasoned eggplant and peppers. I removed the vegetables from the pan, heated olive oil, added spices and herbs, then I sautéed TJ’s frozen GF cauliflower gnocchi. I combined it all together in the pan then served it. Quick and tasty! Thanks to Alexis of Hummusapien for sharing about the gnocchi product.


Kaci and Drew made us this gorgeous blanket ladder, and I ordered two throws from TJ Maxx that I just love!


Hahaha this is fabulous. There is such controversy on how to spell dietitian, and I always say there has to be a “tit” in there.


Dessert was Fage with kiwi, ground flax, sweet spicy coconut, and Honey Nut Cheerios.



Even though Matt and I both didn’t sleep well, we started the day in good moods. I brought up an apple to split, and I topped my half with cinnamon and pb, and Matt requested the date pecan butter. Enjoyed in bed while still groggy, ha.


Even still, we got ourselves ready for a fabulous brunch at Scrambled Jake’s. They were celebrating their one year anniversary/birthday. Of course we had to take our typical selfie out front!


Scrambled Jake’s Bloody Mary Bar was quite impressive! So many add-in choices.


We got ourselves coffee while we waited for a table. Cue the photo shoot.


A nice gentleman offered to take our photo after Matt did so for their group. Love my husband!



Flourish Flower Truck was there to help celebrate. I’ve seen this ah-dorable truck but had not yet bought a bouquet. The owner is the sweetest, and the entire thing is just so unique and fun! Matt loved chatting about the vehicle, which the owner said was perfect for many men and their interests while the women love the flowers. Win win!

She put together this perfect arrangement for us.


Love this mural next to our table!


I chose the garden omelet that came with potatoes, and I definitely finished every delicious bite. The omelet contained three whipped CF eggs, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, tomato confit, baby spinach, and melted creamy brie cheese. So good!


Matt had their quinoa bowl, which contained quinoa cooked in coconut milk, mushrooms, broccoli, braised kale, tomato confit, summer sausage, two CF eggs, and herbs.


They also gave out complimentary slices of cake! It was so light, fluffy, and tasted almost like classic vanilla wedding cake. It was such a lovely sweet finish to my meal.


Here is the bouquet set-up in Mason’s honor. ❤ He deserves all the recognition pawsible!


I decided to wear one of my grandmother’s diamond rings that Kaci and I had cared for by Jared’s Jewelers several years ago. ❤


Target runnnn. I love alltheplanners, but I already have one on deck for next year, so I snapped a photo. It was kind of crazy there for back to school. Glad that’s not me anymore!


Once home and settled, I had avocado toast and took care of some chores.


Then I made dinner, which included sautéing cooked black eye peas in seasoned heated olive oil, leftover vegetables that I kept aside from our gnocchi meal, and spinach wilted in at the end. This may not look too appealing, but we loved it. I didn’t quite finish my plate, so I saved the rest to enjoy with my lunch today.


We got the kitchen and ourselves cleaned up, then I we made hot tea and snacks. Old people at heart, and I’m not even mad about it. No shame! In continuation of my old lady status, here is a mug of Grape Nuts with banana and milk. I love Grape Nuts and hadn’t enjoyed them in forever. Jaxxy photo bomb!



We both had a glorious night of sleep and slowwwwly woke up and just laid in bed for a while. The best way to start the day, and I wish every morning could start that way!

Clearly, I hadn’t had my fill of Grape Nuts yet, so I had a small Gala apple with cinnamon, a good helping of cereal, pb, and milk. More Jax!


While I am not very DIY-handy, I decided to try to jazz up this wooden chest a little. I use it to store my Barre3 weights and resistance bands, and so I adhered some of this Pioneer Woman shelf liner to the front. Voila! So fancy, I know.

I splurged on a t-shirt from the Flourish Flower Truck, and it’s so comfortable! I sported Sunday afternoon after completing Barre3 and showering.


I ran an errand with Kaci, and then Matt and I headed up to his mom and step-dad’s for some time by the pool finally!

Isn’t her headband so cute?!


My love forever and always. No matter if we have some “bumps in the road”, disagreements, what have you. He’ll always be my favorite, and I’m so thankful we’re stubborn because we’ll never give up on each other. Okay, done gushing now.



Poolside snacks are the best kind of snacks. GF veggie crackers and carrots to split plus a slice of salami for me. Matt had several as well. Despite it raining on our drive up there, the sun came out, and it was such a pretty day!


They have quite a phenomenal garden. Diane planted seeds from the mini peppers she had eaten, and they’re producing mini peppers!


As we waited for dinner to cook, we relaxed in the living room. My MIL snapped this of us. ❤


Diane made us each a lovely salad to start our meal.


I found a recipe for sheet pan buttery chicken, potatoes, and green beans. We used all fresh herbs from her herb garden!


She had an assortment of refreshing fruits to choose from to make a dessert bowl, and I sliced mint from her garden as well. A slice of Ghirardelli bourbon caramel chocolate and hot lemon ginger tea with honey completed it.




This morning I made cinnamon, cardamom, and vanilla oatmeal topped with the rest of my peach, heated frozen blueberries, maple caramel almond butter, and maple syrup.


Diane was so sweet and surprised us with this quilt rack! The polka dotted quilt came from Matt’s family, and I added my quilt and our quilt coverlet to complete it.


She also gave us this super cute wall clock in one of my fav colors too!


That they will!


Lastly, I *finally* framed these two pieces of artwork from Etsy and have them displayed in my clinic office.



Have the best day and week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Brunch is a Way of Life

  1. Jaxxxxxx! I love Jaxy butt photobombs! He’s always got his eye in the sky. ha

    Sweet Macey! He would definitely light up to see those beautiful flowers.

    Yummy food & fun brunch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That he does! You should see him every evening stand on his tippy toes and sniff around at Rachel’s bowl on the counter. Ha!

      He sure would! He deserves all the pretty flowers and more!

      Thank you! It was a brunch for the books!


  2. To the title alone- amen, amen, amennn!

    Oooo those neopolitan joe joe’s look soo yummy. I’ll be keeping an eye out for them for sure! Hahah. That is soo funny about the dietitian spelling! I am sure I have used the “C” before, lol! Oooo I LOVE your top! SO CUTE.

    Ok those potatoes look so tasty. YUM.

    Dat cake! OOoo now my sweet tooth is acting up!

    Your grandma’s ring is sooo beautiful. ❤

    Such a fun idea putting sliced apples in cereal! I always put strawberries or blueberries, Idk why I never thought to do apples!

    Such a fun pool day! You two always seem to just have SO much fun together. One of my fave couples! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Brunch is absolutely my favorite meal!

      It’s ok! We dietitians can be rather type A & particular. 😉

      Thank you! I found it on Amazon, & it makes me think of Lucille Ball. ❤️

      The potatoes had great flavor with a crunchy topping, but oh my word that cake! It tasted like a special vanilla wedding cake to me. Really light, fluffy, & strong on the vanilla. So good!

      Thank you! I wish I knew more of the story behind this ring & another one that we inherited, but it’s so special to have them.

      Let me know how you like the combo! Apples just add a sweet/tart crunch that I love.

      We so do! Matt keeps me laughing, that’s for sure. Love him! And you & Dj certainly are one of my fav couples too, no lie! ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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