Finding Appreciation in the Here & Now

Happy Monday! I hope you you had a restful and rejuvenating weekend. Despite Monday getting a bad rap, I hope it serves as a fresh start for all the positive possibilities this week may bring.


I started Friday by finishing the last of our berry crumble that I thawed overnight. I had frozen it to save, and I topped this serving with Chobani squeeze yogurt and roasted peanuts.


I just want to kiss her squishy face!!


I brought Jackson back upstairs to wake up Matt before I hopped into the shower. The flash got him!


I had a nice work day and was able to get out on one walk and then another short one before leaving. I met Kaci at our Barre3 studio for their last free summer Friday class. It was amazing! The studio owner led it, and I loved her humor and prompts.

Kaci suggested we get dinner at Whole Foods together, and I’m so glad she did! We had so much to chat about, and it truly helped me to clear my mind of the clutter.

I tried their roasted Brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes, Jerk chicken, okra, a taste of mashed potatoes, delish steak with blue cheese and caramelized onion, pickled cauliflower, tomatoes, broccoli salad, and black olives. I will say my one pet peeve with WF’s hot bar is their use of paleo. “Paleo Roasted Sweet Potatoes” aka freakin’ roasted sweet potatoes. Can we just stop with the dang labels?!


Post dinner and twin therapy sesh photo! ❤


Once I got home, I promptly went outside to snap a photo of the beautiful sunset out front.


I also received our Golden Girls book! We’re admittedly obsessed and watch at least two episodes at a time. I love the illustrations!


Once I was clean, I noshed on yogurt with grapes, vanilla clusters cereal, and pb while watching, you guessed it, GG.



After a restful night sleep, I got up excited to make a savory oat muffin that I had been craving. I went against listening to Matt (when will I learn??), and I used 1/2 t baking soda instead of powder. It sadly had a bitter taste, and y’all, the sodium in this was unreal. Whoopsies. I had topped with it melted cheddar over wilted greens, garden fresh tomatoes from my MIL, and green grapes for that sweet component. I’ll be having a do-over tomorrow!


We didn’t have much coffee left, so I *had* to visit K brew. It had been too long! I enjoyed their newest drink, The Golden Spice Tonic: turmeric, orange, cane sugar, Fevertree tonic, signature espresso. That foam top was dreamy, and it was super refreshing!


After I finished, I swung by Kaci and Drew’s then went to the salon for a much-needed haircut. Sadly, after attending the funeral recently I realized I did not have a little black dress in my wardrobe, so I went by JCP and found a few that didn’t quite work. I did buy a black and white polka dot wrap dress that I’m wearing today. It’s at the bottom of this post. 😉

Back at the house, I enjoyed a lunch bowl consisting of warmed leftovers: quinoa, simmered cabbage and onion, and roasted vegetables drizzld with CFA avocado lime dressing. This was so good!


I then enjoyed an apple with maple caramel almond butter and Chobani squeezable yogurt.


As I thought over one of the black dresses I had tried on, I realized I had jumped the gun in discounting it. I called over and had it put on hold. Lol, I’m a mess.

I showered, cleaned the house, and finished some laundry before making our dinner. I’ll be including these salad bowls in my Thursday Eats post this week! This one had a tahini dressing that was so so tasty. We enjoyed it with leftover baked salmon topped with the Chobani yogurt (yea, I’ve been putting it on everything), avocado toast, cucumber, and tomato from my MIL. This meal was a winner all around. Tons of great flavors and textures.


Matt and I chose to buy Avengers: Infinity War on the Xbox, and it was really entertaining! Although it ended with a clifhanger, so we’ll have to wait for yet another one to see how it ends. Also, I’m an old lady, and these 2+ hour-long movies are pushing it. Hahaha.

Despite it being around 10pm, I decided to have a snack because those stupid food rules around time and eating are wrong. Multigrain Cheerios and some Grape Nuts with thawed wild blueberries, cinnamon, cardamom, pb, and milk hit the spot.



Staying up to midnight to watch our movie didn’t change my internal alarm clock. My pesky wiring had me awake at 6am. Oof. I got up for a bit and then laid back down to rest. I then enjoyed a banana, Grape Nuts, cinnamon, cardamom, roasted peanuts, and milk out of the nearly empty pb jar.


After lounging with my coffee, I got up and took care of more laundry and such. Lunch was a snack plate with chips, pickles, cucumber, avocado, tomatoes, carrots, and hummus. I then had Neapolitan Joe Joe’s over yogurt for a sweet finish.


I ran several errands, including buying the LBD I had put on hold, went by Walgreens to get a new natural deodorant (Schmidt’s hurt my underarms so bad!), Goodwill to drop off a tiny donation, the battery store to recycle + purchase batteries, then to yoga. I took a restorative 90-minute class that felt so good on my muscles and joints! Something I want to work on is turning off my mind/wandering thoughts during class.

Once I made it back home, I put together our lunches for today and then built another bowl. This one was topped with tuna, cheddar, and the last of the tahini dressing. I apologize if it’s boring to see some of the same ingredients, but what I love about batch cooking is that we can morph carbs, vegetables, and proteins into different meals for days!


I had planned to make Anne’s Berry Lemon Quinoa Bake for Sunday’s breakfast but decided I didn’t feel like doing so first thing in the morning. Instead, I made it yesterday evening for the week. The kitchen smelled so good as they baked! I chose to make them in individual dishes for even more effortless mornings.


I realized I still had one final small slice of cherry pie in the freezer from my birthday, so I polished it off over yogurt. Yum!



I tried to pipe on the squeezable yogurt, but it came out in blobs. Haha. Topped with chopped almonds and a drizzle of maple syrup.


And here is my polka dot dress. It’s so comfortable AND it has pockets!


Wishing you all a wonderful day!

9 thoughts on “Finding Appreciation in the Here & Now

  1. Wow- I didn’t even know Chobani had squeeze yogurt?! SO fun! That’s pretty overboard with the “paleo” label. Haha.. what next “vegetarian, paleo, vegan, meat free, fat free, sweet potatoes” ? lol. Even if the muffin was a bit off it looks delicious!

    Haha- I feel you with the long movies!! I have a hard time watching a movie and sitting still through the whole thing (Or I fall asleep) hah. I think of you every time I get to the bottom of a PB jar! It’s the besttt. I love getting every little square inch of that pb!

    Do not apologize for posting the recreation of the same ingredients- I love it! So practical and makes sure nothing goes to waste!

    Oooo lala that oatmeal bake looks magnificent!

    Such a cute dresss! Oh my gosh, love love love it! XO


    1. I had only just received an email from Chobani about their squeeze yogurt! Otherwise, I hadn’t heard of it either.

      Hahahaha girl, yes! Thesw labels are going way too far.

      Even if I love the movie, my attention span just starts to fade because goodness, 2+ hrs is kind of ridiculous! I *think* as a kid, I remember movies averaging 1.5 hours, but 2 seems minimum now.

      Aww I love that!! Matt always knows I’ll be excited to get the nearly empty pb jar to finish. True loveis letting me have it!

      Thank you so much! I ate being wasteful, & if I can prep a bunch of vegetables to eat on through the week, I don’t mind the repetition.

      This bake was so fun to make & so delicious!

      Thank you soo much!! I can’t resist polia dots. It’s one of my fav patterns. I hope you have the best day! XO

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That Golden Spice Tonic looks so interesting!! I keep meaning to try turmeric, it has so many benefits, but I haven’t had the chance yet. Also love all of your mug cakes and goodies – hope you have a great week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sarah! I love turmeric lattes with ginger, cinnamon, and black pepper. I learned from Alexis of Hummusapien that the black pepper helps release the health benefits of turmeric. Neat, huh? Let me know if you try it! I hope you have a great week too!


    1. I’m so glad you noticed Jackson lurking in the background of that photo!! I sure miss sweet Mason’s photo bombs too. He taught Jax the art of doing so in Mama’s food photos. Love our babies!


    1. It was one of my very favorites of their tonic creations! I love the lids!! I adore all of the Pioneer Woman products, and my mother-in-law surprised me with those two cute dishes for my birthday. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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