The Thunder Rolls & The Lightning Strikes

Well, as the saying goes, better late than never! The day got away from me, and I was not able to write my weekend blog post. I know everyone has been on pins and needles, but fear not! I have our recap for you. 😉


I woke to my breakfast already being made thanks to this fab Bob’s Red Mill oatmeal cup mixed with Chobani peach blended yogurt, milk, and blueberries.


I was so lucky because Kase came over after work to hang out with Rachie, Jax, and me! After Jax had his fill of noms, he passed out on her lap. ❤


Dinner was inspired by Anne– burrito style bowls with wilted spinach, heated organic canned black beans, 90-second brown rice, avocado, freshly shredded sharp cheddah, salsa, bell pepper, and Chobani squeeze yogurt. Quick, simple, delicious.


Rachel looked like she was trying to walk like an Egyptian, ha!


Dessert was frozen wild blueberries, yogurt, and spices.


Plus a Soozy’s sweet potato muffin. It was very tasty!



I finished the last of the Lemon Blueberry Quinoa Bake cold with peach yogurt and chopped almonds. It was so good even cold!


After finishing a calming Barre3 workout, I showered and enjoyed this sandwich made with O’Dough’s sandwich thin, avocado, hummus, spinach, and half a sweet apple chicken sausage that I split with Matt. Sugar snap peas and an apple for crunch.


Matt and I toured a home, but it just didn’t work for either of us. I later enjoyed this GoMacro bar while I drove to meet Kase at Val’s Boutique for their huge sale!


I snagged two adorable jumpers, a dress, and a pair of shorts plus a pair of full-priced earrings that I couldn’t resist. All for less than $100. Not bad in my book!

I was a little hungry when I got back home, so I had some Grape Nuts and Love Grown granola with a side of drooling over a TOMS catalogue.


This is Rachel’s new favorite spot. So cute!


Dinner was quite awesome! Organic greens, sliced baby carrots, warmed organic rotisserie chicken and black beans, red pepper, shredded cheese, Caesar, and tortilla chips.


Then Matt and I went on a fun walk! We had heard what sounded like a crash that morning, and we discovered where it happened. This is the road leading to the neighborhood above us. Someone in a truck apparently didn’t know how to respect the rain and ran smack dab into the neighborhood brick sign. Ouch! There were tire marks up above in the grass. They left their side mirror presumably because they left in a hurry. Idiot because they should be responsible for the repair.


The clouds became very angry, but I told Matt we had already committed. Lol. So we walked for about 20 minutes while it started to storm. Not terribly bright, but it also felt free like being a kid again.


Rain drops, wet hair, and big smiles!


Once cleaned up, I made a yogurt bowl with spices, frozen fresh grapes, pb, roasted peanuts, and a side of Jax!


He was absorbing his Golden Girls trivia! We watched several episodes, laughed a ton, and then we called it a night.



This was a winner of a breakfast. Wilted greens with two sunny side up eggs cooked using cooking spray plus spices I added to the hot pan, blubez and banana, and Dr. Praeger’s spinach potato bites with ketchup. It was only after I sat down that I noticed the egg shell that got cooked in with the white. Can you spot it?


I made a second mug of coffee quite a while after enjoying my first, and it was so enjoyable. I finished my word find then was very productive around the house! I finished two loads of laundry, dishes, cleaned, prepped food, and swept our front porch.


Matt gave me this idea from his breakfast: toast with mashed black beans and avocado plus melty cheddar; baby carrots on the side.


A mug of yogurt, frozen grapes, Love Grown granola, and pb for a sweet finish.


I went to Kroger and snagged a free each family sized box of Multigrain Cheerios, baby carrots, and a Simple Truth whole grain baguette with coupons. Love finding wholesome foods on sale or for free! I filled up my gas tank with $0.20 off/gallon (yay adulthood), and then I came home, slathered on sunscreen, and I went on a 30-minute walk.

I then ‘pressed play’ to a challenging but rewarding 40-minute Barre3 workout. Finally I took a shower super late in the day and started on our dinner.

Modern Table Meals Pesto Pasta with a bag of steamed-from-frozen Italian vegetable medley served over spinach with rotisserie chicken and cucumber from my MIL’s garden.


Later I made a snack to accompany or Golden Girls chill time: yogurt, the other half of my banana, Multigrain Cheerios, cinnamon/nutmeg/clove, and tahini. Matt sweetly made me my lemon ginger tea too. He makes it the best!


I wore one of my new jumpers today, and I loved it!


I even had the perfect cardigan to pair with it.


Here are my new earrings. 🙂


Hope you all had the best day!

10 thoughts on “The Thunder Rolls & The Lightning Strikes

  1. Hahaha Jax. What a cutie. Your cats have the most personality. I love it haha.

    Dang, girl! Alll that for under $100!! Where is this place- I must shop there! Do they have an online shop?

    Lol a side of drooling- TOMS shoes ARE drool worthy. As is that grape nuts bowl!

    Yikes! They must have hit that brick wall hard… eek.

    I stared at the eggs for like 5 minutes and I cannot find the shell! Give me a hint! Haha.

    Oooo Matt’s idea for the toast looks sooo good!!! I have a bunch of black beans, so I’ll have to try that.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! They’re so much fun & always full of silly antics.

      They are!! I wish I could have one pair of almost every style. Thank you! Some people think Grape Nuts are gross or “old people cereal”, but I love the crunch.

      Gah, yes! When we heard it happen, it sounded no bueno. That’ll teach them to slow down on a hill in the rain. 🤦🏼‍♀️

      It’s at the bottom of the left egg! Almost to the center where the two are connected. 😉

      It was delicious!! Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

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