Stay Golden

Hello all of you amazing people! While I tend to default to complaining that it’s Monday and the start of another work week, I really do find a lot of joy in this day. I love to journal and share about our weekends, which I love to revisit as a reminder of the fun times Matt and I so often have!


I started Friday with this epic breakfast plate that included wilted spinach, nicely cooked sunny side up eggs, a chunk of the most delicious organic bread I got for free from Kroger, and a mandarin orange.


I found this to be hilarious, so I had to share!


The sunrises and sunsets that we are blessed with never get old. One day whenever we do move, I will truly miss them!


So when I came home on Thursday, I found our second lamp like this. I believe it was Rachel or a combination effort with Jackson. Thankfully, all paws were unharmed! I cleaned it up, mourned the loss, and then we went without a lamp for a few days.


Friday morning Rachel pretended she was our lamp. Hahahaha


I was super grateful that I got to see Kaci after work, and we chatted for probably an hour! I then came home and whipped up this meal. Sautéed red cabbage and green beans with spices before tossing in chopped mixed olives, a delicious carrot dip I found at HomeGoods recently, and cooked chia GF pasta. Unfortunately, the pasta was a tad al dente, but then reheating our leftovers meant it didn’t get overcooked. A win! We crunched on peppers and cucumber with hummus.


After getting all cleaned up, we relaxed with hot tea, a few episodes of Golden Girls (can’t quit it!), and I enjoyed this mug of Greek yogurt, bluebz, Grape Nuts, and a puddle of peanut butter. A side of sweet Jax!



Matt and I made steel cut oatmeal bowls topped with a banana we split, cinnamon, maple, peanut butter, and the last of our blueberries for me and raisins for Matt.


I did a good amount of cleaning and showered. Lunch was a snack plate of vegetables, cheddar cheese, carrot dip, and bread.


I then made an extra small mug of coffee to sip on with Neapolitan Joe Joe’s. So good!


I went on a neighborhood walk and spotted this bumper sticker. Ha!


I also loved this hanging succulent plant.


All thanks to my SIL for telling Kaci and me, I was able to take a free 75-minute hot yoga class, and man it felt so good! I ate a lemon Epic bar (similar to an RX Bar) on my way home. I was able to score it for free from Kroger recently – love free food!


Once back home, I sat down for just a few minutes, and Jackson immediately crawled into my lap. He’s been super extra snuggly!


Dinner was simple and delicious. Green salad with sugar snap peas, Annie’s cheddar crackers, balsamic vinaigrette, and sautéed cabbage with baked seasoned salmon topped with Chobani squeezable yogurt.


Dessert was Greek yogurt, frozen green grapes, Honey Nut Cheerios, and Love Grown granola. Yum! If you haven’t tried it, I recommend that you do. It has the right salty sweet flavor and lighter texture with big chunks.



We got up early on both Saturday and Sunday (the seven o’clock hour), but I loved it! I slept well both nights and enjoyed getting more of a weekend. I made us cheesy fluffy scrambled eggs over wilted spinach, the last of our Dr. Praeger’s spinach potato bites with ketchup, and a mandarin orange for me and apple for Matt. I then enjoyed a square of caramel milk chocolate with my coffee, and it gave it an awesome mocha-like flavor!


Matt and I went on about a 40-minute walk when it was still in the 70’s, and the weather was just perfect! As much as I love our evening walks, this morning walk did feel so special.

I *finally* cleaned each of our bathrooms, scrubbed the toilets, washed dishes, and vacuumed. It felt so good to clean up our home a bit better! I only was in the mood for a 10-minute calming Barre3 workout, and then I had lunch. Peanut butter with raw unfiltered wild flower honey, banana with cinnamon, baby carrots, sugar snap peas, and that same bread. Can’t stop, won’t stop.


I got to wear my new shorts from Val’s, and they are so comfortable! Kase was so awesome and went with me to look for a new lamp and succulents.


We browsed a new-to-us store called At Home, and ohmyword they have some of the cutest home decor! It hurt to resist, but we just looked. Then we went to Target, and y’all, I have never seen cuter clothes than what they have right now. I died little inside because I need to save and not get anymore clothes for now. Adulting, man oh man it can be tough.

So Matt gave me the idea to use my orange mug as a planter, and I just love how these all look together! Tell me, are you a succulent lover too?



I bought a lamp base at Target but failed to realize that the shades we have wouldn’t work. So I went to our Wal-Mart location and found a lamp base + shade combination for the same price as just the base. I even liked it more, so I felt like I really scored! They had some really cute lamps, but they were more accent pieces. I love that this is neutral but still fun.

Dinner was, although weird sounding to some, so enjoyable. While preparing it, I had sipped on herbal tea with honey and then ate a few mini peppers with tahini. I had more hunger this afternoon, so I gave my body what it needed. Anywho, I cooked a 90-second bag of chicken-flavored rice from Aldi and added it to our bowls then layered roasted cumin-spiced red cabbage/green beans/garlic/onion, sautéed dark red kidney beans and mushrooms with cumin, carrot dip, and sauerkraut on top.


I was still quite hungry after dinner, so I piled Greek yogurt into a bowl and topped it with the other half of my banana from earlier, Original Cherrios, Love Grown granola, and roasted peanuts. This did the trick, and I was nicely full.


One more share from my Val’s shopping trip: this really fun dress complete with a fun pattern and tassels! I’m wearing it with leggings for a more office-appropriate look. 😉 Looking forward to taking it into fall with a chunky cardigan!


I didn’t sleep well last night, which is unfortunate, but I hope we can all have a great day ahead!

8 thoughts on “Stay Golden

    1. I knowww! Matt & I can never get enough of the babies! We stop & give love to Mason at his memorial outside our bedroom. I love having his pawprint, but I wish he were here to love on too.

      We so loved getting to see you too!


  1. I do secretly love Mondays too. I love the idea of a fresh start, new intentions, and days for opportunities! Although, I guess as a nurse, “Monday” was often my Friday.. so maybe subconsciously that’s why haha.

    Oooo I haven’t had a mandarin orange in forever- looks delicious. How do you make your eggs? They look perfect.

    Bahahah I am laughing so hard at that meme. Amazing.

    Dang, such a bummer with the lamp. It’s such a cute one too!

    OOooo that pasta dish looks great. Have you ever had polish haluski ? It was one of my favorite meals growing up. Basically cabbage and noodles. So yummy! I have a confession… I have never watched Golden Girls, but you have convinced me. I have to try it out!

    I looove my coffee with a little cookie or biscotti or something like that for dessert. Have you ever had biscoff cookies? You can get them on airlines sometimes.. and I collect them to have with my coffee at home haha. I have a special spot in my pantry for them.

    I just started hot yoga and I LOVE it!!!

    Walks, especially in the summer, are probably my favorite thing to do with DJ. I just love those times and conversations.

    Giiiirl- Can’t stop, no need to stop! That meal looks boss. And that bread. You know I am salivating over that. YUM!

    You are KILLIN’ the fashun game. I seriously love every single one of your outfits. And I agreeeee! Target’s clothes are ah-may-zing right now. It’s really killin’ me because since I am in school and not working I have to really chillll on the shoppin. ROUGH.

    I didn’t sleep at all the last two nights either!! What is in the water?! Hope you got some rest. Loved this post per usual, Kori!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do love me a fresh start sometimes! And a “Friday” Monday sounds fabulous. 😉

      If I want sunny side up, I spray the hot skillet, crack in the eggs, cover with a lid then turn down the heat so that the yolks don’t cook quicker than the whites. Once the whites have set, I gently slide those suckers while praying to the egg gods that I don’t break a yolk on the way to the plate. Hahahahaha

      Ohmygosh biscoff cookies are delish! Have you had their cookie butter? So amazing! It’s legit ground up cookies, so you can put that on anything. Fruit, toast, yogurt, oatmeal – the sky is the limit!

      Yes! Walks keep me feeling sane some days. They save my mood and really put a bit of pep into the rest of my steps. 😉

      That bread is so so darn good! Soft, flavorful, the right chew. Mmm mm mmm I need to get more!

      Thank you!! It is SO ROUGH to hold back from buying alltheclothes at Tarjay!

      Sleep is an every other night sorta deal right now. Also, Rachel is Miss Chatty McKathy lately and seriously wakes us up to talk! If it weren’t so early (like 3AM), I would think it’s the cutest thing. But at that time, I can’t human and am so grumpy. Lol

      Thanks so much for your sweet comment! Have a wonderful hump day! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok I don’t usually use the lid so I’m sooo excited to try this your way! Thanks for the specific instructions!! (also cracking up about egg gods- yes pun intended 😉 ).

        Wait- have you had the biscoff spread on your blog before?! I have seen it somewhere but haven’t tried it. They have a biscoff shop downtown so I’ll have to pick some up next time I’m there!

        Hahha my old cat used to do the same thing. My cat used to wake up in the middle of the night and run from one room to the other at high speed and then cry. I sympathize!!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Let me know if this technique works for you! Hahaha LOVE the pun!

          Idk if it has made it to ze blog! Yikes! I need to get some soon. TJ’s has their own cookie butter that is the same!

          Gah, I’m so glad you understand the struggle! Girlfriend was on a mission this morning to get her breakfast noms bright and early! Like 4:00-5:00 AM early. Oof. Happy Friday to us!

          Liked by 1 person

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