Labor Day Weekend 2018

Happy Labor Day! I very much hope this post finds you relaxing and doing well. Matt and I came into work because I still had to review labs with several of my patients.

I took these pretty snapshots of our succulents on Thursday evening after it had rained. I just love the waterdrops on the leaves!




Friday began on a tasty note with a fried egg over wilted greens, banana pancake bites with pb and maple, and a side of Greek yogurt with frozen grapes and spices.


After finishing my work day, I grocery shopped at Kroger (yep, it’s sometimes a weekly occurrence, but we love to cook and eat at home!) and got it all home and put away. After finishing chores and packing for the lake house, we each ate dinner. I had this snack-style plate of a Dr. Praeger’s greens veggie burger with vegetables, olives, and chippies that had gone stale. Haha. Matt had what I had made him for lunch because his boss treated them to lunch at Calhoun’s. Then we loaded up the car and headed to Kaci and Drew’s to drop off my key so she could care for Rachel and Jackson.


We finally made it out there just shy of 10 PM I believe, and I was pooped. We made tea, herbal for me, and I had this (poorly lit) fruit and yogurt bowl. I found this Dole frozen watermelon, strawberry, banana, pineapple, and coconut medley. Love it! The banana had thawed, so it looks gross. But I promise, it tasted good. Next up is to try it in smoothie form.



Y’all, I slept like a freakin’ queen! Last week was r-o-u-g-h in the sleep department, but sometimes the lake house is the best therapy. I had prepped a Quaker overnight oat cup before going to bed, so breakfast was waiting for me! Matt and I simultaneously suggested we mix the two flavors – almond coconut and blueberry banana – and it was great! We suggest doing this.


Is this view and site not the most serene? I will never grow tired of sunrises over the lake!



Mmmm coffee complete with our recliner love seat. We have better furniture out there than at home. Lolz


Our lake house has a few different styles of paneling throughout and is dated, but I wouldn’t change a thing. I love it and appreciate it so much!

Val’s Boutique was SO sweet and shared these posts from me and Kaci!

Once I had showered, Matt climbed up on the roof to fix the gutter guards to sit underneath the roof shingles. They just have been flopping open and letting leaves and gunk get into the gutters, so that obvs defeated the purpose of them. It looks like he was striking a modeling pose, ha!


Meanwhile, I watched and snacked on a Jazz apple and these pb puffs that I’ll share in my Friday Finds post!


I did tackle a project myself – I sanded this turquoise chair. I bought it at Nostalgia, an amazing vintage store, four years ago, and it needed to be spruced up after being outside in the elements.


This is the paint I had chosen.


After getting my fill of sanding (not my favorite task, lemme tell you), we grabbed some photos together!


SnapChat because why not?




Matt was so awesome, and he did the painting for me! I love how it turned out, and the paint actually was a bit textured. I’m hoping that helps it to withstand the heat and rain. I have the final photos later in the post.

For lunch, I made a Modern Table Meals Broccoli Cheddar lentil pasta meal kit. We enjoyed carrots and mini peppers with hummus along with it, and I added greens and freshly shredded cheddar to the meal.


We were able to float for a bit, but a storm slowly rolled in across the lake. While it rained, we played Kings in the Corner, and I made a simple snack plate of Tostitos multigrain chips and roasted almonds.


Once it was just barely drizzling, we went out on a lovely walk! I didn’t get a video of Matt, unfortunately, but we each saw a dead tree off from the road that we helped down to ze ground. ‘Twas fun because we’re really kids at heart.

We’ve been enjoying some meals from Go Ready Made after I received a coupon in the mail a few weeks ago. I’ll share the other meals in Thursday’s Meal Round-up!

This meal was a pan-seared pork chop with a cherry balsamic glaze plus roasted potatoes and steamed broccoli.


We cleaned up the kitchen and took our showers. Not having a dishwasher makes me less lazy, and I just automatically wash dishes as soon as we use them. While I love having the a dishwasher, sometimes it’s nice to go without these amenities.  What are your thoughts?

Another evening, another poorly lit fruit yogurt bowl. Ha! I added Multigrain Cheerios and pb this time.



I made a delicious savory GF everthing bagel with greens, sharp cheddar, and an over easy egg plus a Gala apple on the side.


We relaxed, sipped coffee, and I floated around in my avocado float under the gorgeous sunshine. We then cleaned and packed up to head back and tour two homes. Sadly, neither worked. The first was SO cute, but Matt got into the crawl space and showed me that behind the insulation, the sub-floor was basically non-existent, the beams were rotten, and it was very cold. It seemed to need fairly extensive repair. Seems to be common in older ranchers, sadly. I wish people would prevent these problems from worsening, but I’m trying hard to stay positive. It can be disheartening some days, not going to lie.

Once back home, I ate half of the incredible almond croissant that Kaci so generously left me from Wild Love Bakehouse!


I brought back this cute owl tea candle holder from the lake house to add to our living room.




I bought a set of round red cushions on Amazon that should get here today!


Jaxxy helped me unpack and start laundry!


I looked a mess when we met with our realtor because I didn’t have time to shower before touring, but I finally put myself together.


I went to Nostalgia to look for a corrdinating metal chair for Matt, and check out this mural on the side of a bulding nearby!


The shop has two adorable cats – Oscar and Felix – and I always love spotting them while shopping!


I saw this vintage wedding dress and personally thought it was very pretty! It could even be tweaked to update it some, but I’m a vintage clothes lover forever and always.


Love all of the teal! Gah, I had to resist so much.


Thoughts on this chair?


The staff there are some of *the* sweetest! I found a beautiful vintage white dress (I plan to wear it for a date with my handsome husband next weekend, and I look forward to sharing on here!), three dress slips, one nightgown and one nightgown + robe set. They make me think of Blanche on Golden Girls, and I feel so fancy! I’ll share the nightgown robe set and a beautiful piece of wall art in Friday’s post as well. 🙂

I stopped by Kaci and Drew’s, and hung out with them for a bit. I noshed on a sugar cookie topped with drippy pb that Kaci had baked recently. I got my key back and then came home to make our dinner. I seasoned and baked chicken tenders that we dipped in CFA sauce, I baked Alexia fries, and I made a salad with avocado, mushrooms, and a poppy seed dressing. This meal was great!


Matt saw a baby rainbow peaking through the clouds, and I captured a little bit of it! This view ❤ ❤



I did two loads o’ laundry, cleaned, and then we settled in to sip tea, eat our snacks, and watch Golden Girls. I had this banana with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, pb, Chobani squeezable yogurt, and roasted peanuts.



I chose to work and am not mad about it. I have a steady, good paying job, patients who need me, and it’s a pretty sunny day. I chose to wear one of my fav skirts that I bought with the tags still on it at Planet Exchange several years ago. It’s from Anthropologie, and I love the pattern!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

7 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend 2018

  1. Oh my goodness that succulent picture looks like it could be out of a magazine!
    Oooo that whole breakfast looks great, and I recently discovered Dr. Praeger’s burgers (SO GOOD!) I kinda love that you still ate the stale chips—I do the same thing. I seriously can’t stand ANY food going to waste.

    That’s so nice that you caught up on sleep over the weekend- sounds like you needed it!! And to have those overnight oats awaiting ya- yum! Aw I love that Val’s boutique shared your pics… Rightfully so- you ladies are rockin’ it!
    What a perfect time at the lake!!! And girl, I re-fell in love with croissants this past weekend- that one looks super yummy! I can’t wait to see the dress you found!! I loooove shops like that. LOVED reading this weekend recap- seems like it was a tremendous LD!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! My favorite feature of this iPhone is the portrait setting. It makes some photos look almost professional!

      I hate wasting food too, so stale chippies it was!

      Yes, those nights of sleep were heavenly! I don’t know what it is about it, but most of the time, I sleep better out there.

      Thank you very much, doll! I now have to fight temptation to buy anymore clothes from Val’s, but man is it all cute for fall!

      I so hope our weather holds out for us this Saturday! We so want to have a casual picnic date, but Mother Nature is acting like she has different plans. Fingers crossed!

      Thank you so much for writing! Have the best day! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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