Recent Eats Roundup

Hello beautiful people, and happy Friday Eve! Here are some of our recent meals that we’ve been enjoying.

For dinner one evening, I put together a power bowl of sorts with greens, roasted seasoned red cabbage/green beans/onion/garlic, frozen cooked seasoned cauliflower rice, carrot spread, and freshly shredded sharp cheddar. A different mix of flavors together, but it was very tasty! Also, I love the purple and green together.


Here are the other Go Ready Made Meals that we’ve tried. I combined two chicken dishes into one: butter basted chicken and chicken with balsamic fig sauce. I cooked both of our chicken breasts in the butter + olive oil and spices. I split the sides, which were mashed potatoes, sweet potato, and carrots. I had to make a salad because there were no vegetables, and I used some of the balsamic reduction as the dressing. I was disappointed that they didn’t include anything green, and for the price, that’s ridiculous.


For lunch one day, we each had the creamy dill cod with potatoes and green beans. This was pretty good, but without the sauce, it would’ve been bland.


I split the southwestern chicken bowl that included quinoa, black beans, corn, and sweet potato. I added cooked frozen spinach, spices, and some seeds.


We split our other southwestern chicken bowl for breakfast (saved the chicken for dinner) and topped it with wilted greens, an over easy egg, freshly shredded cheddar, avocado, and two prunes for a sweet finish.


Fage is my favorite yogurt ever, and I’ve been loving their cups as a snack or dessert with lunch! Do you have a favorite flavor?


For a quick dinner one night I combined one can of tuna with the last of our jarred carrot sauce. I then put it on sesame sprouted toast for myself and a GF everything bagel for Matt + sliced avocado. We crunched Tostitos multigrain scoops along with it, and I made a salad made of greens, mushrooms, olives, pepper, and poppy seed dressing.


I hadn’t tried Van’s Power Grains waffles before, and they are great! While I know some people scoff at the idea of eating frozen entrees, frozen waffles, etc., it is my belief that these foods fit into a healthy life. They are convenient, provide nourishment, and while they are already made, they are just a starting point. You can add other things to them to boost flavor and excitement! Like this Waffle Wednesday creation: two toasted waffles with banana coins, cinnamon, pb, maple / mashed avocado, Daisy cottage cheese, maple enjoyed over wilted organic greens. Large mug o’ coffee to complete this meal.


This was our last Go Ready Made meal: steak, potatoes, carrots, and green beans with a creamy peppercorn sauce. Matt cooked the steeak very well, but all of the meals contained potatoes. I am starting to grow a little tired of them. Rice or other grains would’ve been nice.


In one of the coupon books that Kroger sent, it included a recipe for apple power bites. These contain grated apple, oats, chia, ground flax, pb, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, and chopped mixed nuts. They’re so soft and delicious! If you want the recipe, please let me know, and I will share it!


Lastly, I made Alexis’ overnight steel cut oats again but reduced the water amount to three cups. This morning, I added cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, and vanilla then topped my bowl with wild blueberries, maple caramel almond butter, cottagw cheese, and maple. I’m currently finishing this post while sitting on our front porch admiring another spectacular sunrise!


I wish you all an absolutely beautiful day!


8 thoughts on “Recent Eats Roundup

    1. Thank you, they’re delicious! Simply combine the following in a bowl, chill in the fridge for 30 minutes, & then form into bites: 1.5 c old fashioned oats, 3/4 creamy natural pb, 3/4 c grated apple, 1/2 c chopped nuts, 1/3 c ground flaxseed, 1/3 c honey, 2 T chia, 1/2 t each cinnamon & vanilla. Feel free to add dried fruit, chocolate, & other ingredients, & please tell me what you think!


  1. That cabbage and green bean bowl is so pretty!!!! I love cabbage (even though honestly it can make me gassy haha). But I still love it! That was soo not lady like to admit…


    Fage is my favorite yogurt ever too. I actually just buy it plain and then add protein powder or fruit chunks to it too! (or frozen peanut butter- then it’s like ice cream almost!)

    I stillll need to buy more cottage cheese to try it in the oatmeal. Ugh! I need to remember soon! XO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahahahaha it does me too!! Matt & I sometimes joke that a meal like the cabbage bowl is, “such a gas”. 😂

      Oh we have multiple plain tubs of Fage in the fridge at all times! Swirling in & freezing with pb soundsly so heavenly!

      Unless you have a fav brand, I recommend Daisy cottage cheese! It’s the best. 🙂 XO

      Liked by 1 person

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