Friday Favs + Finds

Aside from our weekend or trip recaps, my favorite posts to share are my Friday Favs + Finds! I hope you will find these recent finds of mine to be interesting too!

I visited Nostalgia on Sunday of last weekend and made some impulse purchases that were oh so worth it. As you may have realized, Matt and I are #obsessed with The Golden Girls, and I have envied Blanche’s beautiful nightgowns and robes. I was so excited with the very sweet staff helped me to find this gown + robe combo as well as the gorgeous soft peach nightgown below! I feel so pretty wearing them. I suggest buying at least one vintage gown because they really do make you feel fancy. Very Lucille Ball-like too.




I also couldn’t resist this wall art. I just need to order a photo for it. I love the colors & design!


Speaking of vintage, give me all the Modcloth things! I love all of their retro/funky/vintage vibe. Such fun with fashion!


I found a set of two “salsa” red seat cushions on Amazon that look so cute on our chair! I still need to find Matt a chair, and then our patio will be complete. I love all of the red + turquoise/teal/mint – makes me think of our wedding and is my favorite combo! ❤


My twin sister shared about this body spray by Good Chemistry in her latest post, and I knew I needed to get my paws on a bottle! I chose ‘Wild Child’, and I adore the scent! Somehow, my step-mom’s nickname for me became Wild Child or WC for short, so I felt I had to get this one + it has Bergamot and coconut. It has a free spirit-type smell and makes me think of autumn. 🙂


I am well aware that I am showing you a box of facial tissues. Bahaha. I just loved this design!


I received coupons from Kroger for two Healthy Choice Power Bowls and a Lean Cuisine frozen entree. Admittedly, I have never thought too highly of these brands, but I decided to give them a try. The Healthy Choice White Bean and Feta Salad was delicious! Paired with a Fage Split cup, it kept me nicely full for several hours.





I also received a coupon to try a Hip Chick Farms product. Has anyone every eaten their food before? Looking forward to planning a meal around these soon! Any suggestions? Should we make a pasta dish or a hoagie sandwich? 🙂


While I love the texture of pb, these are also really fun! Matt isn’t a huge fan, but that means more for me!


I know this is just dish soap, TJ’s lavender tea tree scent is so lovely and makes washing dishes a bit enjoyable.


Last but not least, these two shots of a gorgeous sunrise one weekday morning! It’s so breathtaking, and these photos do not do them justice. The deep orange and pink was so strong.



Tell me: what have you found or been loving lately?

6 thoughts on “Friday Favs + Finds

  1. I love those night gowns! They look so comfortable yet sexy!

    I actually really like those Power Bowls too! They’re filling and delish. The Lean Cuisines are a bit too small for me though!

    Love the last two photos of the sky! How beautiful! ♡ Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes, they feel fancy but so very comfortable!

      I definitely need to add sides for the Lean Cuisine, but the Power Bowls are really enjoyable!

      Thank you, dear! I hope you have a lovely weekend too!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey, Kori! Those nightgowns are gorgeous- how lovely! I love that chair! Adorable!! Your outside area is so stinking cute- I’m obsessing with the succulents. Ooo yum, those healthy bowls… I actually bought them for DJ quite a bit about a year ago… I need to remember to grab some again. I LOVE that soap from TJ’s !!! We actually are using that exact one right now. It smells so yummy and works really well. Holllyyyy beautiful sunrise. Wowza. I can’t even imagine how that looked in person!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Mackenzie!

      I really do love how our patio has come together quite nicely this year. I am glad I finally put more effort into it!

      I love having these bowls in the freezer for a quick meal! The vegetarian options are, in my opinion, unique and delicious while still containing a good amount of protein. So often I feel like vegetarian meals are lacking in ze protein.

      Me too! It smells so nice and is really pleasant to use!

      It was incredible!! I cannot get over these sunrises.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Agreed! I usually just make my own vegetarian meals to make sure I get protein, but I’ll have to check those out! So often things are advertised as great veggie options, but like you said no protein and hence I’m still starvin’ after!

        Liked by 1 person

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