A Picnic Date, I Scream for Ice Cream, & DIY Sunday

Happy Monday! It’s a dreary and rainy Monday here, but it’s actually kind of nice. So far today has been great, and I hope you can say the same!


I began Friday with two slices of sprouted sesame toast, one with maple caramel almond butter, cinnamon, and frozen wild blueberries and another with cottage cheese, ginger, and frozen halved green grapes.


I had a nice day at work and was really productive all week. We’ve had a lot of patient assessments this month, but I’ve really been knocking them out quickly! After going over to Kaci and Drew’s to see their new fence (!), I came home and put together our dinner. I sautéed shrimp in olive oil and Old Bay before adding a can of each drained mixed greens and fire roasted tomatoes. Once simmered and heated through, I spooned this over our cooked and reheated steel cut oatmeal. It was our quick weeknight take on shrimp and grits!


Dessert was Fage Greek yogurt, frozen fruit medley, and some vanilla cluster cereal.



After a glorious night of sleep, I got up and had a simple yet satisfying breakfast: frozen thawed fruit in my almond butter jar with Grape Nuts, cinnamon, and milk.


After sipping my delish coffee, I got myself ready, and Matt and I met with our realtor to look at a home. It didn’t do it for us, but our new realtor was awesome to show it to us! Our search continues.

Matt and I then grocery shopped together (if you’re keeping track, then yes, we have shopped almost weekly as of late. Bahaha. I do quite well with coupons, if I do say so myself, though!). It was such a treat to shop together! I always love the floral arrangements that they put at the Starbucks tables, so I had to snap a photo.


Also, I can’t get enough of hydrangeas and succulents! Any fellow lovers of both out there?


The latest Free Friday coupon download was for a Stoneyfield kids yogurt pouch. I was getting quite hungry, and this did the trick to calm the growlies until we got home.


Once we put away our goods and fed Rachel and Jackson, I heated up another Healthy Choice Power Bowl along with a side of Fiery Hot Peatos. I thought they were free with my other Kroger Free Friday coupon, but I didn’t read it was for a snack-sized bag. Oh well! They are tasty.


I got my hair cut and then got ready to go on our picnic date. This was such a fun evening!!

We went to the Knoxville Botanical Gardens, where we had our anniversary photos. Matt and I chose to picnic under the tree where Brittany took some of our very favorite photos together.


Matt saw this rainbow and was able to grab some photos before it disappeared!


This is my new vintage white dress from Nostalgia that I wore with my vintage white lace slip. I just loved it! So comfortable and fun.


Matt was a sweetie and took these photos for me. I’m lucky he puts up with my shenanigans. 😉


So handsome! He chose this outfit and unknowingly coordinated with my outfit earlier in the day as well as my dress. We’re just good like that. I kid!


Kaci suggested we use one of our new throw blankets and our Pioneer Woman basket. Y’all, I just love a good theme or fun date like this. I haven’t truly picnicked in forever!



I sautéed green beans, ‘shrooms, and red onions then drizzled it all with a poppy seed dressing. We bought an organic rotisserie chicken that was so juicy and perfect.


Obviously, I also brought our Pioneer Woman napkins from our wedding. 🙂 Also, shoutout to Kase for letting me borrow her TOMS sandals!


After we relaxed, we walked around the gardens.



We found this super neat trail that wound through a dense growth of bamboo.



Their sign said the stone wall and stairs were built in the 19030’s and 1940’s. Love them!


We found a pretty gazebo and naturally had to get another photo together. A wedding was taking place this evening, and it sure was a pretty day for it!


We gathered up our things and made our way downtown to visit Cruze Farm’s newest permanent location!



I chose a Nutella salty caramel swirl in a cake cone.


Matt had a classic root beer float.


With our stomachs satisfied, we went home and snuggled on the couch to watch, you guessed it, Golden Girls. This is 30, and I’m not even mad about it. Ha!


To break the fast on Sunday, I mixed frozen wild blueberries and spices into cottage cheese then topped my bowl with a double chocolate muffin by Garden Lites plus dat drizzle of peanut butter.


I bought this ah-dorable vintage alarm clock off of Ree Drummond’s Mercantile website, but unfortunately, it ticks too loud for our room. It’s oddly comforting in the kitchen, but if I go to lay down and have to hear a repetitive sounds, it’s like torture. So I’m going to try using it as a cooking timer.


Lunch was a fried egg, hummus, and wilted greens sandwich with carrots plus an apple with almond butter.


I ran some errands and visited with Kaci before tackling my wreath projects. I am so happy with how they both turned out! I bought us this first wreath right after we got married, but sadly, it looked weathered and drab. So I redid the burlap, reused the bowl and “D”, and then I added new flowers. Voila!


I had a spare metal frame, some burlap, flowers, and this gorgeous bow that Kaci made me. So I weaved the burlap first then layered this eggplant + lace material. It was actually a dress I bought at a boutique three years ago that flippin’ shrank after I washed and hung it to dry. While it was an expensive waste, I have found other uses for it. I’m planning to use this wreath inside when we move, hopefully over a fireplace *if* we can snag a home with one!


We enjoyed the same “shrimp and grits” for dinner as we had eaten on Friday. Once we had cleaned up, I put away the laundry I washed and dried, and we settled in to relax, we snacked, got our GG fill and hit the hay.


For breakfast this morning, I tried one of these new Del Monte Fruit & Oat Cups. I tried the pear maple and didn’t heat it. I topped it with Greek yogurt, hemp hearts, and roasted lightly salted almonds. It was delicious! Unfortunately, it wasn’t filling enough. Next time I’ll have eggs or something with it. I wish it were GF so that Matt could have one! We’ll have to recreate it ourselves.


I picked up the latest PW Magazine issue, and I just love her magazine! I flipped through it while I sipped my coffee.


Tell me: Have you ever made your own wreath? Do you have any unique date ideas? Have a beautiful day!

2 thoughts on “A Picnic Date, I Scream for Ice Cream, & DIY Sunday

  1. Ok that toast looks tremendous!! I stole your idea of frozen grapes in yogurt- and SOO GOOD! I love it!

    Those hydrangeas and succulents are just beautiful. I especially love the blue ones.

    Oh. My. Goodness. That dress was MADE for you. Stunning- just so beautiful. What a perfect day down to the picnic ❤

    Sooo many other good yums here too- that chocolate muffin bowl- that looks like heaven! This inspires me to plan a picnic date with deej soon. Hope your week is going so well, Kor!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, and I’m so glad you love the combination too!!

      The blue ones are my favorite! I hope to plant a bush one day whenever we find our purrfect home.

      Thank you so darn much!!! Going out to dinner is enjoyable, but throwing our noms into a basket and having a casual picnic together was just so perfect. I hope you and DJ can go on one soon!

      I recommend those muffins. Matt and I both love them!

      This week has been great overall, and I so wish the same for you, doll! XO

      Liked by 1 person

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