Friday Favs!

Whooo is ready for some favorites on this Friday?! Sorry, but I couldn’t resist a good owl pun! I stopped in Joann craft store, and my gosh, I wanted alltheautumndecor. Instead, I settled for photos for now and just bought what I came for: faux flowers and berries that I shared below.

These are so cute!


I love this style of wreaths. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s fun.


These colors together!


Muted beauty.


Farmhouse rustic love!


I drooled over these decorate storage boxes. Tell me, what is your autumn decor style? I love everything from natural, like the owl wreaths, to traditional autumn colors to bright unconventional colors!


I found the perfect berries to FINALLY put in these vases that I decorated years ago!


Berries + a cotton pinecone branch for our coffee cart coffee growler.


Faux blue hydrangeas for our Cruze Farm glass milk jar. I absolutely want to plant a hydrangea bush one day when we move!


Sooo, confession: it’s still 90 degrees, but ya girl is workin’ fall fashion. Give me all the socks, booties, and chunky cardigans! I found this cardigan at Kroger. Y’all, it’s getting hard to even go to Kroger and not be tempted by their cah-ute clothing department!


I’m rockin’ this outfit today. 🙂


I went to one of *the* most fun gatherings last night at my sister-in-law’s for a Park Lane jewelry party, and I received these two complimentary pairs!


My best friend’s online boutique offers leather stamped cuffs, and Kaci and I both got one of with our babies’ nicknames on them! I went with silver, and she chose rose gold. In. Love! Randi also then surprised us each with two beautiful bangle bracelets and stylish hair ties. She’s so so sweet! Please check out Faith & Company Boutique!


In an effort to make this Del Monte oat chia cup more filling, I soaked it with cottage cheese and drizzled with pb overnight. I put it in this fun ramekin, and just doing that can make the difference. Try serving your food in fun bowls/mugs/on nice plates. It can improve your experience!


I made this savory snack that truly satisfied and hit the spot: warmed saute-steamed green beans that we had tossed with poppy seed dressing and topped with spicy Peatos and chopped mixed nuts.


Please feel free to share your favorites! What are your weekend plans? I’ll be joining Kaci and Drew for a breakfast tailgate and UT football game tomorrow then yoga on Sunday!

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