Tailgatin’, Sunburnin’, Shoppin’ Twinkies

**I hope everyone affected by Hurricane Florence is safe and well!**

This past weekend was a fun one! I attended my first Vols game in years, and while I burnt despite applying sunscreen, I had a blast.


For breakfast, I made a smoothie and mixed in the last small amount of our cooked steel cut oatmeal then topped with flakes and peanut butter. Unfortunately, the oatmeal became icy in texture because of the frozen fruit, so next time we have a small helping left, I’ll just mix it with fruit and yogurt. Ya never know unless you try!


This photo of Mason came up on my memories, and my heart swelled with love, pride, and sadness!!!! This was from two years ago, and I just don’t know where the time goes and why he couldn’t still be here with us. Look at those paws and big green eyes! ❤


I took Jackson upstairs to cuddle with Matt before I jumped into the shower. Jax loves a good cuddle sesh.


THIS. I hope so many people take this to heart and stop asking people when they’re going to get engaged / get married / have a child / have another child / etc. Just let people be. Occupying one’s uterus for the sake of making someone else happy is not right. It’s a huge sacrifice of mind, body, and sanity that shouldn’t be taken lightly. End rant.


Lunch was catered at work, and I enjoyed this apple cranberry walnut cheddar sandwich from Panera Bread. It was perfect! The sharp cheddar contrasted with the sweet fruit, and the apple and walnuts gave it a good crunch. So good!


Later in the afternoon, I noshed on part of the big chocolate chip cookie that had come with the meal. Hit the spot.


Dinner was a really good one: taco bowl complete with organic shredded kale that I bought on sale, taco bean filling, sautéed vegetables, avocado, shredded sharp cheddar, cilantro lime slaw, salsa, Greek yogurt, and we each had our hard blue corn taco shells that we filled as we ate. Messy and tasty!


My evening snack included cereal, frozen grapes, cinnamon, and milk in a pb jar.



I slept realllly well and then got up refreshed and ate avocado toast with cottage cheese + frozen wild bluebz for a lighter breakfast.


Jax!! His antics kill me. Look at his feet, hahaha.


I met over at Kaci and Drew’s, got changed into a pretty orange and white dress she kindly let me wear, and we swung by K brew for their…Pumpkin Pie Latte! It is made with real pumpkin puree and is topped with house made whipped cream. Good to the last sip!


We got down to their Vols football tailgate, which was light because of the early kickoff time and the storm. One of the gentleman that cooks a nice meal lives in either SC or NC and was not able to bring the whole kit and caboodle. It was still fabulous! Is Kaci not gorgeous in her adorable Val’s dress?


Cindy got to join us! Tailgate Triplets was in full force!


I ate this free Epic bar, thanks to Kroger’s free Friday download, and I tried to chug my water before going into the stadium.


I’m not a huge football follower/fan, but lemme tell you, this gave me chills!! The atmosphere, the excitement in the air, those blue skies, it just hits you. Power T ftw!


Midgame photo together!


At halftime, we went in search of some noms. Kaci and I split this doughy pretzel, which was nostalgic and just what was needed. The only thing missing was the lager mustard that the stand had already run out of or didn’t stock. Bummer. But it filled me up nicely and allowed me to enjoy the rest of the game. Intuitive Eating allows you to embrace life with all of its ups and downs. Dieting keeps you restricted, upset, and anxious about the next meal. I choose freedom!


Twin selfies!


Sans sunnies.


We won 24-0. As Kaci said in her post, the team has some work ahead of them to prepare for this weekend’s game against FL.

That sky, though. All the heart eyes!


Welp, I applied sunscreen but failed to reapply. Hello ugly burn. Womp womp.


I noshed on an apple with pb, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, and roasted peanuts before taking a second shower.


I made a knock off of First Watch’s Pesto Chicken Power Bowl, and boy was it amazing! I warmed organic shredded kale, organic quinoa cooked from frozen, and organic rotisserie chicken. I topped our bowls with sautéed onions / mushrooms / rosemary that I bought on clearance plus one sliced peach. To finish, I added feta crumbled from a block and jarred pesto. It’s simple and customizable. If you make it, please let me know what you think of the peaches in place of the tomatoes! I got the idea from Anne. 🙂


Once we finished eating and cleaned up, we headed out to meet with one of Matt’s friends who was in town. Saturday night’s sunset was breathtaking! Kaci took two really amazing shots, and this is the one I captured.


We hung out at his friend’s parents’ home, and then they decided to go to a bar. I’m not about that scene, so I dropped them off and went home. No shame in my game! To each his or her own. I’ve never had a huge nightlife as I enjoy a comfortable safe night at home. I had mug of cereal then called it a night.



For Sunday brunch, I made this Baked Zucchini Oatmeal, and my word it is phenomenal! I used 1/4 c mini Enjoy Life chocolate chips and felt that was the right amount of chocolate for us so as not to overwhelm the other flavors.



I enjoyed my slice with pb and cottage cheese.


Coffee on the porch!


I got ready, made a sandwich, and I went over to Kaci and Drew’s. This had mashed avocado, hummus, greens, and sautéed veg + peach slices on sprouted sesame bread that I warmed before enjoying.


We had our latest tattoos touched up and then went grocery shopping together like old times! I found a number of fun items I’ll be sharing in this Friday’s post. I saw this and of course *had* to snag one. I ate it as a snack after finishing at Aldi, and it had a really nice pumpkin spice flavor!


After completing a Barre3 workout that really helped me to clear my mind and feel both calm and energized, I whipped up this dinner: pan-cooked seasoned tofu, roasted pesto potatoes and onion, heated green beans tossed with poppy seed dressing, and cilantro lime slaw. An odd buy satisfying mix of flavors and textures. We ended up adding our roasted pepper spread to the tofu, which not only enhanced the flavor but the appearance. The red was so pretty; wish I had added it here! Whoopsies.


Hot herbal tea with honey and a yogurt bowl with banana, cinnamon, pb, sprinkles, and flakes as a snack while watching Golden Girls. Yum!


Kaci was so sweet and let me borrow this top from Val’s Boutique. Keeping with my Vols support!


I’m going to end with this beautiful message!


Tell me: what did you get into this weekend? What was your favorite food or meal?

10 thoughts on “Tailgatin’, Sunburnin’, Shoppin’ Twinkies

  1. So you know about how I was gonna read this in the morning? The upstairs neighbors are bowling again, so I am up and wide awake. Honestly, having your blog to read calms me down… lol!

    Mmmm yummy! I never thought of combining oats and fruit like that- it looks almost like ice cream! Delish.

    Mason ❤ Thanks for sharing that picture ❤

    Amen to that picture!!

    That sandwich sounds like the perfect autumn sammy- there is a Panera right next to the Peet’s I go to to study, so I may have to try that soon!

    Lol! That picture of Jax cracks me up!

    Mmmm mmmm mmm! That pumpkin pie latte looks soooo tasty. I still haven’t tried one yet this season- I need to get on it!

    Y’all are TOO pretty! LOVE those dresses. Seriously killin’ the fashion game always!

    Oo I have never seen that Epic bar before but it reminds me of rx bar actually – with all the ingredients listed.

    Update: They were being soooo loud, too loud- so I went down to security- security said there was another noise complaint about them from another neighbor. Thank, Gosh someone else complained! He's going up there now.. fingers crossed.

    Anywayyys- that pretzel looks deeelish! Seriously soo yummy! & I’m bookmarking that zucchini recipe- it looks amazing!

    Oh gosh, this weekend is such a blur haha- I basically worked on school work the whole time, but I got to spend some time with DJ just hanging out and catching up on our recent show together so that was nice 🙂 Have an awesome week, Kori!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gah, I’m seriously so furious over them!!! I’m not kidding; every time I read they have caused you grief, I just get so angry. I’m glad someone else submitted a complaint because security and maintenance will have to handle this once and for all!

      It was so tasty!

      Jaxxy is a mess, and we just love him!

      I hate to be so basic…but then I don’t care. Lolz. Give me all the pumpkin!

      Thank you so so much!! I *love* Kaci’s dress and hope to borrow it soon! She and I have talked about needing to get into the habit of swapping outfit-for-outfit so we can be like old times and borrow clothes often. 🙂

      This Epic bar is just like an RX bar, but their lemon flavor is fabulous! I don’t believe RX has a lemon, and this almond butter was tasty. It’s sooo sticky and chewy, though. Def gives the ole jaw a workout, ha!

      The baked oatmeal got even better after it was refrigerated! I couldn’t wait for it to chill long enough right after it was baked, but now it has set even better. It’s delish with cottage cheese + pb, Greek yogurt + pb, and I’m going to have my last slice with milk + pb. It’s a versatile recipe.

      I’m glad you two were able to relax together despite the schoolwork grind!! I hope you have an awesome week too! XO


      1. You’re so sweet! ❤️❤️ You’ll actually get a kick out of this- management is coming over tonight to listen 😂 we’re having a stake out!

        Ya know sometimes the best things in life are basic and ya just gotta embrace it! 😜 (this is coming from THE most basic girl)

        I love that you borrow clothes! I wish my sis and I weren’t coasts apart so we could hehe.

        Ohhhh I’ll be trying the lemon one ! 🤤 I love hearty bars like that too with lots of texture !

        Thanks, girl! 💕


        1. A stake out – that is hysterical but so needed!! FINALLY! I hope that awful couple learns to be respectful!

          Yes, I agree!!

          I so wish you could too! We realize how fortunate we are & try to never takenit for granted.

          I definitely recommend the lemon bar!



  2. After several wet weekends in a row this was the first weekend that finally felt like spring and I totally made the most of that fact on Saturday. I caught up with several friends for coffee and we drank them while wandering in some of the large parks near my house. It was the perfect, low key Saturday after an intense week. On Sunday I met my sister and her partner at the airport because our Dad was coming back after a trip to Europe. The plane was delayed so I got a lot of quality time with my sister and her partner which was amazing, then when my Dad finally did arrive we had a (very late!!) lunch and caught up with him too. My family all live a few hours south of where I live so it always feels like such a treat when I do get to see them (which is pretty frequently because I go down a lot, but still it’s nice!!). I then Skyped with my church mentor in the evening which was good (like it always is). It was honestly such a lovely weekend and just thinking back on it makes me happy!!

    My favourite meal is probably baked kumara, vegetables, tofu and peanut butter. I know that sounds like such a weird combination (because it is!) but for some reason it works perfectly for me!!


    1. Wow, that sounds like an incredible weekend!! I’m so glad that reflecting on and sharing it brought you happiness. I appreciate you sharing it with me!

      I love unique food combinations!


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