Fall Friday Finds + Favs

Okay, okay, it’s not technically fall until this Sunday, but alliteration. 😉 Plus, this post is mostly filled with fall-themed finds! Kaci and I grocery shopped together last weekend, which was such a treat, and we found some great food gems. First up, Quaker Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal. My goal is turn my blood type into pumpkin spice. I’m off to a fab start!


I tried the pear flavor and now picked up Del Monte Peach Cinnamon Spice. I paired one cup with pesto scrambled eggs (thanks to Anne’s suggestion in a recent post!)


I saw this new Larabar flavor that I knew I must try, and it is very good!


Rachael recently wrote a post about snacking and showcased Simple Mills cookies, so when I saw these, they went right into the cart. As she suggested, pairing them with sharp cheddar cheese for dat sweet salty combo is magnificent.


Aldi had these on display at the front of the store, and they sounded really enjoyable. They have a great crunch, really nice flavor, and they pair well with salsa, guacamole, hummus for that bean-on-bean action (hahahaha), and they would go super well with Sara’s Dairy Free Ranch Dip! To make it a dip, she recommends to replace the oil with one cup of sour cream. I enjoyed it at a jewelry party she recently hosted, and it is so tasty!


I love having frozen cooked grains on hand for a quick power bowl or meal, and this bag sounded perfect!


Matt has a GF pizza in the freezer, so I stocked up on this fabulous one so we can have a pizza + Caesar salad one night soon.


Kaci and I each bought one of each jar because #pumpkin.


Lastly, this pumpkin spice cream cheese is heavenly. Am I basic-on-basic? Heck yes, but I own it, ha!

Please share in the comments your recent finds and favorites!

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