One To Remember

This past weekend truly was one for the books. As Kath wrote in her post today, it was a, “weekend of exclamation points”!


Per Matt’s suggestion, I enjoyed my last slice of baked zucchini oatmeal with sharp cheddar and an over easy egg. It was a lovely combination of sweet and savory! Although I did prefer the cottage cheese and pb with it a tad more.

I took these photos on Thursday evening of our dinner that was our lunch on Friday. I made salads with spinach, chopped mixed olives, red pepper, feta, extra virgin olive oil, and I added canned wild caught salmon only to our dinner salads.

We enjoyed black rice GF angel hair pasta with Aldi’s chipotle pumpkin sauce, which is perfectly spicy and flavorful!

I saw this and thought it was so cute!

Each week my planner has a nice, inspiration quote at the top, and this one really resonated with me. ❤


Dinner wasn’t pretty on the eyes but was tasty all the same. After getting home from my amazing yin yoga class (my muscles felt so stretched and refreshed!), I plated the rest of our canned wild caught salmon mixed with pesto and had carrots, jicama, and canned green beans sprinkled with everything bagel seasoning on the side.

Once I showered, I made an apple and frozen fruit medley smoothie topped with Grape Nuts and roasted lightly salted almonds for a snack. We watched Jurassic Park Fallen Kingdom, and I thought it was amusing and entertaining. It didn’t have a great rating on Netflix, though. Has anyone watched it, and if so, what were your thoughts?


After a great night’s sleep, I got up and made us Mason Jar PB and Blueberry Baked Oatmeal courtesy of my sister-in-law’s recipe! I reduced the maple syrup to 1/3 c, added 1 t cinnamon, and I baked it in four jars. Matt and I enjoyed ours with Fage Greek yogurt on the side, and it was delicious!

I had to go by Kroger, and I saw this pretty display. I love fall décor!


Lunch was a snack plate of pumpkin tortilla chips with hummus and an apple with roasted lightly salted almonds.

Once I got ready, I picked up Kaci, and we headed down to the tailgate!

These two photos are courtesy of Drew. 😉 I found these pineapple print shorts for $5 at Kroger, and I love them! They’re higher rise and so comfortable. Kaci looked adorable in her romper!

Gotta get that “artistic” angled shot in there!



Snack plate, yummmm.

And they smoked the barbeque pulled pork right there at the tailgate! I brought an Against the Grain roll to try and ate an open-faced sandwich with slaw on top and baked beans , mustard potato salad, and a dry rub-coated chicken wing on the side.

When they left to go to the stadium, I swung by their house to take sweet Axl outside and to spend some time with him. Crazy eyes!


I showered, and Matt made us hot tea. I had yogurt, half a banana, and a small brownie from the tailgate in my tahini jar. So good and hit the spot!


This is how we woke up, and the only thing missing was Mason!!

For Sunday brunch, I made us Kath’s Easy Baked Eggs with Pear, Cheese, and Greens. Instead of blue cheese, I used feta because that is what we had on hand. I also added organic fresh rosemary and thyme.

While I waited for them to bake, I had the other half of my roll warmed and topped with avocado and everything bagel seasoning.

All baked and over easy yolks with some soft cooked spots. I find that to be the best! I love both textures. I really recommend you make this dish – it can be customized to your tastes, and it’s so nice with both sweet and savory ingredients. If you can’t tell, I love that combo.

Matt and I had *such* a lazy morning where we lounged together, and gosh it was needed!! We don’t do that often enough. It was cloudy and calm, and it just felt perfect.

I picked up Kaci, and we headed to K brew for a long overdue twin coffee date! Café au lait for me, and boy oh boy was it just what I needed.

After I chatted with WordPress Support and worked on my header, we went back to her place to have pizza for lunch. (Please share your suggestions or thoughts on my header! I have tried making the tagline easier to read, but if it needs work, I’ll be happy to tweak it. 🙂 )

Cold thin crust Mediterranean pizza with hummus – really good!


This guy! He rode with us out to Cruze Farm for their pumpkin festival. I was so excited to attend!

My buddy.

Although the sky looked gloomy in some ways, it was welcomed because it cooled it down and made it feel a little fall-like.

Swoon! I love vintage trucks like this.

Axl is a stud! Look at his fancy bowtie.

A mama and her boy!

They also had a wonderful set-up to get photos with Cinderella. The sweet girl playing Cinderella offered to take our photos. She got this gem of us getting all ready. 😉

I just love this shot of us! Also, I received an email from Barre3 with a discount code towards their online store as a treat for completing my 100th online class. I bought this shirt and admittedly was really proud of my accomplishment! Kaci found these adorable neck ties at Bliss that I wore to add a fall vibe to my outfit. Haha

Colleen of Cruze Farm was so sweet and shared our post!

The piece de resistance: their pumpkin pie ice cream! I love the texture, and it tastes sweet but also a good balance of pumpkin pie spice. Kaci and I split this cup and still didn’t quite finish it. The awesome thing about eating true, quality ice cream is that it’s rich and satisfying.

We made our way back to Kaci and Drew’s after we finished enjoying our visit. They were awesome and sold boxes for $10 that you could fill with little pumpkins and gourds. Kaci and I split a box, and she added them to their porch that you can see here. This spider is their house guest and is so neat looking!

Their hydrangea blooms are gorgeous! I hope to plant these at our house one day whenever we find a home.

I went to Kroger and then home. Cruze Farm also had free pumpkin painting, and I happily partook in the craft. I’m really happy with this little guy! Usually my crafts are meh, but this actually looks good imo.

Poor lighting, but we have it on display on our dining table. Matt said it was, “gourd-geous”. Bahahaha love his puns!

Dinner was tasty and quick: spinach, carrots, mushrooms, Great Northern Beans, and pesto with roasted butternut squash tossed in the last of our heated chipotle pumpkin pasta sauce. I munched on pumpkin tortilla chips as the squash roasted. Operation turn-into-a-pumpkin is in full swing!


Here is our front porch complete with our pumpkins! I’m so grateful that Kaci and has inspired me to really embrace the season. I sure am happy with our current home.

Give me all the pumpkin things!

My evening snack was herbal tea that Matt made perfectly (!), and a banana “split” with Fage Greek yogurt, pb, cinnamon, carob powder, chia seeds, and Original Cheerios. We watched two hi-larious episodes of Golden Girls. I was still hungry, so I had some roasted almonds before bed.

Val of Val’s boutique was so sweet and shared my post! Kaci was a doll and let me borrow her Val’s orange top.

I sure hope everyone has a wonderful day and week ahead!!

Please feel free to share what you did last weekend and some of your favorite food that you enjoyed!

2 thoughts on “One To Remember

    1. Pumpkin on pumpkin on pumpkinnnnn! Thank you!! I’m really thankful with how I’ve transformed it a tad into fall. I wish they had won too! Dadgumit!


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