Fallin’ for Autumn

Good afternoon! It’s really amazing what gorgeous sunshine and autumn blue skies will do for one’s mood. I felt so much lighter, brighter, and happier this weekend! Let’s take it from the top, shall we?


For a lovely quick Fri-yay breakfast, I enjoyed pb and raisins on a slice of Aldi organic pumpkin bread that was deeelicious. Jax photo bomb! I also had yogurt with banana, Grape Nuts, and molasses.



My fall outfit – this is one of my favorite dresses ever! So comfortable and even versatile despite the print and colors. I’ve worn several different tights, shoes, and accesories with it. 😉

After work, I got my bangs and neck trimmed, which really made my hair feel fresh. I went by Target and found some awesome products too! For dinner, we enjoyed sauteed collard greens, cooked mixed vegetables, hemp hearts, chicken meatballs, roasted pepper spread, and blue corn chips.

I picked up this Good Culture plain cottage cheese cup and ate a few bites after shopping at Target. I finished it with fruit and cereal for an evening snack.


I also tried this new tea that is very enjoyable!



After getting glorious sleep despite that debacle, I slowly got up and made this fabulous breakfast. One slice of organice Aldi oat bread with avocado, spinach, and an over easy egg with everything bagel seasoning and another slice with hummus, spinach, and feta. Two cuties to complete my plate.


**Our neighbors are quite obnoxious. Someone shot off two big fireworks in the neighborhood above us and then an idiot two doors down revved his loud Subaru at least four times. I guess just for kicks. All of this took place at 11:00 PM or later. Thankfully, it was Friday, so Matt and I could sleep in, but still. Do people not have respect and the concept of living near others? End rant.

I saw this at Target and knew I needed it in my life. It is ah-mazing! I sweetened it with a little sugah, and it was marvelous.


Love this, ha!


After changing out our bedding and bath for fall and then doing several loads of laundry, vaccuming the whole house, and washing dishes, I whipped up a Dr. Praeger’s kale burger with jicama, carrots, chips, and red pepper spread.


I then enjoyed a mug of yogurt, banana, and pb. Anyone else feel a sense of calm and relief when cleaning at the end of one / beginning of a new season? I just feel renewed and ready for the changes that lay ahead. 🙂


It was National Coffee Day, so of course I had to support!! “I love you a latte” shirt and all.


Chamelon cold brew with Kroger organic milk – simple and delicious! I sipped on it and munched on almonds while I went to Four Seasons Vintage in search of another chair for our porch.


They have some  of *the* cutest decor and vintage items!! I wanted it all but settled for photos.

This sign ❤





I love her booth and am hoping to get a vintage dresser one day when Matt and I move and upgrade our bedroom furniture.





This already sold, but I mean come on, how lovely is this?!


Dressers on dressers. Love. Them. All






I did find a chair for only $15, score! So I then went to Ace for paint to jazz it up like the other. Their decor also gave me all the heart eyes.






After! The lighting sucked because it was getting dark, but I was so pleased with how I turned out with the spray paint!


With our cute red cushion.


I couldn’t resist and got these two-for-$10 mums. I decided to adhere the last of my burlap and flowers to jazz up the plastic planters. Not too shabby if I do say so myself.


Tada! Gosh, this is the best our porch has looked, and I’m so happy with  it.


Dinner was those same sauteed collard greens (batch cooking, y’all. It saves us), quinoa, sardines (seriously, we crave them. They really are delicous. If you haven’t eaten them, give them a try!), mushrooms, cauliflower, red pepper, and Caesar dressing.


My evening snack was tea obvs and Cheerios, frozen halved green grapes, dark chocolate, and milk. I love how chilled the milk becomes as it pours over the grapes. So good!



Helllloo, sunshine! I woke up craving stove-top oatmeal that I made with a pinch o’ salt, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, vanilla, Wyman’s cherry / berry / kale frozen blend, milk, and old fashioned oats. I topped my bowl with a drizzle of maple, a spoonful of pb, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar that promptly disappeared. Womp womp.


I enjoyed my pumkin spice on the porch, and I felt so content.

Once I was caffeinated, I jumped into some meal prep. I roasted and shredded a spaghetti squash, roasted a large sheet pan of rutabage / parsnips / carrots / onion / garlic, baked two big chicken breasts with fresh organic herbs I had bought on sale, and I cooked the last of the quinoa in our pantry. Those Pioneer Woman bowls – the colors and patterns always make me smile!


I have been in a real DIY mood! My new slogan is, “have hot glue gun, will craft”. Har har. I had this hemp rope just lying around, so I decided to make our flower-vase-turned-utensil-holder a little prettier. I was an “L” short of spelling out our name with Scrabble pieces, so I settled for a “D”.


Lunch was the last of our red lentil pesto pasta over wilted spinach with avocado and carrots.


I showered and shopped at Kroger. Surprise, surprise. I then made my way to Kaci and Drew’s to pick her up for Barre3 in the Park! I snacked on the last of our pumpkin spice cream cheese on a slice of pumpkin bread. Can never have too much of this delicious gourd! Axl Rose’s feet in the background!


My swag bag! It was filled with a number of fun goodies, coupons, and products.


Love love my girl! SO thankful we can experience these events together.


Flexin’ that gun to show off her temporary Barre3 tat. 😉




Phew, we both sweat buckets, but gosh was I ever grateful to get to participate! I saw on my Facebook memories today about how I went for a jog for fun. I commented that I didn’t have a particular fitness routine or love, but I’m thankful to have found and connected with Barre3 and yoga.

After I dropped Kaci off at her in-laws’ for family dinner, I came home and warmed our plates. Warmed chicken, roasted vegetables, quinoa + sauerkraut because I saw it in the fridge and was craving it. I ended up dipping my chicken in Grey Poupon’s dijon mustard, and Matt did the same along with honey.


Kaci is the best and gave me the materials I needed for yet another DIY project! I worked on it, and once it’s complete, I’ll share it. I’m excited to see it finished!

After another much-needed shower, I had a yogurt bowl with apple, chopped mixed nuts, Grape Nuts, and sorghum flakes. Yum! After about two episodes of Golden Girls, I was beat.




I saw a Target Cartwheel app coupon for Purely Elizabeth’s ‘Vibrant Oats’, so naturally, I had to try them.


I soaked the blueberry lemon overnight with milk, warmed it this morning, then topped it with the granola. While they are pricey, I was thankful to purchase them for a discount, and it was very tasty! Also, that color is just really fun.

Another fall attire shot for ya.


This pretty pearl bracelet was included in my Barre3 tote bag. So pretty!


Our fall bedding. I’m really in love with our home. Yes, I’m anxious as hell to find a home, but I’m finding happiness and peace with where we are now. DIY projects sure give me life right now.


Wishing you all the best day and week ahead!


13 thoughts on “Fallin’ for Autumn

    1. Thanks so much!! I believe we found it at JCPenney three years ago, but I will check the label and follow up with you later! Owls are my favorite too! We have awesome taste. 🙂


    1. Drool face x a million! My eyes were bugging out as I browsed! It was so tough to resist!

      Thank you so much! I have you to thank for your help on my projects!

      Yessss! B3 twinkies forever!


  1. Kori! Wow you’re already so ready for fall! Midatlantic weather over here has been a bit temperamental and hasn’t brought in the crisp fall weather yet. But I’m dying of jealousy from how autumn-y your week has been! Cheers, Steph


  2. Ahh I’m just loving this layout on your blog and your floral décor up top- beautiful! (you know me and flowers 😉 ). It seriously just looks so good! I loved your old layout and colors, but this is just such a fun change. Anyways- also love the pun in your title 😉

    Oooooo pumpkin bread?!?!? Oh dear Aldi- how I miss thee! That sounds oh so tasty. And with PB- yes please! Okay that dress is quintessential AUTUMN! I love it. & all of your accessories with it are so darn cute. (also love the back of your phone case- adorable .

    Ooo I have seen the good culture brand but haven’t tried it yet. I need to pick some up- 19g of protein?! Yesss please! Turmeric tea is my favorite & I just ran out. I’m gonna look on amazon and see if they have this brand. YUM.

    Girl, I feel you on that rant. Any updates? People truly astound me. Ugh!
    I totally know what you mean about the changing season calmness! I feel it too. It feels like a fresh, exciting start. This past summer was so hectic, so I’m excited to get back into routine too.

    That shirt is amazing.
    That oatmeal looks fantastic (even if the powdered sugar disappeared 😉 ).
    Ahhh Barre3 in the park looks amazing!!! How fun you two got to do that together… looks like such a wonderful time!! And how do y’all manage to look so darn flawless working out?!
    Oooo I am loving the mustard colored dress for fall!
    Uhm, your fall bedding is the cutest. Oh my goodness! Everything about it is so stinking adorable- and I love the owls!


    1. My gosh I didn’t even know your sweet comment was sitting in my stinkin’ spam queue! How annoying! I truly appreciate your feedback! While I loved my former layout, I just wanted to breathe some new life into ze blog. I’m grateful that you like it! I thought of you when I found the floral header. ❤ And thank you for appreciating my pun! I had to go there. 😉

      I really think this is my favorite fall dress that I own! Thank you! I just love this phone case. I got it from Shutterfly and used some of our one year wedding anniversary photos. If you get a coupon, I'd recommend making one for yourself! It will give you a smile always.

      Good Culture and Daisy are my two fav cottage cheese brands! I love that Good Culture has smaller curds and included probiotics. Turmeric tea, while trendy, is truly one of my favorites. I also love turmeric milk / lattes.

      People astound me in the worst of ways sometimes! Very inconsiderate and oblivious to how their actions will affect others. Sheesh. I know what you mean about getting into a routine and enjoying this change of pace that autumn brings!

      Teehee thank you! I have a number of coffee-themed shirts. Never can have too many.

      Thank you! Stovetop oatmeal can be a real treat. Makes me slow down and enjoy the process a bit.

      You are too kind! I was definitely soaked in sweat, ahem glitter and sparkle, by the time we finished. It was so needed and very much enjoyed! I'm thankful we have each other to experiences these classes together!

      Mustard is my fav shade of yellow! It never goes out of style, and I think it looks very attractive on everyone. 🙂

      Thank you! Kase surprised me with that ah-mazing owl canvas about five years ago, and I truly love it! I'm quite grateful for how our master bedroom has come together – sweet memories around us with the mobile of the babies' photos, his drawing of me, and so forth. ❤

      Thank you very much for your comment, Mackenzie!


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