Thursday Eats

Hello beautiful people! I sure hope this blog post finds your soul on fire with happiness, calm, and joy. I for one have felt more appreciative and I suppose you could say grounded lately. ❤

This bowl of savory oatmeal sure was exactly what the body needed and wanted! In the bowl was a packet of cooked Bakery on Main Ancient Grains Oatmeal (my fav!) with milk, salt, pepper, garlic, Italian seasonings, turmeric, and smoked paprika. I stirred in torn spinach that witled with the heat, shredded sharp cheddar, and topped with an over easy Eggland’s Best egg and sprinkled everything bagel seasoning.


I really switched things up and had toast on a Wednesday not a Tuesday. 😉 I toasted one slice of Aldi organic pumpkin bread and topped it with pb and shredded apple. I toasted one slice Aldi organic oat bread and topped it with Fage plain Greek yogurt and swirled blackberry fruit spread. I accidentally over toasted them. {face palm} But they still tasted good, phew!


Love Grown Comet Crispies with banana, cinnamon, Fage Greek yogurt, pb, and milk.

We received a catered lunch from a pharmaceutical representative, and this was tasty! Teriyaki chicken thighs that were very tender, fall salad with apple / cranberries / cheese, mac ‘n cheese, and cooked asparagus.


One evening for dinner we had warmed roasted root vegetables, baked herbed chicken, spinach, baked spaghetti squash with pesto and feta. I made a Dijon honey mustard to drizzle over the spinach and chicken. Vibrant and flavorful plate!


After taking my first Neighborhood Barre class, I came home to Matt making us our pizzas. Mine was a frozen vegetable pizza from Aldi that I enjoyed with roasted root vegetables and spaghetti squash.

One evening snack included a mug of Cheerios, cinnamon, banana, Enjoy Life Foods mini chocolate chips, and drippy pb.


One morning I snacked on this Chobani seasonal Flip Cup: Pumpkin Harvest Crisp. Sweet but not too much considering it’s to taste like an autumn crisp. It was satisfying!


I hope everyone has an awesome Fri-yay Eve!

4 thoughts on “Thursday Eats

  1. Aw, love your opening sentiment ❤

    Ahhh I keep meaning to get the everything bagel seasoning from TJ’s. I’m going today, so I need to grab it today. *mental note*

    Oooo the combo of the fage with the blackberry spread looks phenomenal… especially on that pumpkin bread. Gonna have to try this asap. Now to find pumpkin bread!

    What a lovely lunch from the pharmaceutical rep… love surprise free lunches like that! One of the big things I miss about nursing 😉 Hehe.

    YAY! I love flips- but rarely get um. I need to keep my eyes peeled for the pumpkin ones. I really need to step up my autumn yums.

    Thank you as always for the idea!!!


    1. Thank you! I’ve felt SO good mentally lately, & I sure hope to inspire it in others. ❤

      It’s simple, yet it’s just so darn tasty & useful!

      I jus had a slice of the pumpkin bread with pb & raisins. Gosh, one of the best combos that can’t be beat!

      Right?! These visits & lunches are really nice!

      “Step up my autumn yums” – love it! I keep buying more & more! Can’t stop, won’t stop.

      You are so welcome!


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