Fall Friday Fashion

Hello and happy Fri-yay!! This week sure has been an amazing one! I’m not sure why exactly as it hasn’t been anything terribly special, but I’ve felt really happy and productive. Sadly, I haven’t slept as well as I would like, but hopefully this weekend proves rejuvenating and relaxing!

I thought I would pop in for a quick, fun post featuring my outfits this week. Despite our weather being anything other than fall, sadly (hello 80’s still), I refuse to wait on my fall wardrobe.

I decided to get a new pair of sunnies since mine weren’t all that great anymore. The nose pieces had become a little bent, so a Target run it was! I found these fun pair that I’m really loving! Do you have a favorite style of sunglasses?




Anyone else rocking a small neck scarf this season? I really love it! It’s perfect for when you want a pop of colors but not a full, hot scarf. Nice for these warm temperatures even though it’s techinically autumn. I found this sweater at TJMaxx December 2015 and the jeans at Planet Xchange.


I brought out a pair of my cords to wear with a simple gray top, both of which I found at Planet Xchange at different visits. My owl bag was made locally, and I adore it. I think it’s a hoot. 😉


All thanks to Kaci for finding it, I found Pixi’s MatteLast Liquid Lip in ‘Really Rose’, and I am loving the color and how it wears! It stays on through eating and drinking, so touchups aren’t needed too often throughout the day.


A little bit of a funny story: when I first became an RD, I was hired to work in long-term care and actually obtained by FL state license before even getting my TN license. My then boss sent me to West Palm Beach, FL to cover a facility there while they worked on hiring an RD. I have hardly any directional skills, yet in two weeks I trained, got my license, she booked my flight and hotel, and I was down in FL working. I didn’t even know what was expected of me! But boy was that a learning curve and one I deeply appreciate. While there, I explored the food scene a bit and shopped at a vintage shop where I found this over-sized tunic that I wear as a dress. Phew, a long-winded explanation for this piece, but it’s one of my favorites! In the fall, I pair it with one of my sweater vests and belt (both also from Planet Xchange) and booties. Rachel photo-bombed me!


Lastly, here is my ensemble for today. One of my many favorite color combos is kelly green and navy. I have a dress (from Planet Xchange, ha!) with this combo, and I’ve loved it ever since. Want to guess where my top is from? Lawd, I just realized how much of my wardrobe is from them!


I love the back!


Please share your favorite fashion trends and outfits!

4 thoughts on “Fall Friday Fashion

  1. ALL of this is sooo cute & perfect for fall. I don’t even have a neck scarf, but you are totally motivating me to invest- you rock it well! And I need those sunnies- I broke nearly every pair I own this past summer, but since it’s still sunny here year round time to re-invest. Thanks for sharing, Kori!


    1. Thank you! I have to give credit to Kaci for finding this neck scarf. She is so fashionable! I hope you find the best sunnies soon and block those sunrayz! 😉 XO


  2. I love all of these outfits! I am apparently the full-priced boutique shopper & you find the cutest less expensive gently used pieces. bahaha…I’m team neck scarf! 🙋🏻‍♀️


    1. Thank you, Kase! I have some ‘spensive pieces too! I just love a good bargain & vintage clothes. 🙃 Neck scarves are my nee fav accessory!


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