I’m So Glad I Live in a World Where There are Octobers

I know this quote is used a lot, but it truly sums up my sentiment towards October. It has become my very favorite month of the year! So many amazing memories have been and will continue to be made in this month. ❤


I began Friday with a hot, delicious bowl of oatmeal. I soaked a packet of Bakery on Main Ancient Grains instant oats with milk overnight before heating, adding and heating with frozen fruit blend, and topping with a puddle o’ pb. I wanted it to be simple this time. No spices or sweetener. I also sipped on slightly sweet pumpkin spice coffee. So good!


After a productive day at work, I stopped by TJ’s for a few things. Loved their window display! You can also see my reflection snapping this photo. Ahaha


Once home, I took care of the babes and some chores before meeting with Matt and our realtor to look at a home. It wasn’t for us, but it was a fun tour nonetheless.

For dinner, we enjoyed baked cod with TJ’s harvest salsa, quinoa, and roasted root vegetables.


We got cleaned up and then settled in with a snack and tea. I had yogurt with spices, frozen green grapes, sorghum flakes, and pb.



We slept SO well, which I desperately needed. We slowly got up, and I ate a small mug of Cheerios with cinnamon, pb, and milk then got ready to have brunch at First Watch!


So artsy. You can see my coffee mug and that gorgeous sunlight in my lens.



I mean, I could go on and on about how handsome he is!



I love the candids Matt always captures!



I am determined to have a sliding door in my life one day.


Matt chose their Heritage Pork Chop and Eggs that came with housemate apple compote and Bob’s Red Mill cheddar cheesy grits. He added a slice of gf bread to soak up the egg yolks. He gave me a bite, and it was delicious!


I thoroughly enjoyed their Truffled Wild Mushroom Frittata that was made with truffle-roasted shiitake and crimini mushrooms, shallots, garlic and herb cream cheese, and topped with lemon dressed arugula. I swapped the ciabatta for their whole grain toast. My oh my this was fabulous!


We made our way over to the Ramsey House to finally tour this gorgeous historic home!


If you look closely, I captured a pretty butterfly on the bush. ❤


The stone and attention to detail throughout was exquisite.



This was their dining room.


Beautiful dishes!


All of the windows were amazing. They were built with a thick ledge and shutters to help hold in the heat during the winter and block the sun in the summer.


You can see where they had a rug from the lighter floor, and the door threshold was worn down from all of the people who crossed over it. At any one time, our tour guide said the home housed 25 to 30 people!


Autumn decor as they would have used.


To the left is a toaster. The guide said one would toast one side then turn the devise with their toe. Hence a toaster, ha!





They hand carved each one of these up the stairs. Just beautiful.


I love these framed silhouettes!



So that stick laying across the bed was used to beat the mattress before bed. This was in the children’s room. “Good night, don’t let the bed bugs bite” originated from this as they stuffed their mattress with whatever material was available. Often this included bugs. Yuck! I wouldn’t have faired so well. Ha.


Their potty-training chair. Quite fancy! 😉






These shoes belonged to one of Ramsey’s daughters. She was the same one who recorded the colors and details throughout the home, birth and death dates of relatives, and many other facts that were used to replicate / restore the home.



They found these dolls in the barn that were toys for the children.



I love this chair!


Not only did they learn to sew, but this is how they learned to read and write. Pretty neat!


The guide said this flower was what they would’ve had around the home in their time.




The doors to the basement / cellar.


Our awesome tour group!



We decided to stop by the home of two of our friends. Jordan and Matt have been friends for decades, and he and his wife, Jen live out fairly near where we were.

They were hosting a group of friends to celebrate Canada’s Thanksgiving and to watch the UFC fight. The lady who cooked the incredible meal I shared below is Canadian, so she put together quite the feast!

As I tried helping them set the table, I noticed that Jen’s vintage napkins were made by none other than the designer of my wedding gown!



I loved their cute autumn decor!



Matt and I went home to feed the babies, pack, Matt put in an hour of work at his job in preparation for a coworker being on vacation next week, and then we went back over just in time to enjoy the meal. It included poutine (a Canadian potato dish), cabbage, salad with roasted beets, marinated Mediterranean vegetables, TJ’s pasta with harvest pasta sauce, smoked turkey, grilled salmon, a Canadian pork roast, mushrooms, and beer bread. Y’all, this was just so damn good!


After giving my stomach time to relax, I enjoyed dessert: pecan cheesecake, gf apple cobbler of sorts, and vanilla bean ice cream. Hit. The. Spot.


I was proud of myself for staying up through the final UFC fight. I’ve never been into it as it grosses me out to watch two adults beat the ever loving shit out of each other, but I did start to become invested. We aren’t much different than the days of the Greeks watching people spar each other to the death.


After a restful night, although not quite enough zzz’s, I got up and made a bowl of oatmeal using my Purely Elizabeth raspberry pitaya cup topped with a splash of almond milk and half a sliced banana. Two mugs o’ coffee on the side.


After chilling then showering, Matt and I packed up to head home.

I just love this man!


Their view is beautiful! They just sold their home, though, and are in the process of finding a place too. Oh the joys of home searching. We commiserated.


All of us! Their dog, Bear was a trip. We are very grateful for their hospitality!


Once home and the babies fed, I noshed on a slice of pumpkin bread with pb and raisins.


I unpacked, cleaned the kitchen, watered our pretty plants (our red mum I believe is getting too much sun and sadly doesn’t look so dandy. I hope it perks up soon!), and then I packed up my Mac and went to K brew. I drafted this post while sipping on this magical drink, a rosemary latte. It’s one of my favorite creations of theirs!


I discovered this strange rash on both of my forearms. It’s happened in the past at times, but I’ve never been able to pinpoint the cause or irritant. Any thoughts? I didn’t use anything out of the ordinary in regards to lotion that I can think of.

Matt is amazing!! He helped me to finish my DIY project. I saw this at Four Seasons Vintage and set out to make it myself. As always, Matt helped in a huge way. Kaci gave me the board and gorgeous blush pink knobs and suggested I paint it sage like our blanket ladder and coffee / tea cart. I like it better than the inspiration shown below. 😉

I snacked on beet hummus with carrots, radish, and chips.

Then I made us a simple dinner of this tahini apricot salad kit from TJ’s plus their steamed lentils and avocado, cooked quinoa, and sharp cheddar. The salad was so flavorful and the perfect crunch!

Dessert was a yogurt bowl with a deliciously ripe pear, Maple Cheerios, and a few roasted peanuts.


After seeing this recipe for protein-packed baked breakfast acorn squash, I knew I needed to make it for us. This morning, I filled it with Greek yogurt, Maple Cheerios, and roasted nuts. It was very enjoyable!

So this morning I demonstrated just how klutzy I can be. While walking down our carpeted stairs, I think my sweat pant leg got under my heel and caused me to slip. I landed right on my lower back and elbows. It felt so good. 😑 I had to cancel my free Neighborhood Barre class for this evening and am SO bummed. Here’s to hoping I’m 100% asap.

Have the best day!

7 thoughts on “I’m So Glad I Live in a World Where There are Octobers

  1. Shoowee what a jam packed weekend!

    LOVE the house! I too love that chair.

    So glad y’all got to spend time with friends & eat delish noms! Those napkins are beautiful, & it’s so cool they were made by your {gorgeous} wedding dress designer!

    That’s a cool breakfast idea with the butternut squash!

    I sure hope your back feels better asap! Aim to fall on your butt next time. ha



    1. It was a busy weekend, & boy was it appreciated!

      I can’t wait for you & D to visit the house with us hopefully for he holidayz! It’s gawgeous.

      I was like, “the Oleg Cassini?” I had no idea he designed napkins too, ha! I just loved the print!

      You’ll have to try it! It’s nostalgic from the sugah & cinnamon & tasty with the fillings.

      Ug yea, I def wish I had landed on my rump. 🤦🏼‍♀️ My back is so unhappy with me, but I hope the pain is short-lived!



  2. Yes I agree 100%– Octobers are truly THE best month. That quote never ever gets old.

    Coffee & Oatmeal is my favorite combo ever. So good. And adding PB to my oats was the best decision I have ever made

    TJ’s is the cutest. I have a legit emotional attachment to that store. Haha.

    Oooo sorghum flakes sound yummy. On our big road trip from IN to CA we stopped at a place called Lambert’s “home of the throwed rolls”. They literally throw you these big fluffy delicious rolls and come around with a honeycomb full of sorghum. It’s the greatest thing ever. If you are ever in Missouri, highly recommend!

    I knew that was first watch just by looking at the plates and the meals 😉 An all time absolute favorite breakfast place of mine. I LOVE when you post about it!

    That candid!! ❤ Love it.

    You two always seem to have the best time together, it’s so stinking adorable

    Annnnd is that frittata new?! I need to try that asap. Anything with truffle mushrooms- yes please!

    What an amazing, fun, historic house tour! I always love visiting spots like that. It is calming and I feel like it slows the world down a bit.

    How fun you got to celebrate a Canadian thanksgiving!!! I’m jealous- you get two this year!!! All these noms look sooo good.

    Lolol… I feel the same way about the fights- I don’t get it. But props to you for making it through, girl! Haha.

    I get those random infrequent rashes on my forearms too!!!! I never have known anyone else who has?!?! For me, I THINK it’s when I eat excess dairy or sugar. Hope it’s gone by now!



    1. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but October became my favorite month! I look forward to this time of year so much.

      Ahh that sounds amazing!! I want a delicious roll tossed to me & then heavily drizzle with sorghum. 😋 Mm mmm mmm

      Haha I just love First Watch & can’t quit it! One of our locations is owned by our Barre3 owner’s nephew. Did you follow that? lol. So they have Barre3 & First Watch in one family. Lucky!

      Thank you! I love when Matt takes photos. He always gets some really funny shots. 😉

      I have felt so much gratefulness & happiness lately after making the choice to not get so wrapped up in our home search. Things got tense at times, but I’m so glad we’re back to just enjoying life. I really do have the best time with him!

      Yes, this is one of their fall special dishes! It. Was. Phenomenal. I love ‘shrooms, so as soon as I saw it on the menu, my mind was made up.

      Exactly! Touring the home made me realize how incredibly fortunate we are. They had to beat their stinkin’ bed to kill bugs & whatever else, & we get to choose Tempurpedic & other specialty mattresses.

      You know life is treating you well when you get two Thanksgiving feasts! Lasha is an amazing cook. I was just standing their watching & trying to take mental notes. I loved how she incorporated TJ’s harvest sauce with traditional Canadian dishes. So many flavors on one plate!

      Lol thank you! I honestly had to look away a few times because of the blood. Not really the blood but the fact that two grown adults were willingly beating the pulp out of each other for sport. Turned my stomach. I will say the females were far more savage & fun to watch. They got stuff done while the men danced around with fear on their eyes. Babab

      Ahh I’m so glad I’m not the only one!! It’s happened a few times when it has been unseasonably warm, so some have said it’s a heat rash. It’s just so weird that it only appears on my forearms. It’s finally gone!

      Thank you! It was a really delicious weekend!


      1. Me toooo!

        Definitely keep Lambert’s on your radar; I have a feeling you and Matt would love it!

        It’s all about the journey, right? The best home will come along at just the right time!

        Oh my gosh, I almost bought the harvest sauce today, but still have a few things to use up. I said as soon as I use up all we have then I’ll treat myself to their butternut squash pasta + that sauce!

        bahahha , yesss, that’s actually so fascinating though!! I had no idea about that fight life!

        I tried to message you today because my arm flared up, but my wifi wasn’t working. It’s gone now though! So weird!

        Hope this next weekend is just as great for ya 🙂


  3. thx for the lovely post. About the rash, I sometimes have a reaction to the plastic grocery sacks especially in hot weather.Sometimes my wrist area gets irritated when I try to hold tons of bags at once. It must be some kind of reaction to the plastic without being a full on latex allergy. I also just read in the newspaper how they’re finding cadmium again in jewelry and metal adornments on clothing.Besides being toxic it can cause rashes. Hope this helps.


    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed my post! Hmm that makes sense! Maybe I came into contact with something of that sort, & the heat exacerbated it. One mother-in-law said it looked like a heat rash. Strange, but I suppose that alone could have caused it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!


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