Friday Favorites

Heeeellloo (said like Mrs. Doubtfire) you b-e-a-u-tiful people! Y’all, it finally happened. The temperatures have dropped just so that it feels like autumn! Hallejuah.

Let’s get down the business, shall we? Allow me to share allthepumpkinthings I keep finding. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a sense of a scavenger hunt of sorts when I find another product. “Oh look, they put pumpkin/squash in a salsa! Better put that in the cart. I’ve always needed it in mah life.” Bahaha Seriously, though, TJ’s has it goin’ on throughout the store.

This salsa has been the perfect compliment to white fish and salmon. Get you some! I also didn’t take a photo but snagged their harvest alfredo sauce. Blogger fail. But I’ll share our creation when we use it!


I’m pretty sure I tried this last year, but it’s been so long (read: one year) that it was new all over again. Old lady probs perhaps? Lolz. Creamy, dreamy, spicy and just sweet enough.


I went to TJ’s originally for Perfect Bar’s Pumpkin Pie flava, and would you believe they didn’t have it?! I know, sound the alarm. So I got us each their classic pb flavor.


Buuutt when I went to the ‘bux for a light lunch today, I spotted them! Praise! So now Matt and I get to fullfil our basic destiny.


I do love a Go Macro bar on occasion, and I had a coupon for it. Anyone else say, “coopun”? Anywho, I couldn’t quite tell a difference in the recipe, but it was tasty regardless.


I got Matt and I each one flavor to split and try. Then Kroger sent me a coupon for one free Bobo’s bar. Sweet! Has anyone tried a Bobo’s bar before?


Maple Cheerios. I mean, ‘nough said. We’re a Cheerios-loving couple, and I was so glad to snag a box of these. Try them, they’re awesome! Especially with banana and pb.


I found this gf butternut squash risotto in Kroger’s clearance section because the top flap had to be taped. Fine by me! It was a steal, and it served us well. I added TJ’s steamed lentils to it, and me-oh-my was it delish. Jaxxy photo bombs make me so happy! I just miss sweet Mason’s too. Not a day goes by that we don’t talk about our baby boy.


Neck scarf-turned headband ftw. Sweater from Planet Xchange!


Tame the mane. I’m getting my hair cut this afternoon and am looking forward to it!


These autumn blue skies are unlike any other throughout the year. They make me so happy!



Tell me: what have you found and loved lately? Please share in the comments! Have the very best Friday and weekend!

8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. HAHAHAHA! Pumpkie lovas for life!

    I need to try those maple Cheerios!

    How are the Bobo’s bars?

    I loveeeeeee Jaxxy photobombs but I too miss seeing sweet Mason!


    1. Yes, Boo!

      You can try some of ours then invest in a box!

      I haven’t tried ze Bobo’s bars yet, but I’ll let you know!

      I miss our whole gang being together!


  2. Love the Mrs. Doubtfire reference 🙂

    Eek! I’m so excited to see allthepumpkinthings!!!

    I just went to TJ’s today and it is the BEST for autumn. Have you tried their apple cider donuts? Unreal *insert drooly face*.

    OOO that salsa does look so yummy! Dangit- I searched for pumpkin yogurt today and couldn’t find any. Maybe they sold out. I’ll have to find some again soon!

    Hahhah- so glad starbs came in the clutch! Those looks just so yummy.

    I have never heard of Bobo’s but they look so cute. mmm mmm.

    Oooo I didn’t know they had maple cheerios!?!? YUM!

    LOVING your sweater and hair band. Amazing. You are rocking that outfit- so pretty. And I would never know you need to have the hair tamed- it looks perfect!!

    I so enjoyed these finds. I’m gonna keep my eyes peeled at TJ’s next time, especially for that salsa and yogurt!! Thanks for sharing, Kori 🙂


    1. Hahaha thank you!


      Umm no, I haven’t, but is it even autumn if one doesn’t have an apple cider donut?! I need one!

      I sure hope you snag a yogurt soon!

      I was so excited when I spotted them! I did not expect to find this flavor in our area, much less at the ‘bux.

      Matt & I split the pumpkin pie flavor, & it was great! I imagine it would be even better with pb &/or dipped in Fage. 😋

      Maple Cheerios is one of my new fav flavor!

      Oh gosh, thank you soo much!!! Only I generally can tell how full & long my hair is getting when most everyone doesn’t seem to. But once it’s cut, it’s even more obvious to me. The only high maintenance aspect of a pixie is how often it needs to be cut, but I love having short locks. 🤓

      Aww I’m so glad you enjoyed these! 🧡


      1. yesss! I love that you also have a love for Fage as much as I do! ❤

        you pull of the pixie locks sooo well!!! just soo pretty. I don't think I have the right head shape for it, but one day when kiddos come along I do plan on getting a nice chop!



        1. Fage fan forever!

          Gosh, thank you so very much!!! I didn’t think I did at all but went for it anyway. You never know. 😉 I know you will look absolutely beautiful with botj long & shorter hair!!


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