Picking Up Right Where We Left Off

This past weekend one that truly made feel so incredibly grateful for my life and my friends!! Being adults means we don’t all see each other nearly enough, but when we get together, it feels as though no time has passed. I love my friends who feel like family.


Friday began on a delicious note with wilted spinach, the last of our butternut squash risotto heated, and an over easy egg + toast with fruit spread.


I decided to treat myself to a light lunch at Starbucks. It’s within walking distance from the clinic, which is so awesome. I was able to enjoy and soak up the sunshine a bit on my way there and back. I chose a half caf latte that I sprinkled with cinnamon. It was so warming and tasty!



I had half of a warmed multigrain bagel with their guacamole. This hit the spot. I then snacked on a plum when I got back to my office.


I finished the other half of my bagel and the remainder of the guac with carrots and hummus before I went to my hair appointment. Nancy, my hair stylist, is a magician and made me feel so much better!

That evening, Matt, Kaci, Drew, and I had the pleasure of enjoying dinner at one of our best friend’s home. She and her husband just moved, and even though they have a sweet toddler and young infant, they graciously hosted us and served a wonderful meal! I used Anne’s recipe for saucy tomato artichoke chicken to make the chicken. I had purchased a whole chicken already cut up, so I baked it with Muer Glen’s fire roasted tomatoes and marinated artichoke hearts. This will be a recipe we make often now! Adrienne did a beautiful job of setting the table! They made green beans with sliced almonds and peppery roasted butternut squash. Both were phenomenal.



Kaci made TJ’s GF pumpkin muffins that were so soft and perfectly spicy!


After getting home, we got settled and ready for bed. I snapped this adorable photo of Jax. He’s so stinkin’ cute!




Unfortunately, I did not sleep well. After about five hours or so of sleep, my internal alarm clock went off and wouldn’t allow me to fall back asleep. So I got up and made a really tasty bowl of oatmeal based off of Kaleigh‘s combination. Bakery on Main Ancient Grain oatmeal made with milk + more water then topped with half a sliced plum, tahini, and hemp hearts. These flavors together were just so enjoyable! Also, this instant oatmeal is my favorite. It cooks up like a porridge consistency in some ways. Fluffy, soft, and filling.


After coffee and some chores, I laid down for a bit. Then I nommed on cottage cheese, the rest of my plum, and half of the pumpkin pie Bobo’s bar. I loved the texture!

Kase text me that she wanted to go to Old Navy for a new pair of booties. Unfortunately, sweet Axl Rose got anxious with them being gone so late on Friday evening that he chewed up one of her ON booties. :/ We each found shoes and just so happened to find a few items of clothes too. Axl cost us some monies. 😉


We all got fancied up and carpooled to the venue for one of our best friend, Becky’s wedding. It. Was. Stunning!

My sweetie and me ❤




I found this dress, cardigan, and booties at ON. I loved the polka dots + floral print of the dress and speckled pattern on the cardigan!


Kaci is just so pretty! The views where their ceremony took place were breathtaking.


Matt took this shot!


He also got these panoramic views. You can see Kaci and I getting ready for Drew to take our photo. Lol



Becky and Russell love to hike, so their wedding favor was a trail mix bar. How cute is that?!


I loved the centerpieces! Their bouquets were succulents, and they were very pretty.


The bbq dinner was oh so rich and satisfying! The bun was doughy, the chicken and pork were tender, and the sauce was tangy and sweet. The macaroni and cheese had some extra pizazz to it, and they included potato salad instead of mashed potatoes. I really like that.


The oh so stunning bride!! I mean, look at that gown. The back was very beautiful as well.


The groom’s mother made all of the cupcakes and their wedding cake! I chose the strawberry lemon cupcake, and the lemon curd was delightful. I loved how light the cupcake and frosting was. I tried a bite of Kaci’s cookies and cream, and it was also incredible! They had the best idea and packed up the leftover cupcakes in to go containers, so I grabbed a cookies and cream. Mmm mmm


My trail mix that includes M&M’s, dried cranberries, roasted almonds and peanuts, Chex cereal, mini marshmallows, Golden Grahams, and pretzels.


They had created their own wedding SnapChat filters, but I’m SnapChat illiterate. I couldn’t find them, but Matt and I took these two gems.


This one is my new fav!


Despite not being much of a dancer, I had an absolute blast trying to bust a move!! The whole group was very encouraging and was on the dance floor the entire time. I loved it!

Our squad ❤


After their bubble send-off, we made our way back home. I was hungry, so I had a mug of cereal with some of my trail mix. The perfect end to a perfect day.



Thankfully, I slept super well and woke up feeling so refreshed! Breakfast was in two courses. I had a slice of pumpkin bread toasted and spread with pb and sliced banana.


I then toasted a slice of oat bread and topped it with a very cheesy scrambled egg, all over wilted spinach.


After finishing some laundry, dishes, and chores, I got myself showered and down to Vienna Coffee House just in time to enjoy a late lunch and latte before they closed.

I chose their veggie deluxe. I ate half and felt satisfied, so I saved the other half for Monday’s lunch. It was fabulous!



The real reason I went was to try one of their Stranger Things themed drinks!! I went with The Eleven, which is a maple latte with a waffle garnish. Any fellow Stranger Things-obsessed readers out there?


I mean, how perfect does this look?!


I went by Four Seasons Vintage in search for a cart to put our plants on in the garage when it gets cold. Look how pretty this cabinet is!


I loved this unique table.


This dresser is SO pretty! Turquoise, fun knobs and liner, and a pretty wood accent.


This. Table. All the heart eyes!



And this sign is so needed. I settled for a photo, though.


Love these wall decals!


Now on to what I went for: our cute cart! It’s a light blue, so I think it pairs well with our chairs.


I’m so happy with it!


Love love our porch. I wish our dang red mums would thrive. They’re on the brink of death, and I don’t know why.


While the rice cooked and vegetables roasted, I completed a Barre3 online workout. It felt so amazing, and my back is nearly all healed from my klutzy fall!

Leftover baked salmon with harvest salsa, brown rice with Tandur spice blend, roasted green cauliflower, and roasted Brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil + dijon mustard. The crispy pieces are my favorite!


Dessert was yogurt with ginger, fresh green grapes, frozen strawberries, Love Grown Sea Stars cereal, tahini, and chia seeds. Yum yum. Herbal tea with honey for sippin’.



I found these oatmeal cups while at Vienna Coffee House and had to get one for each of us to try. I loved the flavor! I soaked mine with milk overnight and left it cold then topped with pb.

I’m quite certain fall is my favorite season by far for fashion! Pattered brown/black tights with ON mustard top & suede green skirt, and ON red booties.

I hope everyone has an awesome day!

6 thoughts on “Picking Up Right Where We Left Off

  1. just saw this on the food section of popsugar.com and thought of you.
    golden girls multi grain cereal at one of your favorite stores, Target!!!!!!


  2. Hey girl! I have been going crazy because I haven’t had time to sit down and read your blog. It makes me feel all outa sorts!!! But phewww deep breaths… here we are haha. It’s seriously like watching an episode of my favorite show! Oh, and my midterm is DONE and I can breathe again.

    Relationships and friendships that feel like time hasn’t passed are sooo important. ❤

    And that risotto sounds soo scrumptious. I love risotto.. maybe one of my favorite foods however it is prepared!

    a bagel with guac is a terrific idea. Love that!

    Wow oh wow- what a wonderful time with friends!!! Such a beautiful table setting and spread. And you know I’m drooling over those pumpkin muffins!

    Always love the inspirational quotes you share ❤

    Oooooh Axl – teheh. I told Kaci that he just wanted her to treat herself to some shoppin’!

    Wow- such beautiful touches from the wedding! Thanks for capturing it so thoroughly- I loveee seeing the décor and everything from different types of venues

    The veggie deluxe looks insanely good!

    Ahh everything at that shop is too cute!

    Y’all have the cutest porch everrr.

    Your outfit is EVERYTHING. So obsessed with that top and the mustard color. Ahhh! xo


    1. Awww I just love your comments!! And yay for your midterm!

      Gosh they really are! They remind me of how grateful I am to have my friends in my life.

      Same! Creamy, dreamy risotto is so versatile and full of flavor. It can be a side or a main course!

      Thank ya! I didn’t want anything sweet or too heavy, and this absolutely hit the spot! I mean, is guac *ever* the wrong choice? I think not!

      Axl Rose, although sadly in destroying a good pair o’ shoes, gave us a fun shopping trip! I found some really fun pieces that I love!

      Me too! It was so perfectly decorated while still allowing for the breathtaking location to shine. It was so beautiful it didn’t need much. They did a fabulous job!

      It was sooo good! I loved the sauce, and it was just bursting at the crepe seams with garden goodness.

      I sometimes think I’m punishing myself for going because I just drool over ev-er-y-thing! But it’s one of my absolute favorite stores to browse.

      Thank you so much!! We had to put the plants into the garage temporarily because annoying winter is ALREADY trying to arrive at night. I’m putting them back out today, but our porch looks sad without our plant beauties.

      Thank you girl!! Mustard is def one of my very favorite fall colors!



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