Eats + Treats

Happy Friday Eve! I’m popping in with some recent eats to share.

First up is this savory bowl of fluffy, delicious oatmeal complete with Colby jack, two scrambled eggs, and roasted green cauliflower + Dijon mustard Brussels sprouts.


I’m helping to cover our Morristown clinic while the newly hired RD is trained. She, the RD retiring from the position, and I all had lunch on Monday at this cute place called the Java Garden. The patio was dreamy.


I ordered their lemon almond chicken salad + coffee, of course. 😉


One evening Matt and I tag-teamed dinner. I put together a simple salad with the last of our Hope Thai Coconut Curry hummus.


We made shrimp Alfredo using TJ’s Autumnal Harvest Alfredo sauce. It’s delicious! GF rice-based pasta is not. Ha. It gets clumpy no matter what. But we enjoyed this dish.


To celebrate our Patient Care Techs, one of my managers was so kind and catered Salsarita’s!


Today while in Morristown again, I decided to treat myself to this cute café. Another lady was there to dine solo, so we ended up sitting together. I’m not shy like I used to be, and it was nice to chat with her!


The lighting wasn’t great for a Millennial food blogger photo 😉 I chose this sampler plate: fried green tomatoes, mushroom quiche, squash soup (that one of my friends highly recommended!), and Twinings Chai tea with honey and cream. The little spice muffin and orange slice were the perfect sweet finish. This meal was incredible!


Here is the pan of saucy tomato artichoke chicken I made for our get-together with one of our best friends last Friday evening.


I enjoyed this Luvo meal one afternoon for lunch. Love their entrees! This one was Chicken Meatballs in Garlic Wine Sauce.


One of my waffle creations was Fage Greek yogurt with frozen avocado (froze it from fresh) tahini, and maple on one with pb, banana, and cinnamon on the other.


I purchased a bagged salad kit from TJ’s that I topped with baked salmon one evening for a quick dinner.


Another quick dinner of spinach, carrots, radish, pepper, steamed lentils, feta, the marinade from our jarred marinated artichoke hearts, and Red Hot Blues.


As always, please share any of your recent eats in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Eats + Treats

  1. Yay for a recent eats! Oh my goodness- that shrimp alfredo pasta looks scrumptious as can be!

    That tea room is adorable. Loveee . We had a spot back in Ohio we loved to go to together that was like that! The meal looks delishh.

    Ahhh all of this just looks too tasty!! Thank ya for sharing- always love the foodie inspo.


    1. Thank you! I was really thankful that our Alfredo turned out so well! Well, aside from the GF pasta mush. Ha

      I just love quaint, small town cafés! This was such a fun visit, & the food was phenomenal.

      Thank you for enjoying what I’ve shared! I’m so glad we have similar tastes & can be inspired by each other. ❤️


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