Two Years Since We Said “I Do”

Today marks two years that Matt and I have been married. While we’ve been together for a little more than 13 years (whoa!), these past two really have been special. Difficult, heartbreaking with losing Mason, and confusing during our house hunt. But I am beyond grateful for his love and our commitment to each other. As we vowed, for better or for worse. So some days will be over-the-moon incredible while others will be a struggle. Thankful we get to experience it all together!


For breakfast, I went really simple: Pumpkin Pie Perfect Bar + strawberries and “cream” aka Fage.

My little ootd with speckled-on-speckled. 😉


Have you tried this Sabra snack? It was a tad overly salty but really creamy and delicious!


The photo on the left is from our two year dating anniversary. Babies!


Dinner was a quick but tasty salad topped with organic canned spiced black beans, TJ’s frozen roasted organic delicata squash, and Red Hot Blues.


For dessert, I polished off this tub o’ Fage with wild bluebz, banana, and roasted nuts.



We slept well and in until the eight o’clock hour, then I made us a classic bowl of KERF-style banana whipped oatmeal. So fluffy, sweet, and delicious!


We watched two episodes of GG while eating and sipping coffee, then I did Barre3 before finally showering.

Some typical selfies out front! Ya know we had to.


Outtakes, lolol. They’re my favorite ones!



I won a free Poke Bros. bowl, so we chose to have lunch there. It’s in our mall, which recently had a “face lift”. It was strange to see it so different!


We each built our own bowls, and they were absolutely perfect. Filling but not heavy, flavorful but not salty.


Thanks to Mackenzie recently mentioning mochi, I have been anxious to try it. Matt got us a sampler of the flavors they had in stock: pistachio, passionfruit, Thai tea, mango, and red bean. The pistachio was my favorite! It’s basically ice cream wrapped in dough that it then kept frozen. Have you tried it?


We decided to check out the Gatlinburg Craftsman’s Fair. Thankfully, the weather turned out to be beautiful all day! We thought it would rain.

Our selfie game was hi-larious. Matt accidentally switched it to portrait mode and snapped one of mah face.




Gorgeous blue skies, pumpkins, and fall décor all along the cute street!


We couldn’t take photos inside, but we enjoyed browsing all of the booths. We saw this coffee shop, Smoky Mountain Espresso, on the way and decided to make a pit stop on the way back.


They have our bistro table! Only theirs are a bit nicer.



Matt got an almond milk latte with Irish cream, and I just had a classic latte that I then sprinkled the top with cinnamon and nutmeg. They didn’t hold a candle to K brew, but they were enjoyable.



We were near his parents’, so we got to stop by and see them. It was a fun visit!



Once home, we whipped up a quick breakfast-for-dinner meal: wilted spinach, cheesy delicata squash scramble, toast, and grapes. I got the idea to include the squash from this post by Anne.


Sweet cuddles with Jackson! He pawed at my leg to be picked up and loved on. We have such sweet and spoiled babies.


My evening snack included yogurt and Multigrain Cheerios out of the nearly empty pb jar. Mmmm mmm



We again slept pretty well and enjoyed a leisurely morning. I toasted two slices of Aldi’s organic pumpkin bread and topped one slice with pb and banana while I topped the second with yogurt and tahini. We sipped on some coffee while getting ready for the day.


My pretty macramé wall hanging was delivered! I found it on Amazon and purchased it using my Chase points, so I only spent $5. Score! My Barre3 space is now complete.


Matt snapped these of Rachel catching some rays. Gosh she’s so darn adorable!



I found this cute jumper on super sale at Old Navy recently. I decided to pair it with my neck scarf, and every year I plan to wear my TOMS wedding shoes on our anniversary or our anniversary weekend!

We finally made our way to Vienna and each got the Demogorgon Stranger Things latte. Is it not gorgeous? It is made with chocolate and activated charcoal. Mackenzie just wrote about trying it, and now I can say I’ve had it too!


Enjoying that first sip.


We were cracking up because as you might well imagine, our lips turned black.


My Stranger Things-loving heart feels complete.


Because we’re pretty cool, we grocery shopped using Kroger Clicklist while we enjoyed our lattes. Not everyone can be as awesome as us. 😉

Matt’s latte looked really neat as he sipped on it, so naturally we had to take photos.

We swung by a standard Target to get picnic provisions. We had brought grapes and hummus, but I forgot the carrots. Doh. This wasn’t a super Target, so we just got a tasty savory trail mix and crackers. We found a park to enjoy it, but as we were munchin’ away, a group began setting up for some school board event. Haha


We left and drove a little bit further to Townsend, a really quaint, cute area. We browsed the Apple Barn and another shop.


We decided to drive down a bit further since we had time before our dinner reservation, and we stopped at the visitor’s center. We took a photo for a couple, and then they returned the favor. Love these!



We walked up the road and saw these stunning views from people’s home and farms.



I have to say I love this photo with the sunshine.


I brought a dress to change into but was unsure where I could do so. Matt was a sweetie and asked the gentleman at one of the nearby shops we had browsed, and I was able to make a quick change in their dressing room.

I found the Dancing Bear Appalachian Bistro just through a quick Google search, and my gosh was this an amazing place!

But first, let’s snap a selfie. No shame.



Our very sweet waitress happily took these for us by their incredible fireplace.


The lighting was dim, but she offered to get a portrait as well. So nice of her!


The dress I wore was the same one (by Modcloth) that I wore exactly two years ago for our rehearsal dinner. It felt so so special to wear it again!

They surprised us each with a complimentary bite. The flaky dough was buttery, soft, and perfect. I believe the sauce was a mustard-base, and I loved all of the flavors.


We split the fall squash soup with pom seeds, bacon, and juicy scallop.


*Then* they surprised us again with another complimentary course! Sadly, they didn’t have any GF bread, but otherwise, they accommodated Matt so wonderfully. I thoroughly enjoyed the mini biscuit with fruit and cornbread with butter. Not a crumb was left on that adorable wooden coaster.


Matt tried two of their whiskey cocktails, and I had a sip of each. The first had pineapple juice, lemon, and a few other flavors. This one had a foamy cap with thyme and orange. It was my favorite!


Next up was the beet and bok choy salad with blue cheese. Scrumptious.


I used my pretty rose gold clutch that my MIL gave me the night before our wedding. I love it.


I chose their vegetable platter, but unfortunately, I didn’t take a photo of the menu. So to the best of my memory, it included Brussels sprouts with a pistachio pesto and pom seeds / stuffed eggplant with wild rice, butternut squash, feta, and edamame / mushroom dish to the back / cauliflower, corn, spinach gratin. I brought home a good amount that I’ll be enjoying for lunch today. I loved the presentation!


Matt went with their stuffed trout with pickled onion, green beans, artichoke hearts, pom seeds, and I believe a root vegetable puree. I had a few bites, and it was tender and perfect.



They had this owl artwork in the restroom, so of course I had to take a photo!


As if our dining experience hadn’t already been amazing, they had a complimentary s’mores bar and bonfire outside!


It was a bit colder than either of us would’ve liked, but this fire was just right.


So stinkin’ cute!


My first s’more of the season!


The silhouette of trees was stunning.


They even had hammocks hung up near the fire.


I believe they had a wedding there on Saturday, so we snagged yet another selfie with the flowers. Haha


Another pretty space for events!


Aaaaand one more. We both vowed to come back in the summer to enjoy it in the warm time of the year! They have a lodge that would be quite amazing to enjoy for even one night.


Oh and did I mention they gave us complimentary cookies? They know how to treat their guests!


They aren’t GF, so I enjoyed one with my tea and saved the other.


Matt ordered their cheesecake to go. They are so thoughtful that they make it without a crust and just add the crumb topping for those who can eat it. This way it’s GF. I had a bite, and the spiced fruit was the perfect compliment to the sweet, rich, cheesecake.


Monday – Our Anniversary ❤

Once again, thanks to Mackenzie, I got another box of Kodiak protein waffles. I tried them a little while back and enjoyed them. I toasted their blueberry flavor and topped with pb and maple with thawed berry cherry blend on the side.


Ootd with cords, sweater, booties, and my bomber jacket. It’s a cold but pretty day!

Matt and I are so looking forward to watching our wedding video together tonight! Here’s to the start of another amazing year together!




4 thoughts on “Two Years Since We Said “I Do”

  1. I’m a bit late, but happy anniversary ❤ ❤ And I am looooving the throw backs! Oooo banana whipped oats sound tasty tasty!! The pics of you two are adorable – such a beautiful couple. Also your shirt is amaziiing. My biggest concern with poke bowls is that they will just be saturated with soy sauce and sodium that takes away from the fresh flavor- so I’ll have to give them another try hearing you found some great ones!

    That mochi!!! I need a moment… I wish I could just reach out and grab one!

    Wait, that accidental portrait picture is SO good!!! What a wonderful place and city near Matt’s parents.

    Okay, need a second to say I just love this post- these pictures just radiate joy. & This one of you and Jackson melts my heart!

    Dawww Rachel needs her rays!

    Hahha- I am SOOO excited you guys tried the lattes! That’s so funny they turned your lips black though!?!? Mine probably did too and I just didn’t notice, haha. I love how down Matt is to try new things too. That’s awesome. And you look super chic sippin’ your latte in that Audrey Hepburn-esque outfit! Did you guys like them?! So curious to hear your thoughts! I had a hard time putting into words what it tasted like!

    What a beautiful meal & special time together. And S’mores to end the night?!? I’m not sure that this couple of days could have been any better. Thanks so much for sharing, I loved every second of reading it! And happy anniversary again!!


    1. Thank you so much, Mackenzie!! I can’t get over how much we’ve changed in some ways & yet not in others. I love a good nostalgic photo throwback. 🙃 Making oatmeal with the banana stirred in makes them super fluffy & delicious! Thank you! I credit Kaci for finding this velvet top at ON. I’m glad velvet is back! That was my worry too! Matt & I both told them light on the sauce, but they still were heavy-handed. We chose ones that weren’t soy sauce-based, & we both were pleased with our choices. Nothing worse than overly salted fresh sushi!

      I cannot wait to try more mochi flavors! With hot coffee 😍 I mean, hello heaven.

      Aww thank you! I told him I wish he would’ve been in it for a portrait of us both. Hehe

      Jackson is such a ham! He wanted to be held so bad & loves to rub his face against yours. He’s so full of love! (Once he’s full of noms.)

      Rachie is such a diva, & I just adore her. 😸

      I’m so appreciative Matt goes along with & wants to try new things! The stain wasn’t permanent, but our tongues were black too. It was funny! Thank you!! I didn’t see the Hepburn-esque of it but do now & so appreciate that amazing compliment! I loved it! The chocolate gave it the right amount of sweetness. I’m unsure what it would taste like just as a latte with charcoal. Now I’m curious. 🧐 Perhaps earthy & rich on its own. I just loved the color. So spooky & unique!

      It really couldn’t have been any more perfect! I told Matt we’ve truly been blessed with awesome weather on our wedding day & both anniversaries. It was super chilly but still so pretty. Saturday was even supposed to rain, but it was like Mother Nature was looking out for us. The s’mores truly capped off an already ah-mazing experience! We cannot wait to go back. Thank you so very much for your sweet words! I was smiling so big while reading your comment. XO


      1. Yessss mochi and coffee would be the ultimate combo- I need to get on that soon. Actually I did have a sesame mochi muffin with coffee one time and you’re right- truly heaven! Aw I am SOO glad the day held out for y’all! ❤ Such a beautiful and treasured weekend for you two! Have such a great week 🙂


        1. Ohmygosh that sounds delicious! I love sesame – it gives the perfect nutty sweet-savory flavor to anything. Thank you so much! I sure hope you have the best week! ❤


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