Fun Friday Favorites + Meal Inspo

Happy (payday) Friday!! I sure hope everyone has had a wonderful week! I decided to share another favs + meal inspiration fusion post. So let’s get this started with my favorite savory breakfast as of late!

I layered and heated spinach with the last of both our sauteed peppers, onion, mushroom, garlic, delicata squash, and spiced black beans + butternut squash risotto. I then topped it off with an over easy egg, toast, and a navel orange. So good! I loved the sweet with the savory.


Action shot. Some might call this yolk porn. Ha


I am not opposed at all to enjoying frozen entrees because they can be very nourishing and satisfying. This was a Healthy Choice Simply Steamer Mediterranean-Style Lentil with chickpeas, peppers, and a lemon sauce. I split a lemon poppy seed Bobo bar with Matt, and it was the perfect dessert with this!


One evening for a quick dinner, I thawed and then sauteed shrimp in Old Bay and served it with the aforementioned butternut squash risotto (Aldi from frozen!), and heated canned green beans. Convenience foods should not be feared or shunned. This helped us to get a warm, enjoyable meal on the table within minutes!


Another evening I sauteed green cabbage in our Pioneer Woman Dutch Oven and added spicy brown mustard, garlic powder, salt, and pepper. We had Kroger salmnon burgers from frozen, and Kaci was *so* kind and split this VG’s pumpkin scone with me!


Lastly on the dinner front, this was quite the awesome meal! I seared and slow cooked boneless pork chops seasoned with Tandur Indian spice blend in our cast iron pan. I removed them from the pan and then added two big spoonfuls of pear pineapple jam that we bought from one of the cute stores we browsed last weekend. Roasted red potaotes with ketchup and heated cabbage completed our plate.


I paid a quick visit to HomeGoods and found some great items! I could’ve done so. much. damage., but I refrained.

Lemon curd and NuttZo. They had pumpkin curd, *but* I love me some lemon! I am imagining this beautiful product will be enjoyed on waffles, pancakes, toast, oatmeal, and hopefully homemade crepes! I made a ton many years ago and need to try to do so GF.


Jeannette (Instagram handle @shutthekaleup) has posted about Manuka honey, so I was interested in trying it. I had it over my oatmeal this morning, and it was full o’ flava! I also bought this wild lavender honey for our tea. It is fabulous as well.


I have never seen this brand of pasta, so naturally I had to buy it! I also snagged GF spinach gnocchi (any team gnocchi lovers out there?), and Jamie Oliver’s curried chickpeas side. I’m thinking of using this as a warm, quick lunch for us soon.


LOOK AT THIS CUTIE! I My search for an alarm clock is complete. I want to keep our phones out of our bedroom, and this guy is now there to get our a$$es up in the morning. 😉


Fash-un time. See what I did there? Time, get it? Yea, ok moving on now. haha

Brought out this fav sweater I found at TJMaxx almost three years ago paired with my JCP jeans and red flats.


I am now painfully aware of how desperately I need to clean this mirror. Yikes. I rocked a kind of Yale prep look with my J Crew sweater and khaki dress pants (both scores from Planet Xchange!) with booties and my owl pendant necklace from my visit to Charllotesville, VA six years ago!


Target navy + orange print dress, gray blue tights, ON gray booties, and a navy button down-turned cardigan.



Lastly, I had already planned to wear my polka dotted dress when I saw the latest post by Adrienne of The Vintage Epicurean. I rocked my ensemble with Pixi Beauty blue black eye liner, fun stud earrings, and my ON red booties.


Complete with dat bad lighting. I love the combination of prints!



Any plans for the weekend? Please feel free to share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Fun Friday Favorites + Meal Inspo

  1. I have been craving beans lately (that’s probably an odd thing to crave hahah), but that steamer Mediterranean style lentil bowl looks insanely good! Butternut squash risotto- ohhh Aldi, why can’t you be in Cali?! These meals are all autumnal deliciousness!

    Hahahha you know I loled at your “fash-un” comment. It is much appreciated over here 😉

    YOUR OUTFITS!!! You are queen at cute but professional outfits too. You could go to work but then wear those outfits on the weekend too. That is an art!! xo


    1. Oh I crave them too! Especially cannelini beans. They’re so buttery & soft. The steamer bowl was so flavorful! I so wish there was an Aldi was near you!

      I’m glad you liked it! 😉

      Gah, thank you!! I really love playing around with my clothes to come up with new outfits. I admit I’m a typical girl who loves clothes & fashion. No shame in my game, though! 😉


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