Starting New Traditions

Good Monday afternoon! This post is coming at you with a very full heart but lack of Zzzz. I was so excited and all wired still at 10 pm from our fun autumn gathering yesterday that sleep was a little tricky.


Anywho, onto the food and fun from our weekend! I started with this amazing bowl of oatmeal that I soaked overnight before heating, added mixed fruit, and topped with NuttZo and manuka honey.


Lunch was this Luvo Orange Mango Chicken frozen entrée that was really enjoyable!


I treated myself to a matcha latte at Honeybee Coffee Shop after work. It was so warm and satisfying on what was a rainy, dreary day. However, it did need some sweetener. Oh well.


I saw all of these awesome items at Wal-Mart that I wanted but knew I couldn’t buy. So I snapped photos to drool over and share. Ha.

Once home, I whipped up this quick meal. Our GF spinach gnocchi from HomeGoods with Aldi butternut squash pasta sauce simmered and spooned over the top. A simple salad of spinach and Caesar on the side. This hit the spot!


Matt helped me to make chili for our family autumn gathering at the lake house. It was planned for Saturday but got postponed until Sunday due to the weather. Given it sat for over a day, the flavors really intensified, I think, and it smelled wonderful while it simmered!

I noshed on yogurt with frozen berries, tahini, and flakes while we watched Golden Girls.



I did sleep well over the weekend, thankfully. Matt had a bowl of Multigrain Cheerios with banana as his evening snack, so I made a bowl for breakfast. Original Cherrios, cinnamon, banana, manuka honey, pb, and milk.


They both got in a box to chill!


We finally hung this, and I love it!


After doing so. much. cleaning, I completed a B3 workout then had lunch. Udi’s GF baguette, veg, NuttZo, and the last of our lentil hummus.


Hershey’s almond milk chocolate for dessert.


This is how Rachel curled up in my lap when I was logging out of my B3 account on my laptop. She’s such a silly girl!


Got myself put together for some errands, i.e. a Target run. Lolz


I had gone there the day before and grabbed a few things, including this new blush set. I felt like I was cheating on Pixi Beauty, but I needed to find something less expensive. I’ve been buying their blush duo, but now I have so much of the highlighter side left and none of the peach-tone blush.


My first application attempt.


I quickly put together this snack of Organic Triscuits and Havarti plus extra coffee then left for Tarjay.


When I was there on Friday, I browsed their eyeglasses selection and found a pair I loved. So I went back and ordered them complete with lenses and a six-month supply of contacts for less than $400. I thought that was a pretty good deal.

I saw this display and loved all of it! This time of year will never get old.


Also, we’re finally seeing pretty fall foliage! I love them against this moody gray sky.


I went by Hobby Lobby for one item and also just browsed. It was hard to resist! So many cute home décor items galore.

I was really hungry when I got home and had this weird but delish snack: ‘shrooms with Caesar dressing plus prunes.


We had the same awesome pork and cabbage meal from a few nights prior along with roasted potatoes.

I polished off the last slice of Aldi organic pumpkin bread with Fage, ground flaxseed, chia, peanuts, and a Navel orange.



Up and at ’em! Two warmed blueberry Kodiak Cakes protein waffles over spinach and topped with NuttZo, banana, cinnamon, and, you guessed it, manuka honey. I’m on a kick.


I made my grandmother’s buttermilk cornbread recipe to go with our chili.


After just a calming 10-minute B3 workout, I ate carrots, Sabra caramelized humus, a few Triscuits that didn’t make the photo, and grapes.


Matt and I were slow pokes, but we finally got out to the lake house! Boy, the wind was something unreal. It was howling at times.

Plaid twinsies! Kaci coordinate the very best day! Susan said we should make it a yearly tradition, and I plan for us to do just that!


My hair had a mind of its own.



We chose to take a few selfies inside where it was calm. Lol



Eeeewww 😉


My sister-in-law, Sara made ranch dip that was soo tasty and addictive. I washed it down with apple cider.


Group shot! Kaci and Drew, Sara and Neal, Susan and David, Piper and Baylor (Sara and Neal’s adorable kids), and Matt and me.


I chose to use Erin’s Healthy Turkey Chili recipe, and it was perfect! I used one pound each ground turkey and organic lean grass fed beef. I also used a pumpkin chili spice packet I had found at Big Lots, added more cumin, and included one can each pumpkin and dark red kidney beans. There wasn’t any left, which is a really good sign!


Sunday was Drew’s 31st birthday, so his mom made him this beautiful pumpkin bundt cake!


Action shots.

Then we roasted s’mores the redneck way over a grill. Hahahaha


First s’more with GF graham crackers and dark chocolate.


Matt was sweet and got this portrait for me because the phone and I were struggling.


Sara snapped this! I love it.


Second s’more with classic graham crackers and milk chocolate.



We carved pumpkins, and they all turned out so awesome! Matt and mine is on the far right. I didn’t have any part in it except to scrape out the innards. Matt quickly winged the design and carved. He’s quite creative in my opinion!


Hahaha love it. So proud! 😉




Selfie with the pumpkin.


We’re just a couple of goofballs!


Matt took these of the pretty evening sky before we started to pack up to head home.

Our pumpkin proudly illuminated on our front porch. We’re so festive this year!

I ate a few apple slices with Fage and pb along with herbal tea with honey.



I heated a Del Monte oatmeal cup and topped it with Fage and pb.


Matt made an oat muffin that he topped with a ring of pb and puddle of maple. It looked great!


Happy National Cat Day! I feel so blessed to be Rachel, Mason, and Jackson’s mama. They are the best babies!!





Susan was so sweet and gave me these super cute flats that weren’t comfortable for her. Kaci let me borrow this cardigan for one of mine too. We’re going to swap clothes often like we used to when we lived together.


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and truly has a wonderful, uplifting week ahead!




8 thoughts on “Starting New Traditions

  1. OOo I saw Manuka honey at TJs! Are there any special health benefits with it or does it have a different flavor than standard honey?

    That picture of the matcha latte on your lap with your cute polka dot dress is so eye catching!

    I hate when something needs to be sweetened up, but I don’t have anything on me- I usually try to keep emergency stevia packs in my purse cause I’ve been there!

    Spinach gnocchi?! OH YUM!!

    That owl key chain holder is sah cute! And so YOU!

    Love the blush! So shimmery but subtle. Prettty pretty!

    I am living for these fall pictures- it is harder to get in the autumn spirit out here as much because it doesn’t feel like it goes full on fall without the deep gray skies! So thanks for sharing those!

    Yay for fage & toast!! Such a winning combo.
    Oh my that cornbread looks perfect! Nothing like a grandma’s recipe ❤ ❤

    You and Kaci are plaid princesses!!! What a fun time- seriously seems like just a perfect day.

    Woah his mom made that bundt cake?! It looks sooo good & professionally done!

    And that oat ring muffin!!! HOW?! I need to knowww!

    I just love your family ❤ I have to live vicariously since someone *cough cough* will never cave on a kitty haha.

    Happy Halloweeeeeen, Kori!!!


    1. Some report health benefits, but honestly, I just wanted to try the flavor! It tastes amazing. I recommend it for drizzling over your oatmeal, toast, and savory foods.

      Thank you! I’m super proud of how it turned out all thanks to Kaci and Matt’s help!

      Thank you very much! Funny story: when I applied my blush on Sunday, it got heavy quick. Matt said it looked like I was trying to hide that he hit me. Lolz. I frantically dab dab dabbed (if you haven’t seen the YouTube video of a dad dubbing over his daughter’s makeup tutorial, it’s a must!), and thankfully, it looked really nice. It was a close call, though. 😉

      I could not do without an East TN fall season! It’s my favorite. I wish you could have it there too! I’m glad my photos can help some. 🙂

      Thank youuuu!! We love plaid in all its glory.

      Right?! When she opened the lid, my draw dropped. I immediately had goals for the next cake I try making.

      I had already eaten breakfast and then immediately had breakfast envy! He mixed a packet of Ancient Grains instant oatmeal with one egg, 1/4 t baking powder, spices, splash of milk, and I think that was it. Microwave it until it sets in a mug or bowl, flip onto a plate, fill with a puddle o’ maple and a drizzle of pb. I’ll be making it this week!

      Thank you so much! I feel incredibly blessed (as cliché as that may sound) and super thankful. Rachie was a diva this morning, but as soon as she snuggles with me over coffee, I can’t stay irritated. Our babies give us life. 🙂

      Happy Halloween to you too, doll!!


      1. I bet the manuka honey would taste soo good over my oatmeal, fage, and PB in the morning!

        hahah oh my gosh I love that Matt was so honest with you!! And I LOVE that video- hahah- I died laughing watching it. But that blush turned out purrrrfectly in the end!

        Goodness gracious- that sounds soo good. I need to try that ASAP. YUM! Matt really is quite the chef himself.

        Not cliche at all- just true! ❤



  2. Oh my goodness that butternut squash pasta sauce sounds so festive and delightful! I am going to have to try some over my banza noodles that I haven’t made in ages. Also, your breakfast/dessert/snack bowls with mixtures of fruit, nut butter + toppings always inspire me! They always look so yummy, healthy and satisfying!

    Thanks for always sharing so much of your beautiful life!



    1. Thank you so very much!! I really appreciate your sweet words. I’m glad you enjoy my creations!

      The pasta sauce is so flavorful! Sometimes jarred sauce is lacking, but this has just the right balance of spice. I love Banza pasta!



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