Halloween Fun 2018

Y’all, it finally happened. After thirteen years together, Matt and I dressed up in a couple’s Halloween costume! My 30-year old heart was happy. Halloween just makes you feel like a kid again, and I loved it!

One of my awesome friends shared this avocado costume with me, and immediately I put one on hold at Target. I mean, could there be a more fitting costume? I guac-ed on all day long, and you better believe I was shaking that hass. Bravocado you say? Sorry not sorry!

Safety first!

Some of these awesome girls at our clinic dressed in their 80’s best! Left to right: Anna, Cierra, and Kasey. I actually loved their outfits. I think watching Golden Girls has me loving 80’s fashion.

Workin’ it!

Anna clipped me in to my costume. Bahaha


Kasey, Lindsey, and I got a photo together, and I love it! I was holding up mah pit. Lolz

Ya know I had to eat some guacamole on the day I’m wearing an avocado suit. Simple Mills crackers as the guac-to-mouth vehicle.

The pit made a nice resting spot.

I committed avocado cannibalism!

We joined Kaci, Drew, Sara, Neal, Susan, and the kids trick-or-treating. Matt went as a slice of GF toast, and man was it epic and approapriate! Cardboard with holes? Check and check. Just the way some GF bread tastes. Bahahaha. Sweet Axl Rose photo-bombed us.

I’ll always be the avocado to his toast.

I didn’t choose the gluten free life. The gluten free life chose me.

My super cute sweet sister in her skeleton pj’s. Love them!

Gosh, are they not the cutest family? Axl and his costume should win the internet.

For dinner, we enjoyed Aldi frozen butternut squash, spinach, onion mix with a sauce that I sauteed. I cooked chicken breasts before we left for trick-or-treating, so I just reheated it to add on top. Lastly, I sprinkled the cooked pumpkin seeds from our carving that Susan made, and they are so amazing!


This morning I made two over easy eggs over wilted spinach with warmed cornbread drizzled with manuka honey. Umm yum!

A nice red pear on the side.

Today’s outfit includes my favorite shade of gray tights, vintage kelly green dress with a navy trim, and Old Navy red booties.

Hope you all have the best day!

4 thoughts on “Halloween Fun 2018

  1. Woooohoooo! This costume was EPIC!!! The girls at your clinic nailed those 80s costumes too! Lol, avocado cannibalism. Gets every time! Lol.

    Matt’s costume is SO . GOOOOOOD. Hahahhah. GENIUS.

    Ooo yummy butternut squash bowl!

    You outfit is adorable- I just love that color green!


    1. Thank you soo much!!!! We had such a fantastic time! I may be biased, but I think made the cutest slice o’ toast ever. 😉 The girls looked so darn pretty and fun! Hahahaha I couldn’t resist! How could I dress like an avocado but not eat it?

      “And a box…?” The kids’ reactions were priceless. Yes, little humans, GF bread can taste like a slice of cardboard.

      I really loved it!

      Thanks soo much!


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