Cookies, Pies, & Pastries, Oh My!

Happy Monday to you all! I hope you were able to get in extra rest with the silly time change. While it was mostly low-key, I had such a wonderful weekend!


I began Friday with microwaved banana-whipped oatmeal with a blob o’ delicious pb and my make-shift granola from Alexis’ pumpkin spice oat bites. It is so damn delicious!


These next four photos came up on my Facebook memories and gave me both so much happiness and so much heartache. How were these taken just a few short years ago, and now Mason is gone? I’ll never get used to his absence. We need our baby boy back home with us where he belongs.


He could make me melt.


This stinker! He’s just a snuggle-monkey.


That tongue ❤


The company needed to reallocate some of us dietitians and a few social workers, so the social worker and I had our last day Friday at one of the two clinics I have covered since I started just over three years ago. It feels so weird and sad! I’ll miss my awesome coworkers and some of my very favorite patients!

My manager was always so kind and surprised us with a catered lunch from Aubrey’s along with a super sweet gift and card. I chose the tuna steak over a Caesar salad with some sweet potato fries on the side.



After going home to care for Rachel and Jackson, I met Kaci and Drew at Wild Love Bakehouse for their *free* annual holiday menu event! It. Was. Packed.


One of coworkers got me this adorable (owl-dorable!) mug as a sweet going away gift, so I took it and had them use it for my decaf café au lait. Kaci and I split this plate of goodies.


As well as this one, which Kaci took this photo and blew mine out of the water. The placement of the leaves is super cute. Help a struggling blogger out, ha.



Aaaaand this one. Beet hummus, watermelon radish, rainbow carrots, cuke, focaccia, and a de-to-the-licious chocolate tart. There were gold foil stars on top too!


Twins who find awesome local events together, score together. 😉


Once home, I did some laundry, chores, ate the rest of my salad for lunch, and took SnapChats. Because this is what a chill Friday looks like to a 30 year old. Lol. Matt went to Road Atlanta for a track weekend from Thursday to Saturday, but I needed to stay back for work.




I slept well overall but a bit lighter since Matt wasn’t home. Breakfast was a simple bowl of Cheerios, granola, banana, yogurt, and milk.


Saturday marked the day nine years ago that Mason came into our lives. Look how super tiny he was on that first night! Then to the full baby he became. Our green-eyed angel.


I loved his antics!!


This is the candle that my manager gave to me.


Jax always has to inspect the candles. He burnt a whisker one time, though, so I think he’s learned to stay a safe distance.


I almost never do a full 60-minute Barre3 workout at home, but I had the energy for it. I absolutely loved it! The flow was just what I needed.


Lunch was the last of our buttermilk cornbread with melted sharp cheddar, wilted spinach, an over easy egg, carrots, celery, and guacamole mixed with hummus.


I sported my cute new wolf-print socks.


Casual Saturday outfit to run some quick errands.


I picked up my free Chobani yogurt from Kroger thanks to their free Friday coupon to snack on that afternoon.


I stopped by Planet Xchange to browse and found four really cute tops for less than $50. The floral print was from Anthropologie and was half off Planet’s price of $30. Such a score to me!


Matt got home Saturday evening, which I was so excited about!! For dinner, I made Barilla’s lentil pasta for the first time.


We combined it with roasted green beans, cooked chicken, and simmered butternut squash pasta sauce. We loved this pasta!


My snack later was yogurt, grapes, and flakes out of the pb jar. Yummm.



The time change did allow us to sleep for I believe 10 hours. Holy guac. Although Matt had to get up and feed the babies early, but I was dead to the world.

I made a strawberry banana buttermilk smoothie topped with granola that had the right amount of sweetness, tang, and flavor.


I always think these quizzes are fun. What would you choose?



We relaxed, watched the second to last episode of The Golden Girls, and then in typical fashion, I ran late. I took my free Barre3 class in studio, and it was so awesome! Even though I had done a workout the day prior, I felt strong in my body. I appreciate how much this studio helps me to clear my mind and to feel calm.


Please help me figure out how to store my leggings, tights, and cold weather socks! This bag is not efficient.


Lunch was quinoa, Brussels, tahini, carrots, and a package of KIND breakfast honey oat bars.


Matt and I got ready and went to an open house. While we did not find a home, I did get a wreath. The agent told us the house was actually her childhood home. How crazy is that? She joked that her parents never got rid of anything and for us to, “take anything we wanted”. So I asked for this wreath, which had fake flowers woven in on one side. Score for me! I’ll be adding a few things to it then will hang it out front.


Dinner was super delicious and also really early thanks to the time change. I made a salmon omelet with Havarti and everything bagel seasoning over wilted spinach with cucumber, guacamole, and Udi’s GF baguette.


I did even a few more loads of laundry, prepped food for today, then settled down with this snack: yogurt, pumpkin spice, grapes, and GF graham crackers + lemon lavender tea with honey. We watched the very last episode of The Golden Girls, and I cried. I don’t know what to do with myself now!

Matt also chose for us to watch the movie ‘I Kill Giants’, and I thought it was kind of crappy. The lead character was rather annoying, but watching a movie together is really enjoyable. I don’t know why, but so often I don’t want to commit to watching a movie (I mean, they all are 1.5 hours or longer), but once he chooses one, I’m invested. Anyone feel the same way? I guess I’m too fidgety sometimes to feel like watching a movie. 😉



This morning I made oatmeal with pumpkin pie spice topped with banana, NuttZo, and manuka honey. I watched some videos on YouTube of Melissa McCarthy on Ellen per Kaci’s suggestion, and they are hysterical. Love her!


I decided to wear my new top today, and I just love it! I’m all about funky prints and unique items.


I have hardly taken any photos of our pretty fall foliage, but this fire red with burnt orange make me so happy! They look ah-mazing against the autumn blue sky or the moody gray sky.


Have the very best week ahead!

8 thoughts on “Cookies, Pies, & Pastries, Oh My!

  1. That bowl of oats looks so yummy! There is nothing better than PB in the oats. Aw, I’m sorry you have to go to a different clinic, but looks like you spent your last day the best way possible! I’m sure everyone is going to miss you so much, especially your patients. That card is so cutee. All the pictures of the goodies are tooo cute. And I wish I could just reach out and grab one- they look too tasty. What a super fun event for the two of you!!

    The 60 minute barre sounds intense!!! I love your wolf print socks. And an anthropologie shirt under $30 is a MAJOR score. That’s unheard of haha.

    I love those quizzes too, but I never know how to repost them! Lol. I am both a morning bird and night owl (but more morning bird I’d say), plant killer for sure, planner with a dash of impulsivity, routine-oriented, romantic, morning showerer, and texter/ caller when driving long distances hah! We are very similar!

    I am SO with you on movies. I have the hardest time sitting still for that long! I can do it more when we actually go to them because then it feels more like an “event”, but just at home it is near impossible. xx


    1. Thank you! There truly isn’t. It’s such a simple & satisfying combination!

      I actually don’t have to go to a different clinic. I wrote it really confusing. Since I started, I managed the nutrition for two clinics, Powell & Cedar Bluff. I’m now only at Powell, which I love! But I miss Cedar Bluff. 😢 I appreciated their sweet card & lunch!

      Kaci setup some of the photos & made them so cute! The goodies were sooo enjoyable. You can truly taste the quality & effort put into each one. It was so fun!

      The 60-minute Barre3 studio classes usually go by quickly because of the energy in the room, but at home, I have to rely on my own energy. You know? This 60-minute flow was intense but so rewarding! Thank you. I couldn’t resist some new socks this season. I felt like it was such a score too!

      I don’t either! I just try to choose the first one that comes to mind. 😉 “Planner with a dash of impulsivity” yesssss! That’s so me. I love that we’re similar!

      Thank you for making me not feel alone! I just get fidgety at home, but if we go to one, it absolutely feels like an “event”. It’s like I’m mentally prepared. Haha



      1. Awww oh I see. Still hard to leave another clinic though! Does this make your work load a bit easier ? Or will you have double the load at Powell now?

        I totally know what you mean about the classes going by faster! It is harder to me more motivated or go as hard at home- but it always feels good when you have those days that you are in the zone !

        haha yes-I totalllly know what you mean about being mentally prepared!!! At home it feels like you could be doing so many other things, in the theater you have no choice but to sit back, relax, pop a few buncha crunch, and enjoy the movie 😉 xoxo


        1. It is really hard to leave! I love change at times but also get into a funk sometimes over it. You know? I have less patients to see, and now I don’t have to drive across town. I’m sure it will be better in some ways, but I just miss my people.

          Yes, girl! I think of too many things to go do instead vs. sitting in theater, relaxing, and becoming absorbed into the movie. You always get me! XO


          1. I totally understand. I find change I’m in control of can be exciting and easier… where change that I’m not in control of can be much more difficult to accept… this was more out of your control so probably feels less exciting/ great, especially when leaving people you are close to are involved.. I totally get it! Keep me posted on how the adjustment goes ❤ I'm sure you will meet new awesome people that you will impact in big ways!

            SAME! xox


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