Rain, Rain, You Are a Pain

Good Tuesday morning, beautiful people!! Our company has given us dietitians and social workers four mandatory PTO holidays for the remainder of the year, and one was Veteran’s Day. Hence why my weekend recap is comin’ atcha today.


I’ve been on a cereal kick, so I gave the body what it wanted! Kashi organic Harvest Cinnamon Wheat with banana, chia, NuttZo, and milk.


My fall-inspired outfit. It’s been rainy, but I’ve tried to dress in a cheerful way. 😉 Also, I’m wearing my new pair of glasses, which are metal frames by DKNY. I love them! I haven’t worn a metal frame in over a decade.



I attended a lunch at The Copper Cellar thanks to a pharmacy representative.


Wild salmon with rice, asparagus, and bread that was served after I snapped this photo. I also sipped on hot mint tea. ‘Tis the season for allthehotdrinks!


Later that afternoon I attended a surprise baby shower for our awesome Lead Registered Dietitian! She’s expecting her third, and one of our RD’s coordinated the sweetest shower. She brought this cake made locally that was phenomenal! I had coffee with it, and it hit. the. spot. So much laughter was had, and I loved seeing several of our amazing RD’s!



Despite it being cold and dreary, it certainly made for a spectacular evening sky, complete with a rainbow! It made me think of how we must take the good with the bad and to see the good in everything. My drive home was lovely because of the rich colors in the sky, which made the fall foliage stand out that much more. ❤

I felt like doing an at-home Barre3 workout, so I did what seemed like just the right amount. My coffee + cake gave me awesome fuel! I by no means worked out to compensate, though. It would’ve been just as appropriate to come home and just relax.

For dinner, we enjoyed a salad-in-a-bag kit with GF crackers. Simply and satisfying.


One of the RD’s gave us all a unique soap bar, and this one sounds lovely!

I had this yogurt-fruit-cereal bowl, enjoyed time with Matt [read: chatted his ear off per usual 😉 ], then crawled into bed.



Somehow I forgot to take a photo of my cereal. Did I even eat it? Hahaha. Matt and I enjoyed a super relaxing morning. We woke up slowly, laid in bed, snuggled with the babies, and then made our way downstairs.

After a quick Barre3 flow, I enjoyed heated leftover roasted vegetables, radish, carrots, Triscuits, and hummus + yogurt with dark chocolate morsels for lunch.



Rachie loves my avocado costume as a bed, and she is so stinkin’ cute!


More fun socks!


My ensemble for the day.


I went to Kroger to collect our last Clicklist order that was free of the convenience charge, so naturally I had to take a SnapChat while I waited.


We joined Matt’s mom and step-dad for a belated birthday dinner for her. She chose the Applewood Grill, and they provide complimentary Apple Julep (a combination of juices), apple fritters with apple butter, and soup with each entrée.


They were pretty tasty. They reminded me of funnel cake.


Vegetable soup. Unfortunately, no soups were GF for Matt. 😥


I chose the pecan chicken salad, and I loved it! The texture was great, and the flavor was sweet and creamy without being heavy on the mayo.


Matt chose their pork chops, and they were kind to give him a third side since he couldn’t have any soup.


Once back home, I had a mug of Cheerios, snuggled with the babes, and went to bed.



Another day, another bowl of cereal, y’all! This one had the shredded wheat biscuits + flakes topped with cottage cheese, thawed fruit, and roasted peanuts.

That coffee steam is a thing of beauty. I love hot coffee all year long but especially right now!

I was in the mood for more Barre3, so I pushed play then noshed on my leftovers from dinner. I added spinach plus a hard boiled egg that Matt made that morning for his breakfast. A toasted GF bagel with siracha carrot hummus on the side.


Kaci came over to take Rachel and Jackson to the vets for their vaccinations. *Love* her!


Rachel came in at just under 9 lbs while Jackson was just under 13 lbs. He comes by his love of food honestly! We were purroud parents when they asked what food we gave to them. They stated that they looked so healthy with beautiful, shiny hair. We just wish Mason could be with us to go as well. We’re incomplete without him.

Once home, we snacked on these GF fig bars with milk for me, cottage cheese for Kaci.


Kaci left to run some errands before their family dinner, and I finished some errands and chores before starting dinner prep. I’ve never seen a “twin” mushroom, so this cracked me up!


Dinner included roasted green beans, onion, mushrooms, and garlic along with wilted spinach, Aldi’s cooked quinoa with kale from frozen, and simmered organic canned lentils that I seasoned with chili powder, turmeric, garlic, and Italian herbs.


My evening snack was yogurt, cutie, GF graham crackers, dark chocolate morsels, and pb.



I got up with Matt, and we enjoyed some his and hers oatmeal. He made his hot while I mixed my instant ancient grains oatmeal packet with cottage cheese, milk, and thawed fruit. I topped mine with dark chocolate morsels (love them!) and roasted almonds. A sweet Jax photo bomb too!


I did another short Barre3 flow, ate a slice of pb toast, and then I met with Kaci for lunch. Just like old times when I was still in grad school!


Tazo’s Refresh tarragon + mint tea.


I chose their squash soup, and it was heavenly with each bite.


For my entrée, I ordered their baked tofu chef salad and substituted baked onions instead of raw. The blue cheese vinaigrette was really too thin, but otherwise, this was satisfying.


I didn’t want to leave or for her to go back to work! There’s never enough time for us to gab.


I went by Joann’s for a few things and saw some super cute mugs in the checkout line. I can’t buy any right now, so I settled for a photo. Isn’t this so pretty?


For dinner, I finally made us a beef-turkey meatloaf with buttermilk mashed potatoes and reheated roasted vegetables. I roasted the potatoes first then mashed them. I think it gave them nice flavor!


Dessert was yogurt, cutie, prunes, and ground flax. We watched an episode of John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight, and I was dying with laughter!



This morning’s savory oatmeal was so damn good! I cooked it with milk, water, salt, pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika, and turmeric. I wilted spinach into it, shredded cheddar over the top, heated another boiled egg, and sprinkled it with everything bagel seasoning. I had a cutie on the side. This kept me pleasantly full for hours.


Here’s to us all having the best week!




14 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, You Are a Pain

  1. I’m purroud of our babies! I’m sure Macey was watching us from Heaven and saying a “thank you” to not have to have his shots. ha Miss that stinker.

    Lunch was so fun! Helped perk me up on a gloomy Monday. ❤


    1. Baby Boy definitely had a lifetime worth of vets visits! 😭 But he was such a strong Pookers!!

      It was so fun for me too, but I wish I could’ve just kidnapped you from work! 💜


  2. That’s awesome that your company gives you mandatory PTO days like that!!

    Oooo yummy- that harvest cinnamon wheat cereal looks soo yummy. Mini wheats is probably my favorite cereal- so anything like it I’m sure I’d love.

    Your outfit is so cute and SO fall. I love the color combos!

    The Cooper Cellar looks like one fun spot. I’m not generally a huge tea fan, but right now I am on a KICK. It is just hitting the spot since we are essentially quarantined inside our chilly apartment haha.

    Ah Napa Soap?! That sounds so luxurious- I could see my family loving that as a gift. I should see where I can find that… I’m sure they sell it in the Ferry Building in SF or something!

    Ooo I just got some brussels from TJ’s. They are the steam in the bag ones- definitely not as good as roasted- I’m gonna try to roast the leftover ones and see if I can crisp um’ up! Not sure it’s gonna work.. the brawl with the brussels … haha.

    Ahh your bowl of cereal with your cute table and glass could be in a mag. LOVE those colors poppin’! Almost looks too good to eat!

    Lol that shroooom, yessss. Too funny! I don’t think I’ve ever seen one like that—maybe cause I’m not a twin- BUT DJ is so I’ll have to keep an eye out 😉

    Wowzas mctrowzas all this fooooooood. It’s not even thanksgiving and your cooking is outdoing most thanksgiving meals!!! Hope your weekend is going so well 🙂


    1. I’m so sorry I’m just now seeing this comment! Stupid WP put it in the spam folder. 😖

      At first I was upset that they mandated these PTO days, but you know, I’m really looking forward to having these days off to relax & soak up the season!

      Yes! Tea just warms the soul & calms me.

      Yes, I think this soap would make a lovely stocking stuffer!

      It very well may! Either roast the leftover ones or stick them in the toaster. 😄

      Gosh, thank you so much for such a sweet compliment! I sure love bright, cheerful colors & all shades of turquoise.

      DJ & his twin sis definitely need ro find a twin ‘shroom now!

      Oh my goodness, you just made me feel so good!! Thank you very much!! XO I hope you had the best weekend!


      1. My comments have been going into Spam again, ahhhh 😦 Thank you for rescuing it !!! If you don’t mind me asking – do you have to use your own PTO ? Or do they give extra PTO for it? Cause if they mandate you use your own that’s nuts!!

        Oohhh yes the soap would be a perfect stocking stuffer!



        1. I don’t mind you asking at all! That’s what people felt was frustrating – we have to use our own. So I sold almost 80 hours then they sent this information regarding four mandatory days for the rest of the year. Thankfully, I have enough in my PTO bank, but some people may have gone negative.



            1. It’s strange! They’re trying to save money, and it’s really annoying and upsetting. They’ve banned us Dietitians from traveling for our quarterly meetings, so we’re forced to use Skype. Let’s be real, conference calls are a joke. Being in person cannot be replaced by technology. Now this PTO jazz, all the initiatives they continue to implement, and the fact that ultimately the patients are who matter and should be the priority, we RD’s and social workers feel spread thin at times. But I’ll keep trying to see the good! At least I have steady, good pay and can make a difference. Thank you for your concern, Mackenzie!


              1. Of course- but oh man, that just does not sound right! It’s interesting for me to hear how all the budget cuts in health care are affecting everyone- not just immediate acute care 😦 so sorry you are dealing with that- hopefully this coming year things will settle down❤️


              2. It is really strange to implement, & all of the budget cuts are unsettling! I sure hope the new year brings improvements for us!


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