Friday Favorites, Nomspiration, & The Best Friendsgiving!

Y’all, the sun is shining today following day-after-day of cold rain, and this makes my heart feel light, bright, and happy! I have a compilation of a few favorites, some meals I have enjoyed lately, and a recap of a friendsgiving that Kaci and I attended yesterday evening.

Who all are my fellow Triscuit lovers? I haven’t met a Triscuit variety that I didn’t like! These are so delicious. Sweet without being overly so, spicy without being overwhelming. They work perfectly paired with sweet and savory toppings and meals.


I was chatting with one of my sweet patients, and we got to talking about candy. She loves sour hard candies while I’m more of a chocolate gal. That said, you all know how much I love my lemon and sour flavors too. My grandfather always kept Certs mints and Werther’s Originals in his truck, so they are nostalgic. I came into work yesterday and found this package on my office desk. She surprised me with this flavor that I hadn’t tried before. How sweet is she?! These are deeelicious. Creamy, flavorful, and then you get to the sour center.

I generally like unflavored coffee, but every now and then, I love a flavored variety. Matt and I mixed this with a medium roast, and it gave it the perfect vanilla flavor while also allowing the rich coffee to shine through. Mmmm

One of my coworkers shared a hilarious Facebook post that a guy had written last year about this Blue Bell holiday flavor. If you haven’t seen it, then do a search and prepare to laugh! I went on the hunt but failed t find it. She found it at, of all places, IGA. It’s like holiday cheer wrapped into one bite!

I couldn’t resist, and I got a new second pair of glasses. My first pair of metal frames in over a decade, and I love them! DKNY ❤

Fall fashion will forever be my favorite. This is my favorite season for clothing.


Although they are ruining our view by prepping the ground to build more damn town home units, our sunrises will never grow old or not bring me happiness.

Evidence of the sun’s return this morning.


Fall foliage {praise hands}

I started to decorate my office for Christmas. I know what you’re thinking, “simma down, Kori”. Hahahaha


I put together a quick bowl of wilted spinach with seasoned cooked frozen vegetables that included rice, and cooked chicken. This hit the spot!

Savory oatmeal with a fried egg, freshly grated cheddah, and spices.


Hello, lovely friendsgiving apps!

That spread. Dressing, turkey, cranberry sauce, casseroles, chicken pot pie, rolls, etc. I brought a salad from TJ’s that was bright and full of fall flavor.

I loved meeting so many sweet girls and making new friends!!

Make today count and the best that you can! Smile, know that you are loved, and enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Nomspiration, & The Best Friendsgiving!

  1. Raising my hand for fellow Triscuit lover!!! That flavor combo sounds bombbb. I need to get some ASAP. I am thinking about making pumpkin hummus for thanksgiving and I think those would be the perfect compliment.

    Oh my gosh, what a sweet patient ❤ And the fact that it has sentimental value for you is so special too. I do love Werther’s of any kind! I went through a stage in college where I would eat them basically nonstop haha. #studysnacks

    Going to look up the BlueBell video right after this!

    I always LOVE seeing the outfits you put together. I agree too- Fall is the best season for clothes for suuure.

    This Friendsgiving looked epic!! That spread— mmm mmmm mmmm! Have a great week, Kori 🙂


    1. The texture of Triscuits is just so perfect! I love shredded wheat. I’m making Alexis’ baked pumpkin hummus with goat cheese and pom arils for our Thanksgiving!! Great minds, girl.

      #studysnacks #worksnacks we just need and love snacks!

      It was a post some guy wrote that is so darn funny!

      Thank you so much!!! I sure do love clothes, and my closet tells that story. 😉

      It sure came together beautifully! I really am loving meeting new, fun people this season! I hope you have a great week too, Mackenzie!


      1. I looked for them yesterday and couldn’t find them! Gosh darnit!!! I just got regular triscuits- but am bummin’ Safeway didn’t have it. Ooh well! Ooooo I’ll have to check out Alexis’ recipe too! I am using the one from Julie @ RunninginaSkirt if you know her blog!

        allll the snacks allll the time!

        I love that!! ❤ have a wonderful thanksgiving, Kori!!!


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