Full Belly + Full Heart

This weekend was truly incredible and had me so hyper and giddy with happiness by Sunday! Well, that and a wee bit too much coffee. Bahaha


After reading this post by Robyn, I was craving warm apple oatmeal. I made mine with spices, milk, water, apple, and topped it with cottage cheese and pb. It was so filling! It kept me satisfied for hours.

Matt and I had breakfast for dinner, and per usual, his dish outdid mine. Lol. I accidentally broke one of my yolks, so I had one fried and one over easy with wilted greens, roasted potatoes with ketchup, and cucumber + avocado. Matt mashed his potatoes in the pan with spices, topped with melted sharp cheddar, then layered with  his eggs. He didn’t wilt his greens and added yogurt, salsa, and siracha. He gave me a bite, and it was heavenly.

Evening snack included thawed fruit, Fage, Cheerios, and sorghum flakes.



I was in the mood for toast on Saturday, so I had NuttZo and dark chocolate chips on one slice, cottage cheese and avocado on the other, and two cuties on the side.


I crawled back into bed to sip my coffee and found our sweeties snuggled up to Matt like this!


After relaxing then doing a few tasks around the house, I enjoyed a mug of Cheerios with raisins, peanuts, Manuka honey, cinnamon, and milk.


Remember the wreath I brought home from a recent open house Matt and I attended? I added this adorable owl wreath from my sister’s mother and father-in-law, chalkboard sign from Kaci, and these felt flowers that I made. Watching me struggle with Elmer’s glue and then finally hot glue would’ve been priceless. But I’m really happy with it!

I completed a nice 10-minute Barre3 flow then ate the rest of this salad warmed with mashed potatoes and meatloaf. I didn’t quite finish the meatloaf and was pleasantly full.


Matt and I got ready and attended the annual race group cookout gathering. Thankfully, the weather improved tremendously this past weekend! But as the sun went down, it got chilly quick. This bonfire really emitted so much awesome heat!


Tastes of the burger toppings including guacamole, salad, coleslaw, and baked beans.


Next, I tasted a little of this chili with delicious bread.


Then I enjoyed some of a chess pie, rich walnut brownie, and a homemade peach cobbler. All were fabulous!


I just love this man! We had to get a selfie. 😉


After saying our “goodbye’s”, we drove back over to our side of town to meet my work friends for bowling.


Oh yea, check out that action shot! I think I was one of the only ones not to get a strike or a spare. I like to rock last place.


I mean, check out that score of 68 on my first of two games.


Our awesome group! Not everyone from the clinic was able to make it, but we all had a blast together.


Matt and I were super hungry when we got home, so we made tea and a snack bowl for me, smoothie for him. We watched two episodes of Last Week Tonight then got into bed.



I should’ve toasted the bread but was too lazy to get out the toaster oven. I warmed the bread, but it was a bit chewy. Oh well! I spread one slice with siracha carrot hummus and avocado then added cottage cheese.


This girl is so snuggly and hilarious! Look at her paws. So silly. That binder below is now our recipe clippings all organized into pocket dividers. So now we can actually find and use them!


I did a 30-minute Barre3 routine then got ready and picked up Kaci for a really fun day together! I had never tried Java Juice Box, and I had a coupon from our Barre3 in the Park swag bag. The inside was so bright, inviting, and pretty! I loved every bit of it.





I had already enjoyed coffee, but I felt I couldn’t go to a place with Java in the name and not get any. I should’ve cut back on the amount I had at home, but live and learn! It was delicious.


This was my first acai bowl, and I chose the 12 oz. topped with blackberry, kiwi, GF granola, bee pollen (never had it either, so I figured I’d give it a try), and super generous Nutella. This bowl was epic and delicious! The blackberries, kiwi, and acai were all sweet but tart, and the flavors really seemed to balance/compliment each other.


I had to be typical and get some photos with it.


So artsy. 😉


Kaci is so adorable! We stopped by K brew just up the road for her to get her beloved cold brew and this muesli.


She is killing the fishtail braid game! She’s just gorgeous.


After we fueled up, we headed down to the Mill and Mine for the 10th Retropolitan Craft Fair. We attended high school with one of the founders, and they do such a kickass job planning, organizing, and executing each holiday and spring fair! This one was the best so far, and they get better each time!!



Local vendors come together to showcase and sell their incredible artwork, jewelry, and crafts. The selection was unreal, and it was so hard not to buy from almost each vendor!



We asked a girl to take our photo, and she was *so* sweet and took multiple! Girls just know how we want a few to choose from.

Had to do our typical pose!

Always such a wonderful time, and it makes me so proud to call Knoxville and East TN home. ❤


Kaci bought the two rings on her pointer finger, and I bought the turquoise one from Grace of Ginger and Pearl. I adore her jewelry! So dainty, minimalist, but it still adds a statement.


We never pass up a photo booth, and these crack me up every time I look at them! Love being goofy!


This beautiful mural is right by K brew, so on our way back to Kaci and Drew’s, we finally stopped and got photos!




After we got back to their place, we ate some of the delicious fig and olive + pumpkin and cranberry crisps with spinach yogurt dip from TJ’s. I loaded up her in-law’s faux Christmas tree to borrow this year, and I’m excited to actually put up more decorations!

Speaking of TJ’s, I went there for our Thanksgiving provisions. Check out that gorgeous sunset.


I proudly displayed our photo booth strip next to ours taken in 2014 and the one we took at The Hive last spring.


I am signed up to receive emails from Rachael Hartley, and as soon as I saw this recipe for Roasted Carrots with Tahini, Olives, and Mint, I planned to make them for dinner that night. They sounded amazing, and they did not disappoint! We enjoyed them with steamed lentils and TJ’s frozen cauliflower pancakes. I topped mine with leftover CFA avocado dressing.


We watched another episode of Last Week Tonight while we sipped our tea and ate our evening snacks. I tried to wind down but was still wired from such an awesome day!


I soaked TJ’s instant oats with amaranth, chia, and flaxseed (maybe quinoa flakes too) with milk and homemade pumpkin pie spice. I heated it this morning with half a jazz apple, stirred in vanilla extract, and topped with pb and pear pineapple jam.

This weekend served as a great reminder of just how fortunate I am in this life. I have some of the best friends and absolutely the very best husband and twin sister a girl could ask for! I sure hope everyone has a great week and a fantastic Thanksgiving!

12 thoughts on “Full Belly + Full Heart

  1. Oooh girl, usually I’m prepared for your posts, but I needed to stop and go get a snack as soon as I got through the first few pics. All the food looks so good per usual!

    Your wreath turned out so well!

    Lol- yup, that’s about my score bowling usually too. If we went together we’d have a real competition on our hands! Lol.

    Java Juice is so cute! As are you two! I am loving these photos- super cute, crisp, and artsy! And that fishtail on Kaci is soooo pretty!

    I am such a ring gal, so I am LOVING those rings!!!! Those colors would go with any outfit too. I LOVE the pumpkin & cranberry crisps- how are the fig ones? I was about to pick some up but decided to wait till I eat up what we have.

    As always, just loved this update. Have a beautiful thanksgiving, Kori!!!


    1. That’s such a wonderful compliment, thank you!

      Thanks so much!! I’m loving trying to just have fun with DIY. I used to overthink it but now try to find grace in learning & inperfections.

      Hahahahaha our scores would be neck-&-neck! 😆

      Thank you!! Kase is a hair queen. I’ll just live vicariously through it. Lol. Can’t quit my pixie.

      Rings are one of my fav pieces of jewelry! They can add such a statement & can be dressed up or down. I’ve worn my daily ever since buying it!

      The crisps are ahh-mazing. I love the texture!

      Thank you so much, Mackenzie!! Your Thanksgiving spread looked magazine worthy, no lie! I hope you had the very best day! ❤️


      1. I love that the two of you wear your hair uniquely to you too- and both look stunning!

        i agree- the flavor & texture together is phenomenal. And I love that they are generally healthier than other snacks like that.

        Oh my gosh, thank youuuu!!!!!! You just made my day! ❤


        1. Thank you so very much!!

          Yes, I agree!

          ❤ You are doing an amazing job, never forget that! You work hard, cook well, and manage a fabulous blog. As my grandfather would say, "go to it". Make each day count. 🙂


      1. I’m hitting submit before making sure I’ve said everything! I am loving that sweet photo of Rachie. She is so so cute wrapped up with her curled tootsies.


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