Java, Christmas Spirit, & An Owl Spotting!

Good morning! While I am beyond grateful to have enjoyed four days off from work, I’d be lying if I said I was ready to return today. But regardless, I knew Monday would come, and so far, I’m trying to make the most of it.


Let’s rewind to Friday’s breakfast, shall we? I made another beet smoothie variation with Wyman’s cherry / berry / plum / cacao blend, Greek yogurt, milk, ginger, and manuka honey. Oh man, just look at that gorgeous color! I topped it with banana coins, sorghum flakes, Kashi organic cinnamon shredded wheat, and pb.


I relaxed, sipped coffee, had some amazing laughs with Matt, and I wrote and shared my Thanksgiving recap. Then I got dressed and went to a free yoga class at Unity Yoga, and it felt so amazing! There were a lot of attendees, the instructor is really fun and had us laughing a few times, and I felt very relaxed with loosened muscles afterwards.


Once back at home, I put together an epic post-Thanksgiving turkey sandwich. I included mayo, cranberry sauce, sharp cheddar, turkey, and spinach between seeded bread that I toasted in the skillet.



I showered and then Matt picked me up to go see two of our best friends who were in town for the holiday. Sadly, I hadn’t seen them since our wedding, so it was really fun to catch up! They were having their Thanksgiving dinner that evening, so before they were ready to sit down, we went ahead and said our “goodbyes”, and I then recommended we go to Honeybee for a delish drink. Matt got a vanilla cappuccino while I had their turmeric latte with ginger, and honey. It is made with espresso, so I ordered it half caf.


They warmed us right up, and after we took our last sip, we got in the car and made our way back home.


USPS is really failing us miserably. I ordered this freakin’ adorable Lil Bub beanie, but despite it saying it delivered on Wednesday, it was nowhere to be found. On Friday, Matt offered to ask our neighbor up the street if they received it by mistake as this has happened at least once or twice already. They have the same street number but completely different street name. Sure enough, it was there. How absurd.

Aaannnnyway, here it is! It’s their retro design with Lil Bub’s precious face and a pom-pom on top. It has fleece around the inside, and it is so comfortable.



Dinner was a mixture of leftovers that were all fabulous together. Sautéed Brussels with parm, hazelnuts, and lemon vinaigrette / roasted broccoli and cauliflower with the last small amount of baked salmon / roasted tahini carrots and lentils / pumpkin goat cheese hummus/beet crackers.


For an evening snack, I enjoyed Original and Multigrain Cheerios with dark chocolate morsels and semi sweet chocolate chips and milk.



For breakfast on Saturday, I decided to eat one of our carrot apple muffins with cottage cheese out of a nearly empty pb jar. I think I first saw Kath crumble a muffin over yogurt, and I’m very much a fan. Have you ever tried it?


I donated cans to Barre3’s Second Harvest Food Bank drive and received a free class voucher. Despite kicking a cold all weekend, I felt strong and energized. I had never taken a class by this instructor, but I loved it! One section of the workout was a little too fast for my preference as it compromised my form. Other than that, I loved loved all of it! The instructor was even kind enough to take these two photos for me!



They had a Keurig maker out, so I made a cup of Newman’s Own that sure tasted delicious. Cheers to another fabulous class!!


This lunch was so darn tasty! Bed of spinach, roasted acorn squash, last of the sautéed Brussels, pumpkin goat cheese hummus, pom seeds, nuts, lemon vinaigrette, and Triscuits.


I took a much-needed shower and tackled dusting and vacuuming our house. I took a break for this snack: gf animal crackers (from my MIL) dipped into Greek yogurt with organic pb powder and pumpkin pie spice.


Then it was time to add some Christmas cheer to the Daniel household! We don’t have a lot because most of our decorations are stored at the lake house. I plan to get a few ornaments, and one day when we move, Kaci and I will divide them up so we can have them at our places for much easier access.

Kaci was so sweet and surprised us with this wreath! The gentleman who heads the football tailgate makes and sells them from real garland. I just love it!


Kaci’s in-laws also allowed us to borrow their tree, so hello gorgeous, calming lights!! I also put up our baby tree and two nutcrackers at the base of my chest. Sadly, one of the nutcrackers is nose-less, so we’ll have to fabricate one. Haha. My mom also fixed the wooden shoulder of my childhood nutcracker. She cut, painted, and glued it. They may be gimpy, but they’re cute!



I was working on cleaning out the fridge a bit, so I served us dressing with cranberry sauce, turkey with gravy (Matt is the gravy king), and sautéed peppers / onion / ‘shrooms / garlic. A different side for Thanksgiving food, but so satisfying all the same!


So only a mere three years after completing this TN puzzle and gluing it to a poster board (face palm), we finally adhered it to a pallet board. In hindsight, the tri-fold poster was a bad idea, but we flattened it out as best we could. We’re going to hang it above our tv. So happy to finally have this finished and ready for display!


I cozied up on the couch with hot Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea + honey and milk (my current favorite herbal tea!) and a tub of yogurt with ground flax, dried prunes, and Multigrain Cheerios.



Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep well and in turn, I caused Matt to sleep poorly too. Stupid cold! Anywho, we got out of bed, and I showered and put myself together. We went to Java Juice Box for smoothies and coffee. I chose their Mint Chip Ice Cream: almond milk, banana, spinach, chlorella, cacao, and mint oil. So. Good! Matt went with The Elvis: almond milk, banana, pb, strawberry, and honey. Also very delicious! Almond milk latte for Matt / black coffee for me. He can’t remember how to order lattes, so he asked for a, “double shot latte”, and I just jokingly gave him a hard time. He said, “well, give me an extra shot then”…and they did. So a $6.50 latte, yipes.


We went to Ijams to go on a little walk in the woods, and Matt spotted an owl!!!! Naturally, I was looking at my damn phone replying to Kaci’s text. If it weren’t for Matt, then I would’ve never seen it. It made my day!!


(S)he was so well-camouflaged.


We tried to get a selfie with him / her. I don’t think it was impressed, but it wasn’t bothered by us either! I like to think I’m an owl-whisperer. Hahaha


Most of the leaves have fallen, but there are still some pretty fall foliage hanging out for a bit longer.




Love him! Btw, I got this jacket on Amazon and really do love it. It’s not the thickest or highest quality, but it was affordable and cute.


Kinda matched, and I loved it.



They have a ziplining course that includes these neat looking structure. I’m really afraid of heights, so I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go on it, but it looks fun!


We went finished our hike and then headed home for some nourishment. Avocado, the same pumpkin goat cheese hummus dip, celery, and Triscuits.


I went to Kroger and found some great discounted vegetables, stocked up on fish, and grabbed some other necessities then brought my haul back to the house.

Kaci got to come over and hang out, and I loved her visit! She’ll be coming over today too. Yay! While we chatted and caught up, I snacked on yogurt with cranberry sauce, tahini, almonds, and flakes.


Later I had some carrots with cauliflower tabbouleh. As you might be thinking, the carrots did not make great dippers. Lolz. But they tasted good with the dip.


I found these purple Brussels sprouts at TJ’s and had to grab a bag. Aren’t they so pretty?


Our dinner was a bowl of brown rice made with leftover free range organic chicken broth + water, organic canned lentils, last of our sautéed peppers / onion / ‘shrooms / garlic, steamed Brussels, lemon vinaigrette, and the last of the deviled eggs from my MIL.


I was in the mood for another muffin, so I enjoyed it with yogurt and half an apple.



After another sort of rough night of sleep, I wasn’t excited about today but knew it would be better if I tried to just be thankful for the amazing weekend I had with my husband. I had already soaked my instant oatmeal with milk, so I heated it with additional water then topped by bowl with pumpkin, cranberry sauce, nuts, and some of the icing I made for our muffins.


This was so flavorful! Are you team cranberry sauce on oatmeal? Have you tried it?

Please share with me anything fun you did or ate this past weekend!

8 thoughts on “Java, Christmas Spirit, & An Owl Spotting!

  1. I’m team bittle booty photobombs! hahahaha

    I am team cranberry sauce in oatmeal and basically everything else. I love it.

    Glad you had great weather for Ijams and some yummy coffee bevvies!


    1. Bittle Booty is the best! He’s always in the kitchen right up until bedtime I swear. Poor Jackson.

      I love it too! So perfectly sweet and tart.

      Thank you! I was so grateful for lovely weather and fun dates this weekend!


  2. That yoga class sounds awesome! Since my trial membership ended I haven’t signed up for another- but this just made me miss it! I am going to see if there are any other studies with discount first timers. Okay, totally remembering this turkey sandwich recipe!!

    Look at that gorgeous latte art! I used to be a barista so I have a serious appreciation for people that can do it that good. I was always only able to do standard art like the heart or the “leaf” look, but never anything this intricate!! *heart eyes*

    We’ve had issues with our mail lately too- but it was UPS. I returned a package of clothes and they said the store said they never received it. Same thing happened with another package a few days later. It’s so unnerving, I feel your pain!! I hope that package shows up ❤

    That hat is too cute & looks mighty cozy!

    Such a cute photo at the B3 studio! They should use that for advertising- ah-dorable!

    What a beautiful walk- it is making me nostalgic for Ohio- those leaves!! I can practically smell the air!

    I have not tried cranberry sauce on oatmeal but need to ASAP! Also with the pumpkin- yessss! I bet mixed with PB it would taste like a pb & j too! I loved seeing how you used up all your leftovers. Happy weekend ! xo


    1. I only have one class pass left, and I’m so sad!! I cannot justify a membership right now aside from my online Barre3, so I’ll just be on the hunt for free or donation-based classes around town. I love yoga so much!

      This sandwich was one of the best I’ve personally made! I can’t wait to enjoy it again. Let me know what you think!

      I know! I was amazed by the design. I worked at Starbucks, so I don’t consider myself much of a barista. I never excelled on the bar. My best role was at the window. I was a Chatty McChatterson, so it suited me. Hahaha.

      Ugh, how frustrating!!! My Lil Bub beanie was our missing package, so I’m incredibly grateful we found it! But only because Matt was kind enough to go up to our neighbor’s door and ask. I felt awkward. They are in a neighborhood above our town home complex, so it’s a very inexcusable mistake in my opinion.

      Gosh, thank you!! I felt weird asking for her to take it at first, but she was *such* a sweetie and said, “let me grab a portrait for you too”. You are so sweet to say that; I truly appreciate it.

      I adore Ijams Nature Center, and seeing the owl felt like a dream for me!

      Cranberry sauce on oatmeal, yogurt, and in a smoothie is all such awesome combinations. Pumpkin + pb + cranberry sauce is magical! Thank you! I need to make a turkey soup and chili with leftovers too. We froze ours, so I guess we have up to three months to enjoy it thanks to your internet search. 😉

      Sending love and happiness to you!


      1. haha aw I bet you were such an amazing Barista! And I totally consider Starbucks workers baristas- providing great customer service is most of the game, and I’m sure you were just the best!!

        Oh my gosh, thank goodness you got it & they didn’t lie to keep it or anything.

        tehehe- I hope it is right! I am gonna definitely be trying to use it up by then! Let me know if you come up with any great ways to use it after you defrost it 🙂


        1. Thank you, Mackenzie! I’ll share a photo to you on Insta of my barista daysss. I sure loved chatting with the customers!

          Right?! I was so nervous it would be lost!

          We’ll eat it quicker than three months I’m sure because men’s appetites are quite impressive, amIright? 😏 I sure will! I’m thinking a turkey chili sounds awesome.


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