Friday Favorites, Meal Ideas, & Ramblings!

Good Friday afternoon to you beautiful people!! I hope you have pretty weather where ever you are. It’s rainy and gross here, but Sunday’s forecast is looking on the bright, dry side.

First up are two breakfasts I really enjoyed this week. I made a savory bowl of oatmeal that I wilted spinach into before topping with cottage cheese, an over easy egg with everything bagel seasoning, and pomegranate seeds for a sweet-tart crunch. Loved the addition!


Kath shared a recipe for a single serve salted chocolate pumpkin mug cake. I reduced it from 2 T of brown sugar to 1T and 1/4c versus 1/2 c flour. Lastly, I used our GF Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose because that’s what we have on hand. It was so good! Soft, flavorful and filling.


I enjoyed Fage yogurt with fruit and pb on the side.


On Wednesday, Matt and I had a dinner date at Zoe’s followed by a double movie date with Kaci and Drew! We watched The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. We loved the movie! I thought it was really cute but dark in some ways, I loved the fashion and all of the color and designs throughout, and it put me more into the Christmas spirit.

At Zoe’s, I chose their lamb meatball pita sandwich with a side Greek salad. Next time I’ll remember to ask for no onions because raw is just too potent. I had to eat quickly to make the movie, unfortunately, but my gosh this was epic! The bread was so soft, thick, and doughy. I’ll have to go back soon!


Matt chose their cauliflower bowl with lamb meatballs and a side of baked falafel. He gave me a bite of the falafel, and I loved it. I’ve had it a few times and think it’s very satisfying. He thought it was a little dry, but I’m glad they aren’t fried. Sometimes you want them that way and other times baked is more desired.


Matt thought this bowl needed a little more flavor, but I really enjoyed it. Just goes to show our taste buds are unique and amazing! Have you tried this bowl or any of Amy’s frozen entrees? Any favorites?


I failed to take a photo of my baked cod one evening, and I regretted it after we devoured our plates. It was so buttery soft and flavorful! I went a teensy bit heavy on the pepper spice flake blend, but it still was so good. I’ll have to make it again soon!

I think food science is fascinating! I steamed purple Brussels sprouts, and when I took them out of the refrigerator to reheat them one evening, I realized they had turned blue. So so pretty! Jax thought so too. 😉


Another evening I made this quick meal using a pasta that I found at Homegoods and shared in a favs post fairly recently. It is by Jasberry and is called Superfood Rice Penne with acai berry and jasberry rice. I sautéed collard greens, added salt free spice blend / Italian herbs / pepper spice flakes blend, and a jar of vodka pasta sauce. I spooned enough of the greens + sauce mixture over the cooked pasta, and we enjoyed it for dinner. I split the greens + sauce mixture over brown rice with leftover cod for lunch today.


Last night I cooked with tempeh for the first time in a long time. I pan-cooked it and served it with spinach, mashed avocado + cranberry sauce, melted cheddar between toasted Van’s Ancient Grains waffles. I made Matt’s with the last GF bagel we had. Carrots for bright crunch on the side. Matt is super adventurous and fun to cook for. He hadn’t tried tempeh before. I will admit it doesn’t have much flavor aside from what is added to it, but I go through periods where I crave it. I remember Kath paired it with jam and cheese often. Matt wasn’t a huge fan but was very appreciate for a warm meal. 🙂



Poorly lit tasty evening snack! Sliced honeycrisp dipped in yogurt drizzled with molasses, sprinkled with pumpkin pie spice, and topped with a handful of Maple Cheerios + chopped mixed nuts.


I can’t resist some Instagram filters. I loved this one.


And this funky filter!

I wore my elf Christmas sweater to work this week not because we were having a tacky sweater day. Just because I actually really like it. Hahaha. One of the doctors rounded that morning and said he loved it as did some of the patients and my work friends. I went home and fed the babies + steeped some tea, so I was all Christmas-ed out with my mug!


When we were coming home from the movie, we finally drove up a street near our home to look at their lights. Every house goes above and beyond! It’s a very small street, but it was so fun none the less. I’m thankful Matt offered to drive us through it!


A little outfit inspo. I’ve had this dress for I believe seven years and still love it! I paired it with black tights and scallop-trim flats, red belt, and chunky pink cardigan from Kroger of all places.


Today I’m wearing this J Crew dress from Planet Xchange with grey tights, brown booties, and my green bomber jacket.



Matt and I have now watched the first two episodes of The Office. I love lighthearted shows! I’m getting into it, but it takes time for me to really become invested in a show. We’ll see!


I’ll leave you with this sassy post by the Sarcastic Nutritionist. Love it! I can remember whenever I would tell someone I was pursing a degree and career as a Registered Dietitian and they would ask, “so you learn about calorie counting?” Yes, eight years of learning to count calories. Lolz.


Make this weekend amazing! Rest when you need to, enjoy your food fully, and soak up this holiday season. ❤

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites, Meal Ideas, & Ramblings!

  1. Ooo I have some Bob’s Red Mill all-purpose sitting around too!! Do you have a link for Kath’s recipe?! Looks sooo yummy. That pita & falafel- yummm. I’ve been craving Mediterranean this weekend, but haven’t had a fix yet- maybe tomorrow

    That’s so funny they turned blue! Were they originally purple on the outside? I don’t think I’ve ever seen those in the store, but I loveee purple foods!

    Love all the food & outfit inspo- mm mmm! I had a training run today so I am extra hungry- gonna hunt down something after this. That Christmas sweater is great! Oh, I will say for The Office it takes a while to become really invested- but once you get to know the characters it’s just the best! xo


    1. I don’t have a link! But if you look on her Ig page (@katheats), it’s posted there! It is 1/3 c pumpkin, 1-2 T brown sugar, I did 1/4 c flour, 1/4 t pumpkin pie spice, 1 egg, 1/8 t baking powder, 1/2 t vanilla, top with chocolate chippies & salt – microwave 60-90 seconds or until done!

      I cannot wait to order this pita again!

      They were purple! So pretty. I think I shared a photo in a recent post. They don’t taste different but were so fun!

      Thank you very much! Kase & Drew both said to give The Office a chance & that it gets much better! We’ll keep watching!


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