‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

I must ask the age old question, “how is it already Monday?” I mean, I think the weekends truly do get sucked down a black hole because it feels like in no time, we’re talking about them in the past tense. But never the less, I really have been living mine up and am immensely grateful for the memories I’ve been making with my squad!


Friday sure began on a deeelicious note! Instant oatmeal made with milk then topped with pumpkin, pom seeds, tahini, and brown sugar. While whole grain oats are said to prevent as much of a rise in blood sugar due to the thicker oat size, I really love the porridge texture of instant oatmeal! We like to buy ours with flax and chia included because they add texture, taste, protein, and healthy fatsss. Tell me: what is your favorite style of oats?

A group from a nearby college dropped off a bag of cookies and a calendar at the clinic, and so I enjoyed the head of the gingerbread man plus part of a sugar cookie, both of which were nostalgic! The head does look a little creepy just laying there, hahaha.

I brainstormed this dinner earlier in the day and was really happy with how it came together! Barilla red lentil pasta, roasted seasoned cauliflower and onion, last of our steamed purple Brussels sprouts, wilted spinach, and roasted garlic blended with extra virgin olive oil.

My snack included yogurt, thawed Wyman’s cherry / berry / plum / cacao nib blend (my favorite!), ground flax, and Kashi shredded cinnamon wheat.

We watched more of The Office then crawled into bed. Slowly, as Kaci and Mackenzie have advised, I’m starting to get into the show and characters.


I slept super well, and I have been experiencing some pretty intensely weird dreams. Unfortunately, Matt has been waking up early due to primarily Jackson’s antics. The hunger is real in him! Seriously, though, we’re trying to find a solution to his never-ending stomach growlies.

I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for, but when I looked into our freezer, I saw a Garden Lites roasted vegetable bake. So I made it and enjoyed a mug of Maple Cheerios with almond milk because I was out of my milk. ‘Twas quick and tasty! Sadly, my coffee has tasted really weak lately. I suppose it’s the roast, but it’s a downer.

Matt made this epic omelet with leftover creamed spinach, sautéed mushrooms, cheddar, and eggs with a splash of buttermilk. He gave me a bite, and it tasted like my bake…only better. Haha

After completing a calming Barre3 flow focused on stretching and breath work, I nommed on this plate of goodness: tempeh with CFA sauce (I’m now on a strong tempeh kick!), yellow pepper, carrots, and sugar snap peas. Lovely colors!


Dessert was thawed strawberries with “cream” aka yogurt and pb. We were running low on fruit, but these were tasty.


I finally got showered to enjoy the day. Rocked another fun pair of socks from Tarjay.


I went to Nostalgia’s Christmas open house, and my gosh it was a blast! The whole store was decked out, each booth was full of wonderful vintage treasures, and the holiday music sure put me into the spirit.



I *love* these retro white trees!!


These ornaments {heart eye emoji}


This would make an adorable entryway / foyer table. I sure hope that Matt and my future home will have this space. It’s sad that newer homes have done away with it as well as a formal dining room. I’m old fashioned and love both.



Gorgeous navy blue dresser!


Obvs I have a thing for teal and turquoise. Those two tables were beautiful. I almost bought the teal lantern, but I decided we didn’t have any space for it right now. Maybe I’ll get one when we do move. 🙂 Also, can we talk about the precious pink vanity stool? Fancy!


I wanted this so bad! But then I thought of having to dust it and refrained for now. 😉


I loved the vintage Christmas prints as well as the Halloween design!


They had so many fabulous treats to enjoy! I wasn’t very hungry, sadly, but when in Rome! I enjoyed some cheese and grapes, crackers and hummus, gingersnap cookie with a pumpkin dip (I could’ve eaten so much more of it!), a brownie bite (perfect crispy outside and doughy inside), sweet pretzel, and my favorite: mint chocolate cookie.


Love Bing Crosby Christmas music!


I found a sweater that I adore, and they were SO sweet and gave away a coffee mug to everyone! You were welcome to fill it up with hot cocoa or cider and take the mug as a gift. I wish you all could come shop here. It’s such a treat!


I shopped at Aldi then made my way home to put away our goods, get freshened up, then we picked up Kaci and Drew for our double date at the Local Goat. We made a 6:30 reservation, and would you believe we were early?


I loved the open design of the restaurant, and they had some really pretty holiday décor!


I cherish all of our photos together!!  Kaci and I were Sherpa + leggings twins. 😉 We decided to dress very casual.


Matt first enjoyed a well whiskey and ginger drink, which was my favorite. I always try a sip of his drinks. I don’t drink but love the taste of whiskey. I’m an odd one. This was their Old Fashioned, which was also very enjoyable! It was  just a little too sweet. He then had a mule that I didn’t photograph, but it was lovely as well.


They locally source all that they can and make nearly everything in house! The only bummer is the lack of GF options. They do make GF buns, but the hostess said that if one has Celiac, there are particles in the air, so they aren’t truly safe. Womp womp. But Matt thoroughly enjoyed his 7 oz. sirloin with shrimp, a baked potato, and salad to start.


I went with the lamb burger topped with Tzatziki, feta, and spring mix plus a salad that I forgot to photograph. #fail It had greens, tomatoes, delish bacon, shredded cheese, carrots, red cabbage, sliced almonds, croutons, egg, and blue cheese dressing. Originally, I had my heart set on their black bean burger with pico de gallo, teriyaki glaze, and crispy onions, but sadly, it was no longer offered. Their vegetarian burger was a portabello, which is delicious. But I didn’t want to go all the way there and choose a mushroom between bread. Ha. This was well-made! Tender, flavorful, and it settled well on my stomach. I ate half and was satisfied, so I brought home the other half. I ate a few fries but wasn’t in the mood for them. I’m team steak fries, not shoestring.



Kaci was a sweetheart and let me have a few bites of her bourbon maple praline pecan sundae in a Mason jar (say that five times fast) with my coffee. Check out her amazing recap on her blog!


We hung out with them at their precious home then finally made it back to ours around 10:00. I was hungry, so I crunched on nuts and a juicy apple.



Poor Matt got about four hours sleep because Jackson started in on him at 3:30. Yipes. I felt like a mean momma, but at one point I had to spank him because he purposefully knocked off the coaster on my side table then started to chew on our fake berries. He’s a silly baby!

I decided that stovetop oatmeal sounded fabulous, so I made it with milk, a little additional water, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, espresso black lava sea salt, vanilla, and strawberries. I topped with with pb, pom seeds, and glaze from our Thanksgiving muffins.


This was my free mug from Nostalgia! My coffee tasted better on this day.


Francesca’s emails kill me sometimes. Look at all these cute product! I love Polaroids, and that mug is just too cute.


I decided to wear my new sweater, and now I wish I had like ten of them! Super comfortable, flattering, but a little oversized. Vintage vibes forever.



I had hoped to attend a Rodan + Fields event with a former coworker who is now retired. Unfortunately, she was unable to join, but it was fun all the same. When I left, I enjoyed this Aldi snack bar before making a Target run. Loved the addition of the pumpkin seeds!


Once home, I made us our dinner. I put together a quick salad for us both and dressed them with this beet vinaigrette from Aldi. Give me allthebeetthings!


I had my leftover burger while Matt had our pasta salad plus turkey and some turkey gravy. He was super complimentary and appreciative of that warm meal. I sure love him and am thankful he is such a sweetheart to me!


Matt made me my turmeric green tea ❤ then I enjoy a baby mug of yogurt, cranberry sauce, peanuts, and two Hershey’s Kisses while we watched an episode of The Office. If you’re familiar, it was the basketball episode, and it was really funny! It’s been my favorite so far.



Welp, I attempted to make a waffle from leftover Thanksgiving cornbread dressing, buuutt I failed. I added water to soften it, but clearly I added too much because it was far to wet. Oh well!! I wilted spinach and finally just dug the dressing out of the maker. Sadly, my warmed sautéed rosemary apple slices were cool as was my over easy egg, but you know, it was still amazing. It’s all in the attitude. I added freshly shredded cheddar, and I’m telling you, this was such a winning combo! I got the rosemary apple idea from Anne. And yes, I was still wearing my sweater peeping in the corner. No shame.


Wishing you all the very best week! I am so looking forward to taking a Barre3 class with Kaci this evening, to be led by one of our favorite instructors. We are attending a holiday party on Friday too that I’m really excited about. Sending love and good vibes your way!

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly

  1. I am with you about oats! I prefer them smaller too. Sprouts has an instant oat that is sooo good- I love the texture! Yay! I am happy you haven’t given up on The Office- after maybe 5 or 6 episodes if you aren’t into it maybe it’s not for you, but definitely takes some warming up!

    You and Matt should have a cook off sometime- you two always come up with the best creations!

    Ahhh I love tempeh too! Do you get the one from TJ’s? It’s so cheap, but so tasty!!

    Everything in that Christmas shop is so cute!! And all those treats— how yummy & fun!
    I’m using so many explanations, but everything is too dang exciting here haha.
    Holy smokes- all the food at that restaurant looks crazy good. That looks like the type of place that would be a staple for me.

    Ohhh Jackson, causing mischief!!

    Espresso black lava sea salt… where? How?!!?

    I could say so much more but I already wrote a book haha. Lovee your updates !! I seriously so look forward to them ❤


    1. I’m glad you agree! The smaller the oat, the more they “fluff up” and become so creamy. I love TJ’s GF Instant Oatmeal! Also, Bakery on Main Ancient Grains is my all time favorite.

      Oh how fun would that be! We tend to be competitive sometimes but all in good fun. We so should do that and have Kaci and Drew judge our dishes. Hahaha!

      I felt like I was a walking exclamation point while there! Does that even make sense? Now I think my extra coffee today is talking. 😉 But I just was so happy there. The festive vibe was the best.

      It really was a fabulous visit! I loved the atmosphere, and they really do make such quality food. It seems they pay attention to the little details, like the salad not being just a basic house salad.

      Jaxie is a mess! But him and Matt have the cutest bond, and you can never stay upset with him. One look at his face, and you just want to smooch him all over. Spoiled much?

      I found it three years ago, believe it or not! I have just used it sparingly, but it would be so good on steak. It’s very course, and it has a smoky flavor. I just bought it on a whim at a local restaurant. I bet HomeGoods will have unique salts at this time of year!

      Thank you soo much for your awesome comment!! ❤


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