Let It Snow // Weekend in Photos

Good afternoon! I’m going to keep my words short and let the photos do the talking. So without further adieu, here they are. Please share with me in the comments any fun plans you had this past weekend!


Hot cereal with a delish frozen fruit blend and TJ’s pb.


After my annual doctor appointment, I treated myself to a Starbucks Juniper latte (thanks for mentioning it, Mackenzie!) and their egg and roasted pepper bites. It was a little too pine-flavored even with half the syrup, but I’m still glad I tried it!



Kaci and I attended a fabulous holiday party and had a wonderful time! Twinkly photo with the hostess in the middle and Whitney, one of the very best photographers! She is one of the two who photographed Kaci and Drew’s wedding, and the photos are truly epic and gorgeous.


I wore Kaci’s sweater, and she wore Matt’s. Tacky Twins!


I contributed roasted turnips, Brussels, and carrots tossed with a quick maple mustard dressing I made. Sadly, the Brussels were too soft, but otherwise, I enjoyed it. There was some delicious foods like Kaci’s sweet and spicy meatballs, beef meatballs, brie <3, and crackers.



We played Heads Up, and I forgot how much I *love* this game! Have you ever played it?


Delish cookies for dessert.


Kaci gave us these three vintage-looking adorable trees, and after I took two crappy photos, Matt snapped this. Of course, lolz.



Spiced yogurt with pear, pb, and cereal.


I did a lovely Barre3 workout then got myself ready for the day. After Drew and Matt helped Kaci and my friend with mounting her tv at her new home (!), I treated myself to a late lunch at Whole Foods. I’ve never had their pizza, and it really was delicious.


Dinner was thawed and warmed Thanksgiving turkey and gravy, Alexia frozen mashed butternut squash, roasted maple mustard vegetables + roasted celery, and sautéed green beans with roasted garlic. We loved this meal!


Apple, berry, cherry, plum, cacao, avocado smoothie with ground flaxseed and crunchy barley cereal.



We slept in until 9:00, and I was the one who got up and fed the babies at 6:00. My gosh it felt amazing, and we woke up to snow!

Delish breakfast of fluffy scrambled eggs, spinach kale potato bites from Aldi with Aldi’s organic ketchup, and cuties.


Snow evidence 😉



I finished another Barre3 workout then made quite an epic sandwich: grilled pear, blue cheese, spinach, mint, and orange bourbon cranberry sauce cooked in the skillet. YUM. Carrots and hummus on the side.


I took my time getting ready and ate a baby mug of shredded wheat shreds (bottom o’ the bag) and pb with milk.


Matt and I picked up Kaci and Drew to attend The Ramsey House’s Christmas Candlelight Tour. They had cookies, punch, and Chex mix to greet us. Cute and festive!

Kaci kindly took this for us.


They had us gather at the campfire before going into the house in our tour group.


Post tour group shot.


Had to get our photo with Santa! He was cracking up, and I was cheesin’ hardcore as well.


We had seen Retro Taco, and local taco joint, on the way, but unfortunately, they closed at 7:00. So we decided to try SoKno Taco. It’s located in South Knoxville, hence the name. 😉




Matt chose two entrees and a black bean corn salad side. This. Guy. We need a separate fund for his appetite, lolz. Boys.


I guess it would’ve made since to open up the foil and actually show my two tacos. Doh. I had one with tofu (fabulous) and one blue corn tortilla with Thai portabello mushroom (also fabulous).


And there you have it, my weekend in photos! I wish you all the best week ahead!

10 thoughts on “Let It Snow // Weekend in Photos

    1. You were the one who helped me to answer, & it did say to act it out for more challenge! So you were just doing the right thing. 😘

      I didn’t either! Next time we’ll have to!


  1. Ahhh you tried the Juniper Latte! I still haven’t had the chance to try it yet- maybe I will ask for just a smidge of the syrup then when I finally have the chance. I have to hunt one down now.. I am so curious! Their egg & roasted pepper bites look delicious, what a great yummy breakfast.

    Y’alls sweaters!! I am obsessed. Seriously perfection.

    Heads up is theeee best. OMG I love the video you posted- Kaci makes such a graceful swan. You are killin’ that game! Have you guys heard of Code Names? we played with DJ’s family in Disney, and it is SO fun. If you like heads up, you’d like it for sure!!

    Holy cannoli guacamole, after this post I am hungggry & really wishing we had some pizza or mini wheats on hand, because that’s what I am now havin’ a hankering for hahah.

    Snowww! Ah, enjoy for me, please!!

    You and Matt are warming my heart- also that Mexican looks so dang good & authentic.


    1. It wasn’t my favorite latte flavors, but it was still enjoyable!! I’m happy I ordered it. I love trying new things. The egg bites were so fluffy and delicious! They were breakfast #2. 😉

      Thank you! Kaci was worried at first because most people chose not to dress tacky, but then a few more party goers arrived in their Christmas-y best. I loved wearing mine! I wore it to work too, and people loved the design.

      Kaci hates the video, but I think she’s adorable!! It advised to only act out the animals to make it more difficult, so she was just following the instructions. Heads Up is so awesome! I’m not great at Trivia, yet depending on the category, I can usually do pretty well. Confidence booster. 😉 I need to try that game! I’ve never heard of it!

      Hahaha I need to restock my mini wheats stock! I’m a granny at heart when it comes to cereal because I love Grape Nuts, bran flakes, shredded wheat, etc. Lolz!

      The next time we get snow, no matter how much or how little, I’m bundling up and playing in it like a kid! Snow angel, here I come.

      Thank you! The food was phenomenal. Really unique selections and well-made. The kidney beans cooked in an iron skillet were excellent.

      I cannot wait to read your Disney recap! ❤


      1. Aw! I don’t know why she hates it- She’s too stinkin’ cute! I seriously wish I looked that adorable playing those games- my face gets all red and I probably look panicked through the whole round hahah

        And I am TOTALLY with you on the granny taste buds for cereal- I tend to naturally be drawn to the fibrous ones lol.


        1. Right?! That’s what I told her! She’s adorable. I get the weirdest expressions sometimes, but they make for great candid photos! 😉

          Thanks, girl! We’ll be cereal twinsies!


        2. hahaha youi are toooooo sweet! I was SO flustered because I have never played that game before and generally struggle to think super quick in games like this and trivia (my mind goes completely blank) and I just remember hearing someone say act it out and was like “welp, here it goes” saw swan and just started flapping my wings bahahaha

          I love the fibrous cereals! I buy wheatabix at TJ’s and D’s like “you’re eating a brown square”. lolz


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